Ventilation & Duct Components

A ventilation system is crucial to any indoor garden or greenhouse, to control odors while providing fresh, clean air to the plants. Most ventilation systems consist of fans and carbon filters, and ducting is required for connecting these to other components.

Ducting, Connectors, and other components

The ducting in your ventilation system is responsible for moving air into our out of the tent. It connects to intake and exhaust fans, and carbon filters. Connectors will help you set up a more complex and efficient ventilation system, and are usually necessary in larger grow spaces.

Reducers and mufflers/silencers work to decrease noise from your ventilation system, and simultaneously prevent air from escaping. For even more efficient air movement, use a backdraft dampers, which seals off any possible leaks and prevent odors from flowing backwards, and save CO2 from escaping.

Wall vents are for ducting components that end at a wall, and are a way for bringing in or expelling air.

To create a secure ventilation system with a tight fit, use clamps and tape to seal everything. We also carry all the ventilation mounting brackets and hardware you may need when sitting up your system.

Whether you are attempting to connect your carbon filter or your inline fan, we have the parts you need!

If you have any questions regarding your ventilation and ducting setup, give our experienced growers a call at 888-815-9763, and be sure to check out our learning center for articles on how to create an environment that will lead to the highest yields possible!


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