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Botanicare is dedicated to providing you with superior products, helpful education and support for all of your hydroponic needs. What started as an experimental plant nutrient has evolved into a global market leader in hydroponic products, celebrating 15 years of innovation combining science and nature to encourage self-sufficiency.

Botanicare Plant Nutrients & Supplements

Plant nutrients are what Botanicare is known for, and rightfully so. They manufacture a wide array of organic, natural, and mineral based nutrients, along with specially formulated hydroponic nutrients. You can purchase a nutrient to supplement your feeding schedule, or an entire nutrient package for seed to harvest.

Want to learn more about plant nutrients, and how pH affects your feeding? Check out our full guide on plant nutrients and pH.

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Botanicare Hydroponic Supplies and Systems

While they are predominantly known for their plant nutrients, Botanicare has also expanded into other areas of gardening. They now manufacture high quality grow trays, reservoirs, and other hydroponic supplies.

If you are looking for a complete hydroponic system, look no further than complete Botanicare hydroponic flood table kits. These are put together with premium component from Botanicare, Titan Controls, Active Aqua, and other big brands in the horticulture industry.

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Botanicare Propagation and Cloning

Botanicare cloning and propagation machines allow you to get your grow started on the right foot. There cloning systems are expertly designed to provide an incredibly high propagation success rate, and they also provide you with the rooting solutions you need to transplant quickly.

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Botanicare Grow Media and Garden Supplies

Botanicare produces high quality grow media, such as rooting plugs, Coco mixes, and aeration and water retention specific media mixes to suit whatever your needs are. On your way out, grab some of their garden supplies such as trellis netting or dripper stakes!

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Botanicare premium nutrients, supplements & systems allow you to grow anywhere, indoors or out. These products are made in the USA using recycled materials & renewable solar energy, allowing you to feel good about your purchase.

Botanicare takes control of consumption by sourcing, creating, and customizing innovative and relevant products - all in the name of catapulting their brand to be the leader in taking our planet to a sustainable level.