Soil Meters & pH Testing

It is important to ensure your garden is an environment conducive to healthy plant growth. At Hydrobuilder, we have all the meters and testing equipment you need to maintain optimal pH, temperature, nutrient, and humidity levels, as well as products to test TDS, PPM, and EC ranges.

Testing your garden’s pH

While most plants prefer a neutral growing medium, some prefer higher or lower pH levels. Our pH test kits work in soil and hydroponic systems, and are very easy to use. Simply insert the test into the ground, or swirl it in the water solution. These need to be calibrated frequently to remain accurate. If you find you need to adjust the pH in your system, you can use one of our pH adjustors.

Testing your garden’s temperature and humidity

Two other components of a grow room environment are the temperature and humidity. These variables can be tested for using a thermometer and hygrometer respectively, but some of our advanced products now combine the two technologies.

Testing for TDS, PPM, and EC

Total dissolved solids, parts per million, and electrical conductivity are three areas of the nutrient solution growers need to test for. Many of our tools include these all in one, making this process a breeze.

Dosing your nutrients

Instead of manually applying each nutrient, experienced growers will use a nutrient doser to feed their plants. These tools work by pulling nutrients into an injection system, combining them with water, and dispersing them to the plants in precise PPM or EC levels. These dosers help prevent human error, and utilizing one can create higher yields.

Geared towards the most serious growers, combination meters are devices combining many or all of the tests and meters you will need in your garden.

If you have any questions about any of these products, give one of our experienced growers a call today at 888-815-9763 and let us help you!