Freeze Dryers & Curing Machines

If you are looking to increase the quality of your harvest and dry faster, you need a freeze dryer or curing machine. These machines are an investment worth making if you are serious about your harvests. Here at Hydrobuilder, we have a harvest freeze dryer for every grower from top brands such as Harvest Right, AutoCure, and EZTRIM.

Perfect Bud Quality and Flavor With A Curing Machine Or Harvest Freeze Dryer

When it comes to your harvest, quality and consistency are of the utmost importance, whether you are a hobby grower or commercial grower. Taking the time to learn and perfect your growing process is crucial, but the harvest and curing process is just as important.

Manually drying and curing your buds can lead to issues if a step is overlooked or rushed due to time constraints. Using an automated curing machine or harvest freeze dryer is a guaranteed way to get the best possible dry and cure you could imagine. Consistency is key, and that applies even more to dring and curing your crop.

Using a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer will preserve that amazing smell, color, and potency your flowers showed at harvest. If you want to learn more about the drying and curing process, visit our blog for a complete guide.

What is freeze drying your harvest?

Freeze Dryers work by the user placing their buds, flowers, or food into the dryer where they are frozen at temperatures between -30 and -50 degrees Fahrenheit. After they freeze, the machine creates a vacuum in the chamber. As the product is slowly warmed, the water turns into vapors and evaporates out of the material, this process is called sublimation. Once dried and cured to perfection the machine will notify the user the cycle is finished. From there you just need to place in airtight harvest storage containers until ready to use.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Harvest Freeze Dryer or Curing Machine?

There are many reasons you should be using a harvest freeze dryer or curing machine for your flower. All of them can be boiled down to two reasons, though: quality and speed. Here are a full list of reasons you should invest in one of these freeze dry machines:

  • Decreased dry time and processing from days/weeks to hours
  • Maintaines terpene profiles to maximize flavors and aromas
  • Product remians a "fresh" state
  • Greater consistancy
  • Greatly reduces labor time
  • Reduces waste
  • Increases product end value

Is freeze drying and dehydrating the same thing?

While freeze drying and dehydrating your harvest accomplish the same thing, the efficiency in which they do so differs. Dehydration removes 90-95% of moisture, whereas freeze drying removes 98-99%. Freeze drying is one of the most efficient ways of removing moisture from your plant harvest.

If you are looking for a way to increase profit margins, consistently produce a greater product, and speed up your harvesting process time, a curing machine or freeze dryer make perfect sense every time. Today’s freeze dryers provide a whole new opportunity for preserving and marketing your product in ways you never thought possible before. This expands your customer base and utilizes leftover crops that were not sold fresh.

Whether you're a commercial grower looking for the best Harvest Right Freeze Dryer on the market, or simply an overworked home grower looking for a cheap freeze dryer, we have one for you here at Hydrobuilder.

Want more information on freeze drying and the overall curing process? Read our learning center article about Curing Machines and Freeze Dryers or give one of our experienced growers a call at 888-815-9763 to discuss your options.


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