Best LED Grow Lights Of 2021

When you make the decision to invest in your indoor grow, you'll definitely want to learn about the best LED grow lights.

LEDs are regarded as some of the best indoor grow lights on the market, but there are so many out there that it can be tough to weed out the cheap, unreliable brands and models from the legitimate ones. And with the price of some of these grow lights, it's crucial that you do your research before purchasing.

Before you buy an LED, you should make sure its the right light for your grow. We have an entire post on choosing your grow light that can help you compare the different lighting technologies so you can arrive at the right conclusion. Before we get started with our list of the best LED grow lights, we need to cover some basic information on this technology.

Best LED Grow Lights Of 2021

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When you make the decision to invest in your indoor grow, you'll definitely want to learn about the best LED grow lights.

LEDs are regarded as some of the best indoor grow lights on the market, but there are so many out there that it can be tough to weed out the cheap, unreliable brands and models from the legitimate ones.

And with the price of some of these grow lights, it's crucial that you do your research before purchasing.

Before you buy an LED, you should make sure its the right light for your grow.

Before we get started with our list of the best LED grow lights, we need to cover some basic information on this technology.

What are LED Grow Lights?

LED stands for light-emitting diodes. LED grow lights have rapidly come down in price and home growers everywhere are starting to make the switch to solely using them as their lighting option.

These lighting systems produce extremely low heat, come ready to plug-and-play, and can produce high yields with incredible energy efficiency.

Whereas HIDs require a reflector and ballast for operation, LED lights do not. They can last for decades, whereas HID bulbs will often need to be replaced every couple of years. But, one of the main reasons LED grow lights are regarded as the best is due to the spectrum they produce.

Different types of LED grow lights

LED grow lights are available in different forms, so let’s look at the pros and cons of each so you can find the right LED light for you:

LED Grow Light Panels

Panels are the most common type of LED grow light and most of our list will consist of LED panels.

They include heatsinks for removing heat, a driver (think of it as a ballast), and often come with a warranty.

When you think of LED grow lights, you are more than likely thinking of an LED panel, as these are the only type of LED really suitable for full state growth.


  • Full spectrum with switches for both the vegetative and flowering stage - can be combined
  • Comes ready to plug right into a standard house outlet
  • Incredibly long lifespan - the bulbs typically last for decades.


  • Most expensive type of LED grow light

LED Grow Light Bars

Many growers add LED bars as an easy way to expand their lighting footprint or change up their light spectrum. LED Bars are a single row of diodes that come in different spectrums.

You typically wouldn't use an LED bar to grow a plant from seed to harvest. Instead, think of these as supplemental lighting to a main light source (maybe HID).


  • Can replace T5 fixtures for increase PAR and less energy consumption
  • Some units come plug-and-play and can work with a standard 120V house outlet


  • Usually only one spectrum with no switching options
  • Can usually only be used for supplementing, and multiple bars will need to be purchased if using as sole light type

LED Grow Light Bulbs

An LED grow light bulb is exactly what it sounds like - a single LED bulb. Similar to LED bars, you wouldn't want to use one of these to grow plants through flower (usually).

But, they can be a great way to grow small leafy greens or start plants with a full spectrum. You can quickly replace all your old CFL bulbs with LED bulb, which will give you all the added benefits of LED grow lights.


  • They will fit into a standard light socket
  • Great for mixing and matching for creating your preferred spectrum


  • Multiple bulbs required
  • A reflective hood may be require

What makes the best LED grow light?

The best LED grow lights have a few things in common - a uniform spectrum, efficiency, high-power, and reliability/durability.


The best LED grow lights have a uniform spectrum, so if you have 4 plants under your light, they all get the same spectrum.

We already touched on spectrum a bit, but its important to reiterate that the best spectrum consists of not just red and blue light, but also infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV).

Full spectrum LEDs allow you to grow from seed to harvest with the same light, as opposed to having to replace bulbs or use different grow lights for veg/flower.


