• The Best Inline Fans For Grow Tents & Rooms Of 2024

    In order to keep your climate dialed in and odors at bay, you’ll need the best inline fan for grow tents or grow rooms - depending on how you’re growing indoors.

    The grow room climate is not an aspect you want to skimp on - a premium fan is worth it’s weight in gold, because it will ensure your plants have the perfect conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. It will also help expel stinky, stale air from your growing space.

    The last thing you want is to invest in any aspect of your grow and then deal with equipment failure - but unfortunately, that's inevitable when you try to pinch pennies on a noisy, outdated fan.

    We’re going to explain why finding the best inline fan for your grow room is so important - and we’ll help you choose the right one for you, explaining best practices for sizing.

    After that, we’re going to offer some suggestions - our picks for the top inline fans of the year. We’re going to share options for every type of grower - whether you’re a hobbyist with a small closet grow or a commercial grower with a huge warehouse. Let’s start with some basic information on these fans.

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  • Quest IQ Review - All In One Commercial HVAC & Humidity Control

    Commercial grow operations need commercial grow room HVAC & humidity solutions - that’s why we’re going to share our Quest IQ Series review with you today.

    When you have a large investment on the line and you’re trying to cultivate the best crop possible, there is no room for error. 

    You need the best climate control system on the market, one that offers flexibility, redundancy, and precision - that’s what the Quest IQ Series is all about.

    And with the GrowSentry technology behind it, you can finally free yourself from the grow room with remote access to everything you need.

    No matter how your facility is set up, you can configure this system to perform efficiently and effectively, ensuring you don’t deal with any environmental issues that could lead to compromised crop quality, or worse, crop loss.

    Growers who invest in the Quest IQ Series can experience up to 30% savings on top of the increase in crop quality, which further increases your bottom line.

    Throughout the rest of this review, we'll explain what exactly this series is, and who it's for - along with all you can gain from implementing it in your facility.

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  • Tomato Leaf Curl: Why Are My Plant Leaves Curling Up?

    At one point or another, you’re going to walk into your grow room or garden and notice your tomato plant leaves curling up.

    You may not know exactly what is causing this, but one thing is for sure - it doesn’t look healthy, and it certainly indicates a more serious underlying problem.

    The foliage of our plants tells us a lot about them - it’s where we can look to identify nutrient or pH problems, for example. It’s also the place where you’ll identify common pests and diseases, as bugs love to feast on these.

    When our plants are suffering from environmental stress, either by heat or changes to their atmosphere, the leaves may start changing as well. With so many different plant problems being related to the leaves, it can make diagnosing the root cause of the issue difficult.

    Worry not, because in the coming minutes, we’ll teach you everything that could be causing your plant’s leaves to start curling up. Then, we’ll explain how to remedy each potential cause.

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  • Vapor Pressure Deficit - How VPD Affects Plants Growth

    If you are unfamiliar with vapor pressure deficit (VPD) and its role in plant growth, you are missing out. It is one of the best ways to increase harvest weight. Leaf VPD is a critical metric in both the growth stage as well as flower stages.

    It doesn't even matter if you have the best nutrients and genetics in the world. Your plants won’t reach their potential without dialing in temperature and humidity. The amount of water vapor and moisture the air can hold is critical.

    The best cultivars in the world are able to manipulate VPD to keep the stomata on their plants open.  This results in the plants taking up as many nutrients as possible. As you can imagine, this results in explosive growth.

    We’ll cover how you can do this yourself in your grow room, but first, let’s cover some basic info on vapor pressure deficit.

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  • How To Choose and Size The Best Grow Room Air Conditioner

    Keeping your plants happy and healthy when growing indoors will sometimes require you to use the best grow room air conditioner unit - but choosing and sizing one isn't easy.

    This is especially important during those hot summer months, but even growers based in more mild climates can suffer from grow room heat problems year-round.

    That’s because the grow lights, CO2 equipment, and other supplies we bring in the grow room create heat themselves - and sometimes a ventilation system just won’t cut it.

    That’s why we’re going to discuss the best AC units for growing plants this year, with an option for every grower out there.

    Ranging from small portable AC’s for grow tents up to industrial, multi-zone units for our huge MSO growers out there - and everything in between. 

    If you're struggling with heat in your grow room or tent, read on to learn which unit is right for you. We'll cover the best in the business as it stands today.

    But first, we need to discuss the different types of units out there - and help you understand how to size yours, using a grow room BTU calculator.

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  • Grow Room Atmosphere & Ventilation

    Your garden is a living breathing system that needs to take in fresh air and expel waste air and heat. The atmosphere inside of your grow room is just as important than the grow light you choose.

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