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Grow Light Movers

Grow Light Movers

This is one of those tough subjects to write about because on the surface there really isn’t much that could be said about grow light movers.  However, they are a vital component of any growing hydroponic business and you should at least have some basic knowledge as to why you may need them.

The age-old problem that any hydroponic grower faces is how and where to mount their grow light system.  The biggest mistake the new grower makes is doing a permanent mount of grow lights.

Today’s movers aren’t the clunky, heavy equipment of the past. Today’s technology has introduced light weight grow light movers made of corrosion free aluminum alloys and with smooth rolling poly rollers.

Why should I even move my lights?

That is a great question and one that is often asked from the newcomer without a lot of experience behind them.  A statically mounted light doesn’t always provide the necessary light required by your plants.

Another issue is the hot-spots and shadow patterns caused by permanently mounted grow light. Moving your lights can improve your light coverage by as much as 30%.  Depending on the quality of your light source, moving lights can also save you around 20% on energy costs a year.

That alone is reason enough to rotate your lights.

The whole idea of grow light movers is flexibility in where a grower places their lights.

That one sentence is grow light movers, in a nutshell.

You need the ability to move your grow light system when and where you need them most. This is a real pain when you’ve permanently mounted your lights in one location only.

Grow light movers provide movement of grow lights in an easy to use, smooth rail method.

Grow light movers work on a hanger, track system.

Grow light systems all use the same hanger, track method of enabling the grower to easily move their grow lights from location to location as they’re needed.  Once lights are mounted to a hanger, the system should easily glide lights to a new position smoothly and efficiently.

Quality grow light movers will also include a quick lock system that securely hold the light stationary, so they don’t drift either from air-flow or greenhouse vibrations.

Manual and motorized grow light movers

Grow light moving systems work two ways-manually or motorized. A manual system is perfect for the beginner or at a small facility.  Once you get into a large capacity facility moving lights manually can be time consuming and tedious.

That’s the type of major grower a motorized grow light mover is designed for.  The motorized models operate on a single switch system that is easy to use and quickly engage.  An intel-motor will even eliminate the need to manually throw a switch and is a smart component set with a timer to automatically move lights as predetermined times.  

Today’s grow light movers are inexpensive and easy to mount and use.  A good mover set a timer will assure that your grow lights are rotated for maximum light exposure the plants receive.

If you’re a hydroponic or soil grower of any size, you really should consider investing in a good grow light mover.  A person gets busy and easily forget about rotating lights and a decent moving system eliminates all this and will move your lights whether you’re there or not.

You really can’t afford not to use them.



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