The more light your LED actually gives off, the bigger yields you’ll get (for the most part). So, the best LED grow lights need to be incredibly powerful.


In general, LED grow lights are very efficient. But, the best LED grow lights tend to also be the most efficient. Operating at a high level, producing high power, and maintaining a low cost to run is very important.


Given the cost of LED grow lights, they need to be seen as an investment. Obviously, your investment needs to last you a long time for it to show a return.

Therefore, the best LED grow lights are reliable and durable, standing the test of time.

All of the lights we will be listing are from the most reputable brands and include some sort of warranty. This will give you peace of mind when you purchase, knowing you are protected.

Best Beginner LED Grow Light

When just starting out, you may not need the most powerful grow light, or even the best all-around grow light.

But, that doesn't mean you should buy some cheap Amazon LED that is going to disappoint you with a lackluster harvest.

Covert LED-X 250 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Best beginner LED grow light

The all-new Covert LED-X 250 watt grow light provides a full spectrum of high-powered LED light without costing an arm and a leg.

The modern open bar design minimizes heat and reduced hot-spots on your plants, while creating an even light footprint.

This is the best beginner LED because it features many of the same benefits of top-tier lights without the huge price tag. It costs just around $10 a month to operate, and is great for tents sized from 2' x 4' all the way to 4' x 4'.

From a spectrum standpoint, it features a perfect blend of white LEDs and far-red LEDs, contributing to the perfect spectrum for all phases of growth. The Covert LED-X is also very powerful, putting out 525 µmol s-1, and achieving an efficiency of 2.1 µmol s-1 per watt.

The Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

If you want this light in a bigger tent or grow room, check out the Covert LED-X 500 Watt LED Grow Light. It brings all the same value in a slightly larger, more powerful fixture.

This version of the LED-X series puts out an impressive 1050 μmol/s at 2.1 μmol/s, making it both powerful AND efficient. Just like the 250w LED-X, it puts out a full-spectrum white light with enhanced red (Seedling to Flower).

With the optional Covert Master Lighting Controller, you can manage on/off times, set a high-temp shutoff point, dim the light up to 50%, and control 2 separate zones or rooms.

Most Powerful LED Grow Light

When it comes to power, there are some incredible LED options. This was a tough choice because there are lots of very powerful LED grow lights, but one stood out to us at the best.

Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Fixture

Most powerful LED Grow Light

Back Dog LED is one of the most scientific and researched backed companies in the grow lighting industry, and they use this to produce the most powerful LED grow light on the market.

The Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 1000 pulls 1050 Watts from the wall, or 2100 LED watts, which is just incredible.

It operates on a 120 or 240 volt outlet, and costs around $45.36 per month to run.

This powerful LED implements 420 high-output 5 watt diodes, which can penetrate a dense canopy and fill out plants in areas that other lights cannot.

The true full spectrum on this light ranges from UV to IR (365-750nm), producing the ultimate seed to harvest spectrum.

The Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 1000 Watt LED creates a 7' x 7' veg footprint, or a 5' x 5' flower footprint.

You would think this much power may result in excess heat, but you'd be wrong!

The PhytoMAX-2 features the largest heat sink in the industry, resulting in superior cooling and increased lifespan of the light. It also contains ultra-quiet and reliable fans to further control temperatures.

If you like the features of this light but don't need that much power, check out the other Black Dog LED models. The PhytoMAX-2 line ranges from 400 Watts - 1000 Watts.

Most Efficient LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are incredibly efficient in general, but what is the most efficient LED grow light?

This was a tough choice as well, because smaller LED grow lights tend to run more efficiently than larger ones, so the playing field is not entirely level.

Even still, there is a newer LED light that operates at an INSANE efficiency, and once we thought it through was the obvious choice.

Gavita Pro 1700e Gen 2 LED Grow Light

Most Efficient LED Grow Light

Gavita took the industry by storm with their 1650e LED, and quickly made improvements upon it to come out with the Gavita Pro 1700e Gen 2 LED.

