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The success of any soil or hydroponic system heavily depends on healthy root growth and development. Choosing the correct growing media is a crucial early step towards a successful and rewarding indoors or outdoor garden. There a number of different pots or containers and soils you can grow in, and each one has its place in the horticultural world.

What are the best pots to grow your plants in?

There are many different kinds of pots and containers, and it can be hard to tell what the difference between them is. While garden pots are very simple, some pots will outperform others in certain situations.

Some of the most common garden pots and containers you will see are:

Generally, plastic pots are all you really need, but more advanced containers like fabric pots or air-pots have exploded in popularity. If you want to learn more about which garden pots are best for you, check out our full guide on selecting a garden pot.

What are the best growing mediums for potted plants?

There are several physical characteristics to consider when choosing the appropriate medium for your level of experience, type of plant and application. . Air porosity and the ability to retain water are two of the most important qualities to factor in. The physical characteristics of the media the roots are growing in can make all the difference in the health and yields of your crop.

Garden soil and potting soil

Two of the most popular grow medias for outdoor and potted plants are garden soil and potting soil. While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are some slight differences between the two.

Garden soil is best used in the ground, and is usually heavier. It will compact more when wet, and can sometimes prevent roots from breathing. Garden soil is not ideal for use in pots because it does not drain well, and can suffocate roots sometimes.

Potting soil is specially formulated for use with potted plants. Potting soil is much lighter, and provides incredible aeration and moisture retention, but still drains well. If you are using pots or containers to grow your plants, potting soil is a great option.

Coco Coir

Coco is a natural, renewable growing medium used in traditional gardening as well as hydroponics. Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry coco coir fiber products, which are 100% coco husk. These are not always ideal, and sometimes the better choice is a coco mix. We also carry coco coir mixes are coco mixed with perlite, soil amendments, and sometimes other compounds.

Improving your soils drainage and aeration

Many growers look for ways to increase the quality of their soil, which will lead to stronger and healthier plants. One such way is by adding perlite into your soil or soilless mix.

Perlite comes in many mixes, and is a non-organic compound that drastically improves aeration and drainage, while reducing compaction. Perlite is the little while specs in your potting soil, and if yours does not contain any, you should add it in yourself.

Still not sure which growing medium is right for you? Check out our detailed guide on different soil and soilless media

Amending your soil

If you are growing outdoors, you should be amending your soil at the end of every growing season. By amending your garden soil at the end of every year, you give your soil a chance to recuperate and prepare for the next time you plant in it.

Using one of our garden soil amendments introduces microbial activity into your soil, and this activity improves conditions. If you are looking for another way to improve soil quality, consider using compost tea!

Want to learn more about improving your soil? Check out our full breakdown of garden soil amendments.

Find the best suited growing media for your particular plants and level of expertise. Shop Hydrobuilder's quality selection of premier soils, grow media, and amendments! Your plants will thank you! Not sure what to use? Give us a call and one of our experts will gladly point you in the right direction.


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