Soil Meters & Test Kits

There are a number of reasons why you should test your garden soil. It is important to know the conditions you are growing in, so you can adjust accordingly. If you are growing in soil, a meter or test kit is an absolute must to ensure you are growing in a proper environment.

How do I test my garden soil?

The most simple way to test your garden soil is using a soil meter or test kit. These devices are a simple and quick way to find out what is going on with your soil. These meters can range from simple to more complex, and they are a must have for any serious grower.

What does a soil test tell you?

The most basic soil test kits will determine the pH of the soil, such as the Luster Leaf Products Rapitest Digital pH Meter. Plants need a pH of between 5-6.5 in order to absorb nutrients, and if your soil is preventing this from happening, it needs to be corrected using a pH adjusters.

Some soil meters can also test for moisture. Growers sometimes like to cycle the soil between very moist and very dry to active certain processes, and using your finger to guess how damp your soil is can prove ineffective. The Active Air 3 - Way Meter is actually capable of reading pH, moisture, and sunlight!

More advanced multi-use tools can also test for specific macronutrient profile in the soil, also known as NPK. This test reveals how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are in the soil, and you can adjust these nutrients to line up with your goals and the plants current stage. The Luster Leaf Products Rapitest Electronic 4-Way Analyzer is one of these tools which is capable of measuring four different aspects of your soil!

Automating your garden soil testing

Are you a commercial grower, or a hobby farmer with limited time to tend to plants?

If so, you should strongly consider automating your soil testing with a device from the Sure Test line of products. These soil meters take continuous readings of your soils moisture, salinity, temperature, and EC, and send them to a database on your computer or smartphone.

How to use a garden soil pH meter

To use a soil pH meter or any test kit, simply insert the probes into your soil. After a few seconds, a reading will appear indicating whether adjustments are needed or not. These tests should be used in all soil grows, whether you have potted plants with potting soil or you are growing in the ground outdoors.

If you have any questions about these soil meters and test kits, reach out to our expert growers at 888-815-9763 and let us help you!


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