• Best Hydroponic Systems of 2019

    Once you have a few grows under your belt and want the challenge of growing hydroponically, you’ll want the best hydroponic system you can find.

    With this style of growing, there are more moving parts, and that’s why it's important to purchase from a reputable brand. The last thing you want is to start flowering your plants and have your system break, leaving you with no choice but to put your grow on pause while you try and fix a cheap hydro system.

    Before we uncover our list of the best hydroponic systems currently on the market, let’s cover some basic information about hydroponic growing, along with what makes a system “great”.

  • Botanicare Slide Bench Review

    We got the chance to setup and review the Botanicare Slide Bench, one of the latest additions to the commercial hydroponics industry. This bench offers a substantial increase in efficiency, flexibility, and profitability for commercial growers.

    If you aren’t familiar with the Botanicare Slide Bench, it is a premium hydroponics bench that helps commercial growers get the most out of their floor space. It completely eliminates the need for aisles in a commercial warehouse or grow room, maximizing the use of expensive, limited floor space. To create an aisle, simply slide the bench out of your way and walk through. In our opinion, this alone makes it a must have for serious commercial facilities.

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  • The HyperLogic Commercial RO System

    Water filtration is an essential process for any serious commercial hydroponics operation.

    Plants, like humans, thrive when given high quality water. Many of the particulates in tap water will not harm us, but that doesn't hold true for our plants. To grow the biggest, most potent plants, we need to filter out these particulates before watering.

    But in larger operations, such as a commercial grow, filtering high quantities of water can be both difficult and expensive.

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  • Hydroponics 101 - Why You Should Try A Hydroponic System

    Hydroponics is a subset of horticulture, and many traditional growers are still not entirely sure how it works.

    Have you ever seen a hydroponic system in action?

    It can be daunting, especially if it is a completely automated system with a high plant count.

    But the reality is, there is a hydroponic system for every grower, and it doesn't need to be complicated at all. In fact, once you are familiar with your hydro system, it can be less work than traditional growing.

    This guide will walk you through each hydroponic system, teach you the environmental requirements for hydroponics, show you how to make your own system with just a few supplies, and prepare you for your first grow.

    Even if you know nothing about hydroponics, you will feel like a hydro green thumb by the end of this article.

    What is hydroponics?

    Hydroponics is defined as growing plants without the use of traditional soil or soilless mixes. Plants are houses in a net pot or cup, and roots are suspended in a hydroponic nutrient solution, or just in the air.

    To be considered a hydroponic system, plants need to be either supported by an inert growing medium, or nothing at all. The ready availability of nutrients to the root zone is what makes hydroponics so powerful.

    Hydroponic systems can be broken down into active or passive systems. A passive system is one where the water does not need to be transported to the plants, such as in a deep water culture system.

    An active hydroponic system involves the use of a water pump or other means to move the water to the root zone, such as an ebb and flow system.

    The most simple hydroponic systems can consist of just a nutrient reservoir, growing medium, and a water pump to deliver the solution to the grow tray or flood table.

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  • How To Stabilize The pH Of Growstones

    How To Stabilize The pH of Growstones. pH stabilization is necessary since growstones naturally come from the manufacturer with a high pH.

  • How To Measure And Adjust pH For Gardening

    How to measure and adjust pH for soil and hydroponic gardening using Bluelab's pH pen and General Hydroponics pH Up and pH Down solutions.

  • How To Calibrate A pH Pen

    Learn how to correctly calibrate a Bluelab pH pen. pH pen calibration is fast and easy and the steps are similar among many pens. pH calibration is critical for the health of hydroponic gardens.

  • Why Hydroponic Water Temperature Matters

    Chillers and heaters are used to keep hydroponic water temperature constant in a hydroponic grow. Having the right one for your needs makes all the difference.

  • How To Clone A Plant: The Definitive Guide

    Learn about cloning supplies and complete cloning systems for getting started fast. Cloning gels and root enhancers to improve clone success.

  • Air Stones vs Air Diffusers

    A quick look at the difference between Air Stones and Air Diffusion Rings for use in hydroponic systems and reservoirs.

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