Hydroponic Fittings & Tubing

Irrigating your hydroponic system can be complicated, and at Hydrobuilder our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

Complete Hydroponic Irrigation Systems

Our complete hydroponic irrigation kits aid tremendously in simplifying watering for growers. Make things easier on yourself and go with a complete kit, which includes everything you need to feed your plants, including:

  • Manifolds
  • Adaptors
  • Tubing
  • Drippers and stakes
  • Fittings and screens
However, there are many situations where you will need a specific component of an irrigation system, and we carry all of them here at Hydrobuilder.


Tubing is one of the main components of an irrigation system, as it is the means for transporting water and nutrients to your plants. Without high quality tubes, you will be springing leaks more often, and running into other potential problems.

Drippers, Sprayers, and Emitters

Another important part of the irrigation system is the dripper, sprayer, or emitter. This is what feeds your plant from the tubing of your system. The three main types of dippers are gravity, rocket and dart drippers.

Valves, Regulators, and Manifolds

Irrigation systems also implement valves and regulators, to direct the water to the correct places. When a certain plant or section no longer needs to be watered, growers can shut off the valve and continue watering elsewhere if needed.

Connectors, Fittings, and Stoppers

We also offer connectors, fittings, and stoppers, which are important parts for connecting hydroponic tubing and hoses. Stoppers are great for preventing water from going places you don't need.

Grommets, Seals, and Screens

Grommets, seals, and screens are always necessary in a hydroponic irrigation system. These help filter out any impurities, and prevent leaks, keeping the system tight.

These components can be very specific, and very confusing. If you have any questions about a specific part, reach out to our experienced growers at 888-815-9763 and let us help you.

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