• The Best THC Potency Testers Of 2020

    In order to make accurate decisions in the field, you need the best THC potency testers possible. But what exactly is the best potency tester on the market?

    This is a loaded question, as what’s best for one grower won’t necessarily be the best for you. There are a few major players in this discussion, and they each have their place.

    We’ll help you choose the best device for you, and narrow it down based on what we know about each one.

    First, let’s explain why these potency testers are a worthy investment for any commercial grower who cares about their quality, and more importantly, their profit.

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  • What To Do With Shake And Trim From Your Harvest

    As you start trimming your plants up and see how much matter you are clipping away, you may wonder what to do with shake and trim from your harvest.

    You can probably tell just by looking or touching the trim that it has active cannabinoids in it - you can see all the trichomes, feel the stickiness, and certainly smell the terpenes in it.

    Maybe you’ve heard some growers talk about what they do with shake and trim - either produce top shelf concentrates or make edibles. N

    o matter what you do, definitely don’t just throw the trim away after harvest!

    We’ll share some of our favorite things to do with shake and trim from your harvest. First, let’s define what we mean by “shake and trim”.

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  • Flower Storage: Your Guide To Harvest Preservation

    As harvest quickly approaches, we want to share our complete guide on flower storage and harvest preservation.

    If you are a hobbyist, preserving buds and storing them properly is important. If you are harvesting 3-4 plants just for personal use, it’s likely you won’t touch some of your flower for 4-6 months after harvesting. 

    From a commercial growers standpoint, preservation is equally important. Using the right packaging for your flower will ensure that the product can sit on the shelves for 3-4 months without loss of potency or quality.

    We’ll share our advice on best practices for storing your flower. We have the products and the knowledge you need to nail this final step in the growing process!

    First, let’s talk about why proper flower storage is so important, and what’ll happen if you get it wrong.

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  • Increase Flower Density With A Bud Hardener!

    If you are noticing your blooms are very light and airy, you can try and increase flower density with a bud hardener!

    If you’re a hobby grower cultivating for personal use, light, airy buds are super disappointing. Plus, they’re a hassle to try and trim.

    From a commercial grower’s standpoint, growing dense buds is a must. Nobody wants to send a light, airy product to market. It's all about bag appeal!

    There are a few factors that affect the density of your buds, but a lot of it comes down to genetics.

    If you have your grow dialed in and use top-shelf genetics but still can't seem to produce the dense buds you're after, a bud hardener is your best bet.

    At the end of this article, we’ll share some of the best products you can use to grow fat, dense colas this season!

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  • Essential Trimming Accessories For Peak Productivity

    Even if you are using a trimming machine and bucking machine, there are some essential trimming accessories to help you harvest your plants as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Whether you are trimming 5 plants or 50, the goal remains the same - getting it done fast, and getting it done right.

    Harvesting fast isn’t that impressive if the trim quality is low. If you are a commercial grower, maintaining bag appeal is a huge priority.

    These accessories and tools are a must have for hobbyists and commercial growers alike.

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  • How To Protect Your Outdoor Grow From Heat, Wind, Rain, & More

    If you are growing outdoors, you need to be prepared and know how to protect your outdoor grow from heat, wind, rain, and other stressors that will undoubtedly show up at some point.

    One of the biggest benefits of indoor growing is that you have complete control over the environment. You set up the perfect temperatures, air flow, and you’ll never have to worry about rain or hail.

    But when you grow in the great outdoors, you’ll battle all these things. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and won’t have much issue. Other seasons, you may experience all of these in the same month, depending on your climate.

    These factors can not only slow growth and affect yield. Sometimes, they can destroy your entire crop, which can be incredibly frustrating later in the year when you’ve invested time and energy into your grow.

    Let’s start by describing how to protect your outdoor grow from one of the most common issues you’ll experience: heat.

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  • Sea Of Green Method: Growing Small Plants For Huge Yields

    If you are familiar with the sea of green method, you know that bigger plants isn’t always better.

    If you are here to learn about the SOG method for the first time, you are about to find out how you can achieve impressive yields by growing lots of small plants and manipulating their grow cycle for quick, successive harvests.

    This is a unique style of growing, and many growers classify it as a form of plant training. For best results, you’ll need to setup a perpetual harvest grow room with multiple chambers, as you’ll need separate light schedules.

    We’ll cover the exact setup method and walk you through a sample grow cycle in a bit. Before we do that though, we want to start with a definition on the sea of green method.

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  • Flushing Plants & Preparing For Harvest

    Flushing plants is one of the final steps in the growing cycle, and means harvest is just around the corner.

    This is a pivotal point, and improper flushing can lead to an unenjoyable final product with poor smell and taste, and a harsh smoke.

    Worse yet, some growers omit flushing altogether, leaving behind all kinds of nutrients that they then consume with their flower.

    We're going to cover best practices and teach you how to flush your plants properly, and recommend some of the best flushing agents currently on the market. We want to start by explaining what flushing is, exactly, and why it's so important.

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  • How To Treat Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus is one of the plant illnesses that most growers never have to worry about depending on what they’re growing.

    But, for those who do experience it, it can be detrimental to their grow. This is because its one of the few diseases with no real cure, making prevention of the utmost importance.

    And if you experience it once, its likely it’ll return to your grow. That means you also need to know how to get rid of it and its presence from your garden even after you dispose of your sick plants.

    We’ll teach you the symptoms of tobacco mosaic virus, our best tips for preventing it altogether, and what to do should you encounter it. First, we want to share some background information on what this disease is, and how it started.

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