• PurePressure Helix 3 Ton Rosin Press Review

    We were lucky enough to get to unbox, set up, use, and review the PurePressure Helix 3 Ton Rosin Press.

    This is one of the best manual presses currently on the market, and we were very impressed with the ease of use of this one.

    It was super easy to set up, and we were pressing out rosin within 10 minutes of unboxing it.

  • How To Press Different Types Of Rosin

    If you are learning how to press rosin, you need to be aware of the differences between the types of feed material, or inputs you can start with.

    There are so many ways you can press rosin, but the specifications for each method is different.

    Whether you want to press rosin from flower, dry sift, trim, or hash, by the end of this post, you’ll be ready to go.

  • Kind LED K5 XL1000 WiFi Grow Light Review

    Today, we are going to share our KIND LED K5 XL1000 review. We've considered KIND to be an industry leader when it comes to LED’s for quite some time.

    With their new K5 XL1000 WiFi-enabled grow light, we feel stronger about this than ever.

    We recently got the chance to set this light up at our warehouse and were blown away by the performance and control it gives to growers.

    There are so many reasons this light deserves to be ranked among the best in the business, so let’s get to the full review of the KIND LED K5 XL1000 WiFi!

  • Gorilla DE Commercial Grow Light Review

    Because of Gorilla Grow Tent’s reputation as one of the best in the indoor growing industry, we just had to get our hands on the Gorilla DE 1,000 Watt Grow Light for a review.

    This grow light is definitely not for everyone. It’s geared towards commercial growers, or hobby growers with high lighting needs. 

    With the trend towards more efficient lighting, such as LED and CMH, you may be wondering, why would Gorilla develop an HPS?

    Well, there will always be a need for super high intensity lights - and this one is just that!

    Let’s get into the review of the Gorilla Pro Series 1000 Watt Commercial DE Grow Light.

  • How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Your Plants Fast

    Learning how to get rid of aphids on plants can be the difference between saving your garden or scrapping it, hoping for better luck next time.

    These pests can infiltrate an indoor or outdoor garden, and can wreak havoc on your plants.

    In this guide we will teach you how to get rid of them if you do find them on your plants, along with how to prevent them in the first place.

    But first, we need to teach you what aphids are, what they do, and how to identify them.

  • Best Grow Tent Accessories Of 2020

    While you may not need them right away, grow tent accessories can improve the conditions in your tent, make your job easier, and lead to more impressive growth and yields.

    Whether you are shopping for a tent kit right now or are a seasoned grower looking to have your best grow yet, we have tons of products for you.

    We are going to share our favorite tent add ons, but first, let’s explain what isn’t a grow tent accessory.

  • Outdoor Growing: How To Grow Big Plants In Your Backyard

    Outdoor growing presents many opportunities and challenges that wouldn’t exist with indoor growing.

    Everyone should try to grow flower in their backyard at some point, because its the purest form of gardening there is. From huge yields to low costs, the reasons to grow plants outdoors are plentiful!

    We’ll cover them in-depth, along with some of the less enjoyable things that accompany outdoor growing. Then, we’ll teach you everything you need to know so you can get your plants started outside!

  • How To Amend Soil For Healthy, Organic Gardening

    As you finish up your grow, you are likely wondering how to amend your soil for the next growing season.

    Or, maybe your plants are just about ready for flower, and want to add some organic amendments to the top of your soil to supercharge bud development.

    There are plenty of reasons to consistently improve the conditions in your soil because poor soil means poor plants.

    We are going to cover why, when, and how you should amend your soil. But first, let’s cover some quick definitions.

  • Closet Grow Setup - Growing Plants In Tight Spaces

    For many growers, a closet grow setup is their only hope for growing indoors. Not everyone has the luxury of a shed, or a spare bedroom, or even a garage. For those of us who still want to try and grow indoors, the closet is our best bet.

    Sure, growing in a closet has its drawbacks. But, we are going to share some tips on how you can get your closet grow set up, and provide you with some things you need to know about growing in a small, enclosed space like this.

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