• Hemp Cultivation Supplies

    Hydrobuilder.com has been supplying commercial hemp farms with hemp propagation equipment, hemp grow lights, and CBD harvest supplies since 2011. We are proud to be considered an authority figure in this industry, and love working with small and large scale farms.

    Hemp grow lights and propagation supplies

    With the country wide legalization of hemp, industrial hemp farms are in a position to be more successful than ever.

    The question now becomes how to get the most out of your crop. Automation and optimization go hand in hand, and should always be the goals of industrial hemp farmers.

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  • Best Harvest Trimming Machines of 2018 and 2019

    As technologies evolve, trimming machines have become less of a niche and more of a necessity when it comes to a productive harvest. Of course, there will always be those who strictly stick to hand trimming, but more Commercial and Hobby Growers are introducing trimming machines into their facilities/homes. Even if you are hand trimming your A grade boutique buds, the quality of the machines available today makes it hard to tell which end product is hand trimmed and which is machine trimmed.

    Anyone who is in a constant state of harvest knows that trimming is the least desirable part of the cycle. Trimming does not have to suck and luckily there are many options for automated and nonautomated machines to help up the productivity of your operation. Not only does using a trimmer help maximize your production level and minimize your harvest time frame, but it offers a consistent end product with minimal human handling. No more strangers in your house for weeks or months, no more unnecessary liabilities.

    We have sorted out what we believe to be the top trimmers of 2018-2019 into categories based on production size. There really is a trimmer for everyone and depending on who you talk to, you may get a completely different answer on which machine is best. There are unique qualities that are featured with each of these machines and we hope to help narrow down your options!

    Best Hobby or Small to Medium Operation Trimmers

    Twister T6

    Introduced to the market out of Canada in harvest 2017, the Twister Trimmers T6 is a small machine that packs a big punch. Weighing in at only 42 lbs, you can trim wherever your harvest takes you. Perfect for any hobbyist or small commercial grower, you can trim to up 4 lbs an hour dry and 20 lbs and hour wet (or 6-8 lbs with two machines in tandem for dry and 40 lbs wet). Twister recently updated this machine to only have one tumbler option. Where it used to have a dry and wet tumbler, you now will get their Standard 1/4'' slot tumbler that can process both wet and dry. If you are switching tumblers out for cleaning purposes, no tools are required and it takes only seconds.

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  • Post Harvest Extractions: What Does it Mean and How Does it Work?

    Plant extractions and concentrates have become mainstream in the marketplace today. With many different ways to create a concentrated product, it can leave consumers wondering, "how can I make this at home?"

    Cannabis extracts have been around for a long time, but the processes used to make these extracts has been in constant development. Nowadays, any size grower can turn their flower harvest into a concentrated form.

    Cannabis concentrates can take many forms, but the most popular ones today are Bubble Hash, Dry Sift, Rosin, Distillate, and Butane Hash Oil (BHO). Make the most out of your harvest and see which extraction processes interest you!

    Read on to learn how to extract plant oil with all of these methods.

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  • The Top Bucking Machines of Harvest 2019

    A bucking machine, also known as a destemmer or a debudder, is a harvesting machine that efficiently removes the buds from the stems prior to trimming. When harvest comes, there is always a lot of talk about trimming, hand trimming, motor-powered trimming, and friction trimming. Bucking can sometimes be an afterthought, when really if your destemming process is not on point, the efficiency of your whole harvest will greatly suffer! Whether you are trimming by hand or with a commercial trimmer, a bud bucker is an investment that will certainly pay for itself after one harvest.

    Anyone who wants to maximize their production during harvest should consider the art of bucking! Choosing the best bucker for your grow will depend on the size of your operation and budget. We are going to go over the key points of each machine and hope to narrow down your decision. The number of feed holes, as well as their largest available diameter, food grade safe materials and design and overall usability, will be a few aspects we will be covering.

    Twister B4 Bucking Machine

    The Newest addition to the Twister line is the B4 Bucker. This quality crafted machine pairs well with any Twister Trimmer and certainly stands up to the brand expectations. The variable 1-10 speed controller allows you to process both wet and dry product and can be disassembled without tools in minutes for easy cleaning.

    The B4 is CE certified, CSA compliant, UL compliant and is made of 304 Stainless throughout with anodized aluminum. Like all of their machines, no detail has gone unnoticed. They even have "swappable cartridges" eliminating downtime and "active gearing" which adjusts to the stem diameter preventing treacherous jams.

    One of the best things about this machine is the height adjustable front shrouds. This is key for anyone using the full conveyor set up with their Twister T2 or T4. A flawless assembly line for mass production. Shop the Twister Twin T2 Conveyor Package.