We have an entire review of the Gavita Pro 1700e Gen 2 LED if you want a deep dive on why this is truly the best LED available. But, we'll cover some of the main points below.

We're calling it the most efficient LED, so let's talk about the specifics. Gavita set out to solve a huge problem in the commercial growing industry with this light - efficiency at scale.

Because commercial facilities employ large numbers of grow lights, energy costs stack up fast. That's why its important the LEDs used in these facilities are as efficient as possible.

The Gen 2 Gavita Pro operates at an insane efficiency of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt. It is dimmable up to 50% when paired with the Gavita Master Controller, further increasing this efficiency. Despite also being incredibly powerful, it still costs just $27.91 per month in electricity.

This is an amazing LED grow light, and as you'll see towards the end of this article, efficiency isn't the only thing it wins in.

HLG 650R LED Grow Light

HLG 650R LED Grow Light

The HLG 650R LED is another incredibly energy-efficient light, and is definitely better suited for commercial growers with a bigger budget and higher expectations.

This fixture has a huge footprint of 7' x 7' during veg and 5' x 5' during bloom. It can effectviely replace a 1000 watt HID light, and save you tons of money on your investment not just through energy savings, but through an increase in flower quality and weight too.

It uses 4 custom-made full-spectrum white light quantum boards supplemented with Samsung LM301H and Deep Red LED 660nm, leading to one of the most powerful, advanced spectrums yet.

You get all kinds of great customization options with this light, giving you more control than ever. The unit is dimmable from 60-610 watts, so you can power down during earlier stages and save money.

With a System PAR Efficacy 2.8 μmol/joule and a total PPF output of 1700, this LED is not just efficient, but powerful. It will penetrate your spectrum deeper than the competition and get you thick, huge colas deep in your plant.

Its available in 120v and 240v options, so no matter how you grow, you can invest in this beast today.

Most Innovative LED Grow Light

Part of what makes the LED lighting industry so exciting is the constant innovation thats taking place.

Lights are becoming more efficient, more powerful, more optimized - and all of this results in a better indoor growing experience for your plants.

All of the lights on this list can be considered innovative to some degree, without a doubt. But, there is one LED that stands out as the most innovative of 2021 thus far.

Iluminar iLogic 8 630 Watt LED

Iluminar iLogic 8 630 Watt LED

The Iluminar iLogic 8 630 Watt LED Grow Light is easily one of the most innovative of the year - featuring a unique spectrum that we've yet to see on any other fixture that contains both UV and IR wavelengths. It covers a footprint of 4' x 4', and puts out a whopping 1800 µmol/s at a PAR Efficiency of up to 2.85 µmol/J.

Cutting-edge scientific research has revealed that plants can harness far-red radiation for photosynthesis when supplied in addition to full spectrum light.

Outdoors, plants have evolved to exploit a broader range of energy (incident solar radiation) than LEDs have historically been able to provide.

The iLogic™8 UV+FR builds on recent advances in LED technology to fill this gap, providing a quality of radiation that more closely mimics the Sun.

The iLogic™8 UV+FR moves growers beyond the paradigm of PAR and PPFD; its broadened spectrum represents a quantum leap forward for controlled environment agriculture.

The UV mitigates the risk of powdery mildew and pest infestations while simultaneously enhancing a broad range of quality metrics including terpenes and flavonoids.

A true win-win for indoor cultivators, the iLogic™8 UV+FR delivers the same high efficiency, light uniformity, and performance that growers have come to expect from ILUMINAR.

Best COB LED Grow Light

COB, or Chip On Board, is a newer technology that more and more LED grow lights are starting to employ.

It allows the grow light to produce a higher quality of light both in terms of intensity and uniformity. COB grow lights are also more stable, reliable, and tend to have a longer life-span.

