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Coco Husk & Soilless Mixes

Coco Husk and Coco Soilless Mixes for your indoor garden

Coco husk and coco mix have so many uses in both the outdoor garden in hydroponic growing that it would be difficult to list the all.  It is the natural byproduct produced when the coconut husks are stripped down for extraction.

Coco husk garden materials are homogenous material made up of millions of micro-sponge capillaries which holds up to more than eight times its own weight in water.  Therefore, coco husk is often used in a peat-mix or mulch for garden use.

Coco byproducts have a neutral pH of 5.7-6.5 which is well within the range that most plants thrive which makes it attractive for hydroponic use.  Because it retains water so well, coco husk is great in garden situations where it cuts back on constant watering.

In hydroponic growing coco husk is most used in three forms.

  • Compressed brick
  • Coco coir chunks
  • Mat form

In outdoor gardens or greenhouses coco husk is popular because of its excellent properties.

  • Great water retention
  • Increased aeration
  • Quickly soaks up water
  • A solid planting medium

Coco husks also have some big advantages as a planting medium.

  • 100% Organic
  • Holds water
  • Natural rooting hormones.
  • An ideal pH of 5.2 to 6.8

It is also mixed with perlite as an excellent seeding and cutting starter mix.

Coco husk is often preferred for its many outstanding garden uses.

    • Increased air porosity- Coco husk products are filled with air pockets that helps your plant roots breath more readily.
    • Eco-friendly properties- Coco husk is 100% biodegradable and it contains fungal and bacterial fighting properties which help keeps plants healthier.
    • Reduces irrigation- Gardeners with dry conditions love coco husk because it holds water so well that it drastically cuts back on watering.

Coco husk and coco mix are the organic choice with so many valuable uses for every gardener.



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