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Commercial Grow Lights | Popular LED Grow Lights For Commercial Growing has the largest selection of commercial grow lights for every application and environment. Find all of the top brands from all the major commercial LED manufacturers as well as the best commercial HPS/MH and CMH lighting available.

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Best HPS Lighting For Commercial Growing

Many growers prefer the gas charged high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) grow light systems, especially for larger commercial applications. The intensity, broad spectrum and light consistencies make HPS or MH lighting suitable throughout the entire plant cycle. Because of the versatility, cost, and reliability, HPS or MH grow lighting will not fall out favor with the commercial grower any time soon.

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Popular CMH Grow Lights For Commercial Growing

CMH grow lights are becoming popular amongst commercial cultivators and hobby growers because they use up to 30% less energy and provide the same PAR/watt, or PFF performance as traditional MH & HPS Grow Lights while also producing less heat which requires less grow room air conditioning. Another advantage is that when implementing a CMH ballast, there is no RFI or EMI interference like with a digital ballast. CMH lamps utilize square-wave technology, which is a way of producing a steadier beam of light, and therefore provide plants with more light over the course of their life.

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Grow Light Timers & Controllers

Complete Lighting & Environmental Control

The Hydro-X series is a professional-grade and modular designed environmental control system, that supports most of the control modules and sensors within a single growing zone, and also allows flexible customization and further expansion. All the Hydro-X systems can control most of the horticultural lighting systems in the market by using different lighting adapters. 2 separate built-in lighting control channels offer controllability on 2 different lighting systems at the same time. The PPFD level could be automatically adjusted followed by the PPFD PAR meter.

Master Controllers (for popular lighting brands)

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Commercial Lighting Accessories

PAR Meters

PAR Meters

It is important to ensure grow lights are actually doing their job, which is where PAR meters come in.

Grow Room Glasses

Grow Room Glasses

Using protective eye-wear will allow you to be in your grow room for prolonged periods without harm!

Grow Light Movers

Grow Light Movers

When lights move throughout the day, covertage can increase by 30%, and shine deeper into the canopy.

Grow Light Hangers

Grow Light Hangers

Grow lights need to be hung within the optimal range, which will depend on your type of lighting.

Replacement Grow Light Parts

Light Bulbs

Eventually, grow lights will burn out, and need to be replaced with a new bulb. We carry replacement bulbs for HPS/MH, fluorescent, and LED grow lights


All of our grow light kits come equipped with ballasts, but if you are purchasing individual components, you will need a ballast.

Hoods & Reflectors

If you are not using a grow light reflector in your grow room, you are missing out on a huge boost in efficiency. Every grower should have a reflective hood.

Find Commercial Grow Lights By Certification

What LED certification does your company need to look for when investing in new lighting? As one of the largest capital expenses you’ll make, certifications matter. When it comes to indoor growing, your lights need to be protected from a wide range of conditions - moisture, dust, etc. But, some listings even take into consideration how the grow light performs.

At, you can shop by all of these different grow light certifications with the click of a button. Simply filter by the certification you want your LED grow light to have choose from one of the several great options we carry.


Canadian Standards Association

Tests for the safety and reliability of your horticulture lamps


Electrical Testing Labs

Tests the safety and efficacy of grow lights. Compliant with OSHA


UnderWriters Laboratories

Tests the safety and efficacy of grow lights. Compliant with OSHA


DesignLights Consortium

Efficacy greater than 1.9umol/J and a warranty of at least 5 years

As commercial growers are well aware, the indoor cultivation environment puts a lot of pressure on many systems, including lighting. The lights you choose need to stand up to constant wear and tear.

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