    The B4 has a 1HP motor, does 1750 RPMs and can process up to 150 pounds an hour. The face plate has three various feed holes, the largest being 3/4 of an inch. This machine is definitely suitable for Medium to large Commercial Growers.

    The Twister B4 Bucker has a one year warranty. Shop the Twister B4 Bucking Machine.

    Triminator BuckMaster Bucking Machine

    Assembled in Northern California, the Triminator BuckMaster and BuckMaster Pro (pictured) Bucking Machines are thoughtfully crafted with the Commercial Grower in mind. Not only can you change the speed for your wet and dry product, the Triminator has also included two plate styles. These plates are easily interchangeable and specifically designed for your dry or wet product. The dry plate has longer insertion stems to the product is not "bashing" against the plate itself. This plate will also be beneficial for your prized "boutique" flowers.

    Both models have a 1/2 HP motor and can process stems up to 3/4 of an inch. The motor and controllers are IP65 WashDown Rated, making the whole machine super easy and fast to clean. The standard unit has 5 feed holes and can process up to 150 lbs and hour whereas the Pro unit has ten feed holes and can process 300 lbs an hour! If you want to start with the standard model, you can always upgrade to the Pro model by purchasing a second operation station thanks to their patent-pending SmartMod system.

    The BuckMaster is GMP compliant, UL compliant, CE compliant and RoHS compliant where all touchpoint material is 304 stainless. These machines are on wheels making them easily transferable so you can go where your harvest takes you. The standard machine is great for an avid hobby grower up to a small-medium commercial grower whereas the Pro unit is best suited for a large commercial grow.

    The BuckMaster and BuckMaster Pro Buckers have a two year warranty. Shop the BuckMaster. Shop the BuckMaster Pro.

    Munch Machine Mother Bucker

    Not only do they have the coolest name, but the Mother Bucker is a beautiful piece of equipment that truly raises the bar in the industry. Professionally engineered by experts with 75 years of harvest equipment manufacturing experience, the craftsmanship of this machine is exceptional! Patent Pending, these machines are made in the USA and are currently in some of the largest grows in the US and Canada.

    This machine is built to last and made from structural grade A36, A500 and 304 Stainless Steel with powder coated surfaces. It is CGMP compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and easy to clean with a stiff brush and 70 proof alcohol in ten minutes tops. Outdoor and indoor friendly, where you can choose which wheels your machine comes with (industrial casters for indoor and flat free off-road for outdoors). You can always purchase the other wheels separately if you want both options. The face plate has various sizes and is capable of processing stems up to 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

    The Mother Bucker has a precise variable speed dial from 1-10. So depending on what you are processing, wet or dry, and/or what you plan to do with your processed material post-harvest, extracts or boutique, you can choose the right speed to best care for your plants! Choosing this for your large commercial grow will definitely help cut labor costs and add to your overall efficiency and is definitely overkill for any hobbyist!

    The five year warranty accurately displays the confidence Munch has in this machine! Shop the Mother Bucker.

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  • Curing Machines and Freeze Dryers

    Years ago, after many, many hours spent on bringing the perfect grow through to harvest all could come apart at the seams because of that one final step- curing and aging. The curing buds could accidentally wind up neglected all because something was overlooked.

    A grower could end up with a drawn-out curing process that created conditions just right for mold spore reproduction from conditions that are too humid. Often, buds ended up over dried because of improper curing practices.

    The problem in the old days is that curing was not yet an exact science. We didn’t have the equipment to adequately do the job. None of this is a concern today, and there is no reason an entire grow should be ruined because of poor curing.

    This is not the time to be taking chances.

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  • Beginner's Guide to Harvest, Drying, and Curing

    After all the hard work through veg and flower, the time has finally come.

    You are ready to harvest.

    While most of the hard work is over, it is crucial to execute your harvest, dry, and cure to perfection. If you make mistakes now, all your time, energy, and money spent over the plants life cycle will be for not.

    There are many intricacies to consider, such as the right time to harvest, how you will trim, and drying and curing strategies. Keep reading to ensure your first harvest is a successful one!

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  • Twister T2 and T4 Trimmers Review

    Twister has a solid reputation in the industry as a leader in both quality, reliability, and innovation. See how the T4 trimmer stands out.

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  • Trimming Machines VS Hand Trimming Buds

    Machine Trimmers vs. Hand Trimmers; which tool will rise to the top? Whether you are pro-hand or machine, we can all agree, your trim is only as good as your tools.

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