California Lightworks SolarXtreme 1000 Full Spectrum 800w LED

Best COB LED Grow Light

The California Lightworks SolarXtreme 1000 is by far the best COB LED grow light currently on the market.

It comes in two options - with or without supplemental UVB light. If you are a serious grower, there is no reason not to add to your spectrum!

This grow light is super easy to use, and provides you with a full, balanced spectrum for all cycles of growing. It also features a new direct AC drive technology, eliminating the need for noisy, inefficient LED drivers.

The California Lightworks SolarXtreme pulls 800 watts from the wall, and only puts out 2550 BTU's of heat. For the power and size of this light, that is not very much!

This beast can fill a veg footprint of 8' x 8', or a flowering footprint of 5' x 5'. You can expect to pay around $34.56 per month to run this light. California Lightworks will appear in more than one instance on our list of the best LED grow lights.

Best Commercial LED Grow Light

The best commercial grow light will differ greatly from the best grow light for one plant. There is a lot that goes into commerial growing that hobby growers don't even think about, such as compliance, wet rating, etc.

But at the end of the day, a commercial grow light also needs to be super efficient, while producing HUGE yields - and there aren't many lights that check all these boxes.

Luxx Lighting LED Pro 645 Watt Grow Light Fixture

best commercial led grow light - Luxx Lighting LED Pro 645 Watt Grow Light Fixture

Brand new to our catalog here at Hydrobuilder is the Luxx Lighting LED Pro 645 Watt Fixture, and we consider it to be the best commercial LED grow light currently on the market.

The team at LUXX Lighting built this fixture on the principles of design, test, & repeat - until perfection is achieved. And, this is it.

The fixture is comprised of a total of 2,226 premium LED diodes, coupled with a lens angled at 120 degrees for maximum uniformity. The result of this is a whopping 1,800 total Umol/s with an efficiency of 2.8 umol/j.

One of the best parts about this fixture is that it comes plug and play, unlike many options out there. No need to add a power cord or additional adaptor.

You can easily adjust the power on the unit using the onboard dial, which allows dimming up to 40%. The quality of the spectrum doesn't change as the power does, either.

If you want even more control of your fixtures, you can pair it with the LUXX Lighting NX-1 Controller. This allows you to 80 ballasts, or even more with another adaptor.

This six-bar fixture is IP66 Waterproof, a non-negotiable for all commercial grow rooms. It's also UL & ETL Listed. With a 5 year warranty, you don't have to stress about a worst case scenario - your investment is protected.

It's important to note that this is a commercial fixture - it is sold in a pallet of 11, so it won't make sense for most hobby growers. However, there are plenty of great lights to come for those with smaller grows!

Best Cheap Commercial LED Grow Lights

At just under $1,300, the Gavita Pro LED isn't a feasible option for all commercial growers.

If you are a small commercial grow on a budget, we don't want you to feel like you need to shell out that much for a quality, commercial light.

We have a ton of awesome cheaper commercial grow lights that we wholeheartedly endorse, but one in particular comes to mind.

Growers Choice ROI-E680 LED Grow Light

Growers Choice ROI-E680 LED Grow Light

One of the most popular LED grow lights on our website right now is the Growers Choice ROI-E680 LED Grow Light.

If you are looking to save a little bit of money and the price tag of the Gavita scares you away, but you still understand that your grow room is an investment - this is the LED for you.

This light covers a veg space of 6' x 6', and a flower footprint of 5' x 5'. It pulls 680w from the wall, and will cost no more than $30 a month. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

From a power standpoint, this light does not fail to impress. It puts out a whopping 1700 umol/s, and is capable of doing this at a total system efficacy of 2.5 umol/J.

It comes with many of the certifications the Gavita does, including IP65 water resistance and ETL certification.

You can pair this fixture with the Grower's Choice Master Controller to achieve all kinds of control. You get access to different settings for different phases of plant growth, dimming options, sunrise/sunset, etc. You can control up to 100 fixtures per zone when daisy-chained!

