Best Grow Tent Accessories Of 2020

While you may not need them right away, grow tent accessories can improve the conditions in your tent, make your job easier, and lead to more impressive growth and yields.

Whether you are shopping for a tent kit right now or are a seasoned grower looking to have your best grow yet, we have tons of products for you.

We are going to share our favorite tent add ons, but first, let’s explain what isn’t a grow tent accessory.

Best Grow Tent Accessories Of 2020

While you may not need them right away, grow tent accessories can improve the conditions in your tent, make your job easier, and lead to more impressive growth and yields.

Whether you are shopping for a tent kit right now or are a seasoned grower looking to improve your next grow, we have tons of products for you.

We are going to share our favorite tent add ons, but first, let’s explain what isn’t a grow tent accessory.

grow tent essentials

Grow Tent Essentials

There are a few things not included on this list because they are essentials for grow tent growing. You need these things to grow, so we don’t consider them accessories

These include grow lights, pots and soil, and an exhaust fan/carbon filter. Without these things, you will not have an effective grow.

You simply cannot grow plants without a light, so that isn’t really an accessory, as much as a necessity. The same goes for pots and soil.

Sure, you can try and grow plants without an exhaust system. But, your grow will likely be a complete failure if you have no way of exhausting stale air and heat from your tent. Because of this, we consider exhaust fans and carbon filters to be necessities for grow tent growing as well.

The Best Grow Tent Accessories For Home Growers

But, there are definitely products that can improve your growing conditions, make your life easier, and get you bigger yields.

These grow tent accessories can be purchased at the same time as your tent, or at a later date when you want to make things easier or improve your grow. Here are some of our favorites at

CO2 Supplies

CO2 Supplies

Adding CO2 is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your yield. When growing indoors, you aren’t always going to be providing your plant with adequate levels of CO2, let alone high levels that lead to huge plants.

So, you can add CO2 yourself! CO2 burners are typically used in standard grow rooms, as they take up a lot of space in grow tents. That’s why CO2 tank & regulator kits are much better suited for grow tent growing.

You can house the tank outside the tent, with tubing running through the inside, evenly distributing CO2 around. 

If you are looking for an easy, cheap way to provide CO2, try our natural CO2 bags. These are a great option for hobby growers just looking to experiment with CO2.

These products can help you raise your CO2 up and provide your plants with additional resources to grow huge, resinous flowers. If you want to learn more about grow tent CO2, check out our complete guide.

Environmental Controllers

Grow room controller

At the very least, you need a hygrometer that can tell you the temperature and humidity in your tent at all times. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a controller that not only monitored but adjusted your environment for you?

Environmental controllers are an awesome grow tent accessory because they make your life significantly easier. With these, you don’t need to constantly check your temp/humidity and make adjustments. Plus, they eliminate human error! We have controllers for temperature, humidity, CO2, and more!

But, if you are looking to invest in one of these pieces of equipment, we recommend a multifunction environment controller. These control many things at once, consolidating your equipment in the grow tent.

For example, the Titan Controls Saturn 6 manages your temperature, humidity, and CO2. That’s pretty cool, right? This one piece of equipment can automate a huge part of your grow, leaving you responsible only for feeding and general plant care!

You can rest assured your environment is dialed in when you use these. You can learn more about the importance of your grow room environment here.

Circulation fans

circulation fans are one of the cheapest grow tent accessories around

On top of your exhaust fan, you may want a circulation fan to move air around your grow tent.

Providing your plants with a steady breeze will strengthen their stems and branches. Plus, it will help prevent pests and diseases, as stagnant air creates a breeding ground for them.

These can help manage temperatures as well, and make an excellent addition to your grow tent. They can be super cheap, too!

You have a few options when it comes to circulation fans. Most often, a clip-on fan will be your best bet for grow tent growing. These can easily attach to the poles in your tent and don't take up much space.

If you have a bigger tent with plenty of room, you may want to consider a floor fan. These can sometimes oscillate which is nice, and they are much stronger than clip-on fans.

Drying Racks

One problem growers have is fitting all their branches in their tent to dry after harvest.

You need to make sure your flower isn’t cramped, or you run the risk of spreading mold or mildew around.

That’s why we think drying racks are an accessory ever grow tent grower should have.

They’re super cheap, and make drying your harvest incredibly easy and space-efficient.

These racks come in a number of shapes and sizes, ranging from small hanging racks to carted trays.

If you’re just growing in your tent, you should use the Grower’s Edge 2 ft or 3 ft racks.

Intake Ventilation Kits

Intake ventilation kit

While an exhaust fan is a must-have for grow tent growing, an intake isn’t always a necessity. You can run a passive ventilation system, where the air comes in passively without any sort of fan.

This isn’t always ideal, though, especially if you have everything zipped up to manage odor. In this case, you should grab an intake kit

These not only make sure you are getting enough fresh air into your grow, replenishing CO2 levels, they also help manage pests and diseases. The intake filter on these kits prevents bugs or spores from getting sucked into your tent.

They are also pretty inexpensive. The HBX Basic Grow Room Intake Ventilation Kit starts at just over $50! Or, if you want something a bit more heavy-duty with a stronger filter, check out the Can-Fan Intake Filter Kit.

Supplemental side lighting

bar lights

We already mentioned that your grow light is not an accessory, and we wouldn’t be including them on this list. But, if you have the space for it, you may want to consider adding supplemental side lighting to your grow tent!

These can help fill out your plants by providing them light from angles they normally don’t get it. In nature, the sun hits out plants from all angles, leading to super even development. But in a grow tent, light is stagnant overhead.

You can get around this problem to a certain extent with plant training. But, bar lights are one of the best grow tent accessories you can buy. They will provide a HUGE return on your investment, by helping grow dense, resinous buds on the lower half of your plant.

They can also be a way to round out your light spectrum, adding in waves of light your main light doesn’t provide.

If you want to try this out with some cheap bar lights, the Sunblaster LED is for you. Starting at only $60.22, these are a budget-friendly option for any grow tent grower. They are definitely better suited for small grow tents, as they range in size from 1.5’-4’.

If you want the best of the best, you need to check out the KIND XD75/XD150 LED Bar Light. These boast a slightly higher price tag, but justifiably so. These range from 4’ - 8’ with flower and veg spectrums available. You can shop all our LED bar lights here.

Gorilla Grow Tent accessories

Gorilla Grow Tent Accessories

If you are the proud owner of a Gorilla Grow Tent, you have access to a ton of grow tent accessories that other tent brand owners do not!

Gorilla Grow Tent accessories allow you to get the most out of your grow, giving you the ability to alter the tent itself!

They offer special add ons such as trellis, drying racks, and more. But, the more popular accessories are:

They also offer grow tent drying racks, which provide a super simple means of hanging your flower to dry. These are similar to the racks we mentioned earlier, but with these, you are hanging individual branches as opposed to placing buds on a rack.

High-end tent grow accessories

high end grow tent accessories

If you are a hobby grower with a small tent, these accessories may not be for you. But, serious growers with bigger tents can add portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers to their tent, helping manage the environment. 

Of course, if you don’t have problems with heat or humidity, you won’t need these. But, managing these two conditions is an ongoing battle for many growers.

These can help prevent issues with mold and mildew, while keeping your environment in a range that is conducive to growing the biggest plants possible.

Want to see more grow tent accessories?

Hydrobuilder is the best in the business for grow tent growing. We have a ton of other grow tent accessories on our site, so shop around or give us a call if you want some recommendations for your specific grow! 

If you want to learn more about grow tent growing, we have a ton of awesome resources here in our blog!

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