Grow Tent Sizes

Do you have a specific size of indoor grow tent you are looking for? Our shop by grow tent size is the easiest way to find the indoor grow room you need. Here at we carry everything from small 2' x 2' portable grow rooms to large commercial size 10' x 20' grow tents, and every size in between you can think of.

Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry the most popular brands, such as Gorilla Grow Tent, Secret Jardin, Covert, High Rise, and many more!We have the best selection of portable grow room sizes and brands at affordable prices, plus all grow tents ship free!

What size grow tent do I need?

What size grow tent do I need

The best grow tent size for you depends on how many plants you want to cultivate, and how much space you have. It is also important to remember that as the size of your grow tent increases, your costs of growing will raise slightly as well. Larger tents will have higher energy requirements.

Some of our most popular grow tent sizes are the 3' x 3' grow tent and the 4' x 4' grow tent. These tents can grow 4-6 and 6-8 plants respectively.

When selecting a grow tent size, pay attention to the light footprint required. You will need to find a tent that matches your grow lights capabilities, or your plants will not receive enough light or will get burned by the excessive light.

Have questions about Growing In A Grow Tent? Our learning center articles have great information on choosing the right grow tent, how to properly set-up grow tent odor control and ventilation systems, best practices on managing the temperature and other environmental factors as well as tons of other helpful information.

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