Best Pre Roll Machines of 2024

These days, large scale operations and dispensaries that aren’t using pre roll machines are behind the curve. As more and more cone filling machines come to market, claiming they have the best technology, it can overwhelm buyers. We decided to put together a list of the best pre roll machines currently on the market, to eliminate any uncertainty.

Best Pre Roll Machines of 2024

If your dispensary or pre-rolled cone operation is still filling cones by hand, you're missing out on the automation and efficiency that's possible. These days, large-scale operations that aren’t using the best pre roll machines are behind the curve. You can fill as many as 450+ cones every 3 minutes!

As more and more cone filling machines come to market, claiming they have the best technology, it can overwhelm buyers. In fact, many of the machines out there are not as efficient as they claim to be. They're also made from low-quality materials that break or degrade quickly, causing more headaches than they're worth.

Don't worry, we're here to help. We decided to put together a list of the best pre roll machines currently on the market, to eliminate any uncertainty. From top brands like Futurola or STM Canna, to lesser-known contenders like the Doob Cube or Sluice Box - we've got something for everyone!

What is the best pre roll machine of 2023?

Here are our favorite pre roll machines in the industry, in no specific order. When you think of machines like these, you might assume they are too expensive for most operations.

However, as you'll discover below, there really is a pre roll machine for every size facility!

The Futurola Knockbox Family

The Futurola Knockbox Family

Futurola is the first to bring this sort of machine to the market, and have earned the right to call themselves “pioneers”.

Their flagship product, the Knockbox, has been revamped a number of times, and the current model is the third generation. There are three versions of the Knockbox currently:

They have expanded their line to offer a cone filling machine for facilities of all sizes.

This futuristic-looking machine can bust out 100 pre rolled cones in just 2 minutes, and is compatible with Futurola brand cones. Their cones range in sizes from 0.5 grams to 2.0 grams, but the machine fits all these sizes.

The Futurola Knockbox 3 is known for producing consistent pre rolls every time, packed to perfection. This results in a smooth smoke with an even burn.

There are a number of add ons that will make this machine even better, and take your cone filling operation to the next level.

The Futurola Shredder quickly converts massive quantities of flower into the perfect feedstock for filling your cones. You can also add:

When you grab your Futurola Knockbox, make sure you grab some cones too!

STM Canna Rocketbox 2.0

STM Canna Rocketbox 2.0

STM Canna has produced the highest output pre roll machine in the industry - the Rocketbox 2.0.

This is the second version of the RocketBox, which brings a ton of improvements to what was already one of the best pre roll machines.

The price tag reflects what this machine is capable of.

No machine currently provides this level of automation, and the engineering that went into creating this pre roll machine is a marvel.

From a performance standpoint, this machine can work for a number of applications, with the optional add on packages.

The base Rocketbox package can produce up to 3,000 pre roll cones a day, or 453 every 3 minutes!

The optional add on packages range from 5k daily all the way up to 25k daily cones! This is an insane number of pre rolls, but more and more facilities are looking for this type of production.

Another thing that stands out about the RocketBox is the built in training mode.

With every RocketBox purchase, STM Canna will send out a rep to your facility for an entire day of training.

They teach you everything you need to know about the machine, including how to use, clean, and get the most out of it.

Here are some additional improvements the new RocketBox 2.0 brings to the table:

  • 3 settings across 1 stage to adjust, fill, and pack.
  • More weight parameters which means a lower margin for error.
  • Proprietary software to measure density & achieve weight accuracy.
  • A larger touch screen control panel.

If you have larger than normal cone filling requirements, the rocketbox is probably your best option. You can also add individual components to supercharge your output, such as:

To take your operation to the next level with this machine, you should also check out the STM Canna Revolution Shredder.

This newly-released shredder allows you to quickly, efficiently, and consistently prepare your flower for perfect pre rolled cones.

STM Canna RocketBox Mini PLUS

Yes, the STM Canna RocketBox is the largest, most sought-after pre roll machine on the market. But it might be a bit much for what some operations need.

STM Canna RocketBox Mini

That's why they made the RocketBox Mini PLUS - the most efficient cone filling machine for small to medium operations. This second-generation model greatly improves upon its initial release, offering improvements to the bottom tray to accommodate natural variance in paper cones. And, STM Canna added a new lift plate and new adjustable top tray, too!

This smaller version of the original RocketBox is capable of producing 143 joints in under a minute, and up to 11,000 per day.

This is the go-to pre-roll machine for small craft cultivars and startups, but even larger brands are adding these to their facilities!

You can fill up to 1.2-gram cones, but you can use cones as small as .25 grams. Simply choose the bottom tray you want to use.

With a 90% average fill rate and less than a 10% weight variance, you can accurately fill your cones with as much consistency as possible, without having to run multiple cycles to fill your cones all the way.

Just like when you purchase the original RocketBox, you get access to the exclusive RocketBox technology, along with the STM client portal which sets you up for success, giving you all the information and resources you need to get the highest and fastest ROI on this machine.

Thousand Per Hour 512 Pre Roll Machines

The team at Thousand Per Hour spent a lot of time developing their machine, to provide commercial facilities with a machine that gives them everything they need and nothing they dont, so that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

They actually have two pre roll machines - the 512 and the 128, also referred to as the lil fella.

As the name suggests, these machines can produce 512 pre rolled cones per cycle, and the 128 lil fella can produce 128 per cycle.

The 128 is great for operations that are just starting to get to a point where filling by hand is no longer feasible.

Thousand Per Hour pre roll machines?

With just a small investment, you can drastically increase productivity and profitability.

Thousand Per Hour pre roll machines are built to order and they can make any size cone plate you want!

They currently offer a number of tray sizes, including Original Cone brand, raw, futurola, ranging from 70/26 all the way up to 109/26.

TPH offers two extension packages if you need to increase your daily cone output, regardless of which machine you use:

  • 3xx Extension Package: additional basket and pre roll plate (your choice of size)
  • Extension package: Additional cradle and plate (your choice). Can add an additional 1,000-1,500 cones per day.

The Doob Cube Pre Roll Machines

The Doob Cube is a really simplistic pre roll machine with a budget friendly price tag.

With the flip of a switch, the machine quickly fills 620 Raw 98 Special or RAW Classic 1.25” cones.

This pre roll machine uses a vibrating motor and sifter to ensure a consistent fill every time, without the mess, waste, or manual work!

Another benefit of this pre roll machine is how easy it is to move around your facility and transport from place to place, weighing at just 30 pounds. It has a tiny footprint, but a huge output.

Doob Cube Pre Roll Machine

You can customize your machine by adding an additional drop box and cone plate.

This will allow you to load and unload cones while the machine runs, so you can increase efficiency even further!

If you want a low-cost, easy-to-use pre roll machine and you don’t have the demands to warrant a Rocketbox, or even a knockbox, check out the doob cube.

The Sluice Box Pre Roll Machine

Another great option for optimizing your pre roll production is the Sluice Box.

The Sluice Box Pre Roll Machine

This machine is comprised of food-grade material, and has a few components:

  • The base
  • Tray with cone cartridge
  • Top
  • Packer
  • Two sets of dividers

Each cone cartridge is capable of pumping out over a thousand pre-rolls an hour.

But, the machine is capable of more than just 1,000 cones. You can use an additional cone cartridge every 5-10 minutes if you have another operator, busting out cones as fast as you can prepare additional cone cartridges.

The holes in each cartridge are capable of accommodating lot's of different brands.

Each cone cartridge can be tapped to apply shim if needed for height. It can process 325 1 gram cones or 406 half gram cones.

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