Best LED Bar Light

We touched on LED bar lights earlier, but they are generally not used as a primary light source. Rather, LED bar lights are typically used as supplemental lighting.

Serious growers will string bar lights on the sides of their plants to fill out areas that don't get a ton of light, or simply to add in a different spectrum.

Covert LED-X Grow Light Bars

Covert LED-X Grow Light Bars

Covert is making yet another appearance on our list of the top LED lights of the year with their all-new bar lights. Available in both a 2' and 4' option, these can be implemented in any grow looking to round out their grow light setup.

These bar lights revolutionized supplemental lighting, working great intracanopy, as side-lighting, for vertical growing, and even propagation!

Adding up to 240µmol/s at 2.4 µmol/J, these are far more powerful than you may have suspected! Better yet, they deliver from an efficiency standpoint as well.

Unlike some of the competition, you won't have to worry about these adding heat to your grow room. They're passively cooled with no noisy built in fans, which are historically known for causing problems.

Rated for a lifetime of 50,000 hours of use, these also come with a 3 year warranty! You can invest in these bar lights knowing you'll never have to worry about seeing a return. Should something ever go wrong, it'll be taken care of.

They work great in commercial grows because they are super low profile at just 3" tall. They're also rated for UL1598 (Damp Location Rating), IP55 (Console Only), and CE.

Whether you grow for hobby or commercial use, in a tent, grow room, or greenhouse - these powerful, efficient bar lights are a great way to optimize your lighting layout and grow bigger, better plants.

Best Cheap LED Grow Light

A cheap grow light doesn't have to be low quality. There are tons of budget-friendly LED options on our site, most of which are single LED bulbs or LED bars. But, you can actually get a pretty great LED light for under $150!

Covert UFO 150 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Best Cheap LED Grow Light

Making it's first - but certainly not last - appearance on this list is the Covert UFO 150 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light.

This fits perfectly in a 3' x 3' tent, but it can be configured to work in a wide range of others, too - if you need a wider footprint but want to stick with this budget-friendly option, simply add a few more. Even two of these in one tent is cheaper than a single grow light with the same wattages and output!

This UFO style fixture puts out an impressive 315 μmol/s with a PAR efficiency of 2.1 μmol/JLED, and costs under $7/month to operate - this is the best cheap LED grow light not just because of the small upfront cost, but the low monthy electricity costs too!

It produces just about no heat, while distributing light evenly down onto your plants due to the unique UFO shape. It'll work for full spectrum growing as it pulls from different lighting temperatures - a mix of white, red, and blue.

Your plants will grow compact and fill out throughout the middle for heavy yields on a budget - find out for yourself why we consider this the best cheap LED grow light by getting it setup in your tent today!

Best LED Grow Light For One Plant

As we mentioned earlier, part of what makes an LED grow light the "best" for a given category is its size. So, it goes without saying that the Gavita Pro would not be the best LED grow light for one plant!

There are plenty of LED grow lights capable of growing just one plant, but generally, when growers focus on just one plant, they want it to be awesome.

They want it to grow huge, fill out with dense flowers, and be of the highest quality. So, the LED grow light used needs to be the best.

Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

The Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light is great for growing a single plant, but can also be used to start clones, vegging a few plants, or simply as supplemental lighting.

It pulls just 500 watts from the wall, and costs just around $20 a month to run it. If you're only growing one plant, this will be more than enough to grow a monster of a plant. It fills out a footprint of up to 6'x6'.

If you need to tune this down during the earlier stages of veg, you can dim it down to as low as 200 watts - saving you money and keeping your plant healthy and preventing light stress/heat stress.

From an output standpoint, you can expect to see about 1050 µmol s-1, with an efficiency of 2.1 µmol s-1 per watt. Four passively cooled LED bars provide great light coverage and keep heat low.

Just like the Covert 250 we discussed earlier, this can be paired with the Covert Lighting Controller for the ultimate automation and control over this fixture.

Best all-around LED grow light

We've shown you some awesome LED grow lights, and we truly do consider these the best of the best. But, if we had to choose just one, which would it be?

For the best all-around LED grow light, we will consider from the perspective of a medium-sized hobby grow or smaller-scale commercial grower.

Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Light

Best overall LED Grow Light

This was tough because there are so many incredible LED lights on the market right now

But, after careful evaluation and research, we've determined the best all-around LED grow light to be the Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Light.

While you may expect the most expensive LED to be the best - such as the Black Dog line - the Growers Choice ROI-E720 is actually cheaper than some of it's competitors, and yet, it's still our #1 pick - that means you can get the best for even less than you may have expected!

This LED grow light is the culmination of years of hard work and R&D, and a partnership between two of the greatest minds in horticulture lighting - Growers Choice & TSL Horti Tech.

Here are some of the reasons Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Light is the best LED lights on the market:

  • Onboard dimming function (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)
  • 2080 μmol/s Total PPF Output
  • 2.6 μmol/J PAR Efficiency
  • Fanless design for heat dissipation
  • GC-3k Full Spectrum with 660nm deep red (top bin Osram diodes)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +45°C
  • Certifications: IP65 Waterproof; Horti DLC; UL1598 and UL880
  • Unrivaled automation & control with the Growers Choice Master Controller

There are many more reasons we consider Growers Choice ROI-E720 LED Grow Light the best on the market, but why not find out for yourself? Click the button below and learn more!

The Best LED Light For Grow Tents

Many growers who use grow tents grow with LEDs. There are a number of reasons for this, but LEDs just work so well in tents. They are low heat which is very important in tents where heat can build up easily.

But, there is a different "best" LED for each size tent. The size of your tent will determine which LED will work best in it.

Best LED for 2x4 tent: Nanolux LED-EX Modular Grow Light

Best LED Grow Light for 2x4 tent

The best LED in a 2' x 4' grow tent would be the NanoLux LEDex Modular LED Grow Light. It's one of the most unique fixtures on the market, in that you can choose how many light bars you want - anywhere from 2-4 all the way up to 16!

For this particular tent size, we recommend the 2' track, which accepts 2-4 light bars (choose 4 for best performance). This will perfectly fill out your 2' x 4' tent.

If you're a hobby grower that wants to grow like an expert, this is the fixture for you. Each bar features premium, white LED diodes that offer 2.7 umol/J and a total PPF output of 300 umol/s.

This bar covers the entire spectrum and has a light distribution angle of 120 degrees.

Here are some of the key features of the LEDex:

  • The first modular LED grow light - this LED grows as your operation does
  • Random start, soft start, soft dimming capabilities
  • Protection from undervoltage, overvoltage, and short circuit
  • 0-10v compatible
  • Premium components deliver an optimized, uniform light spectrum

Best LED for 3x3 tent: Growers Choice ROI-E420 LED Grow Light

Best LED Grow Light for 3x3 tent

The Growers Choice ROI-E420 LED Grow Light grow light is relatively new to the market, and perfect for a 3' x 3' grow tent.

This home grower style of light offers all the features of a higher-end light without the price tag, and is comprised of bars to passively cool the growing environment.

At only 420 watts, this LED costs under $18 per month to operate! It operates at an incredibly efficient 2.6 μmol/s while putting out a whopping 1090 PPF.

Its entirely plug and play, and could have been chosen as the best beginner LED, the best cheap LED, and more - this light is right up there with the very best, particularly in this size range.

The Growers Choice ROI-E420 features a balanced spectrum for full-cycle growing. Its perfect for keeping your favorite mother plants/ strains available, but can take a plant from seed to harvest as well.

If you have a 3' x 3' tent or smaller, the Growers Choice ROI-E420 will help you increase yield and quality of your plants. Learn about more of the features by clicking the button below!

Best LED For 4x4 tent: Covert PRO 630 Watt LED

Best LED Grow Light for 4x4 tent\

The best LED for a 4' x 4' grow tent is the Covert PRO 630 Watt. This is Covert's commercial light, and a big brother to the aforementioned Covert LED-X 500.

This is a brand new fixture, and one of the most impressive on the market to date. It packs all the value, power, efficiency, and flexibility of the big brands (The Fluence Spyder, Gavita PRO, etc) but at a fraction of the cost.

That means you can outfit your facility or grow room with this beast and save money in the long run, while still producing the same great crop.

Let’s get into some of the specifics of the Covert PRO 630w LED. It covers a footprint of 6' x 6' during veg, and 5’ x 5’ during flower. It costs just over $25/month to operate, and comes equipped with a 3 year warranty.

From an intensity, uniformity, and overall light quality standpoint - this light outshines the competition (pun intended). The Covert PRO boasts an impressive total PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) output of 1750 μmol/s coupled with an impressive PPF efficacy of 2.7 μmol/J, all at just 630 working watts.

This intensity and efficiency leads to a better tasting & smelling crop due to the increase in terpenes. But it also leads to a more bountiful harvest with a heavier crop weight.

The fixture is engineered using industry leading components - from the premium Samsung & Osram horticulture LED diodes, to the reliable Inventronics LED Driver. This LED is composed of diodes and drivers built specifically for growing plants.

A nice bonus of this fixture is how easily you can store it. The solid, aluminum frame is foldable, allowing you to transport or put this light away easily should you need to.

The spectrum on this fixture is perfectly tuned with white & red LED diodes for full-spectrum growing. The result is the most potent, resinous, aromatic and flavorful plants you’ve ever cultivated.

Simply put, the Covert PRO 630w is one of the best LED grow lights you can get your hands on. Whether you’re a serious hobbyist or the decision maker at a commercial growing facility - this is the right choice for you.

Your plants will thank you! Here are some of the other features of this incredible LED light:

  • Perfectly tuned spectrum for all stages of plant growth
  • Reliable Inventrontics LED Driver
  • Foldable Solid Aluminum Frame
  • Premium Samsung & Osram Horticulture LED Diodes
  • Fully automated and controllable With the Manual On-Board Dimming Knob (or Covert Controller for even more automation & control)
  • Reliable Passively-Cooled Design.

Best LED For 5x5 tent: Sun System RS 1850 720 Watt LED Grow Light

Best LED Grow Light for 5x5 tent

The Sun System RS 1850 720 Watt LED Grow Light covers a veg footprint of 6' x 6', and can be narrowed down to 5' x 5' during flower for greater lighting intensity.

This premium LED pulls 720 watts and puts out an impressive 1850 umol/s. This is a brand new fixture and is going to make serious waves over the coming months as more and more growers get to experience the power it has to offer.

Using top bin diodes, this fixture produces a premium light source to help your plants meet their full potential. It delivers this powerful, optimized light in a uniform manner.

It can be folded up during storage, and moved around easily. It even features a manual dimmer on board the fixture, but can be further optimized with the Gavita Master controller - allowing all kinds of autmoation capabilites.

This fixture has a ton of certifications, which helped earned the Sun System RS 1850 a spot on this list:

  • cETLus Certified
  • DLC Hort Listed
  • IP65 Wet Rated

Best LED Veg Light

If you have a separate room for veg, then you should optimize that space with the best LED veg light.

This light needs to feature a spectrum that's dialed in for that phase of growth, and help produce bushy, compact plants.

Growers Choice ROI-E200 LED Grow Light

Best LED veg Light

If this sounds like you, you need the Growers Choice ROI-E200 LED Grow Light.

This premium, budget-friendly LED grow light features a spectrum and design that thrives in both phases - but truly excels and outshines the competition during vegetative growth.

It's really powerful and efficient, too. It delivers 500 umols/s total PPF at 200 Watts of power, giving this system an PAR efficinecy of 2.5 umols/J.

The ROI-E200 works great in commercial grow rooms and can be mounted 6" away from the canopy without risk of light burn, to deliver the ultimate uniformity and light efficiency. So, every dollar you spend in electricity actually goes into illuminating your plants.

Learn more about what makes this LED veg light so great by clicking the button below.

Best Greenhouse LED Grow Light

While some growers try and grow in a greenhouse without the need for supplemental lighting - you are limiting the full potential of your crop.

By adding in the best greenhouse LED to your structure, you'll be able to make sure your plants are actually getting enough light (12-18 hours of light a day) - because this isn't always possible just using the sun.

And, you'll know for sure they're getting the right intensity. No more slow growth because of cloudy days, or lackluster harvests because your greenhouse isn't positioned correctly - with a greenhouse LED, there are no limits on your yield potential!

ThinkGrow Model-I 720 Watt LED Grow Light

Best Greenhouse LED Grow Light

Engineered specifically for greenhouse growers, the ThinkGrow Model-I 720 Watt LED Grow Light is perfect for adding supplemental lighting to help fill out your plants in a greenhouse environment.

With a perfect balance of energy efficiency & power, you'll be able to add a fine-tuned spectrum of lighting to your plants without adding much to your energy bill.

A really unique feature on this light is the independent far red channel. You can tune the spectrum as you wish, adding UV or far red to optimize plant growth. While it's not exactly the sun, it's as close as you'll get artificially!

In terms of intensity, you can't get much more powerful than this fixture while maintaining its efficiency - it's rated at 1829 μmol/s total PPF output with an efficiency of 2.54µmol/J.

If you're growing in a greenhouse, you're probably not going to need just one of these fixtures - you'll need to fully outfit your space to produce even, compact plants. You can get everything on the same channel, controlled and automated with the TrolMaster Hydro-X Grow Room Controller.

This doesn't just control your lights - but all your equipment, including your dehumidifiers, mini splits, CO2 equipment, and more!

You should also consider the ThinkGrow Model-I PLUS 720 Watt LED - an upgraded version of this fixture. It puts out even higher PPF, while allowing even more control over the spectrum. If you want the best of the best greenhouse LED grow light, these are for you!

Best LED To Replace An HPS Grow Light

So many growers have been using HPS grow lights along their entire gardening journey, and even as everyone around them upgrades to more modern technology - they're hesitant to do the same.

But what if there was an LED specifically designed to replace an HPS grow light?

That's what the Gavita 1930e does.

Gavita CT 1930e 780 Watt LED

Best LED To Replace An HPS Grow Light

Brand new to the market in 2021 is the Gavita CT 1930e 780 Watt LED - labeled as a true 1:1 replacement for your hot, inefficient, outdated HPS grow light. It's time to finally upgrade, and give your plants the lighting they deserve!

You'll be glad you did when you electricity bill drops, and plant quality & yield skyrocket.

The CT in the name stands for Compact Toplight, because this fixture is great for growing in tight spaces. Part of the trick in replacing your HPS grow lights is finding an LED fixture that fits in your currently grow light setup.

That isn't an issue with the Gavita CT. It's designed to perfectly replace any HPS fixture you currently have in your facility or grow room.

If you're concerned about switching because you think your HPS is more powerful, think again. This fixture puts out an impressive 1930 µmol/s output of optimized lighting at up to 20% energy savings vs. 1000 W DE HPS fixtures. It does this with an insane efficiency of 2.47 µmol/J PAR rating.

The spectrum is part of what makes this light so great. The broad spectrum pulls deep blues, hot reds, and balanced greens to hit on every wavelength your plants need for optimal growth & yield.

With a wide, even light distribution, you still get the HPS light throw you're used to - but with improved coverage, so less light gets wasted.

It's IP66 wet rated and UL 8800 compliant, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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