Plant Nutrients & Fertilizer has the largest selection of specialty plant growing nutrients & liquid fertilizer for indoor plants & outdoor plants alike. Whether you’re growing hydroponically or in soil containers, as a hobbyist or commercially, we have a complete nutrition line for your crop.

Each macro and micro nutrient is important for optimal plant growth and necessary to maximize yield! We have nutrient packages that provide a complete and balanced nutrition plan during the entire growth cycle as well as specialty micro nutrient plant fertilizers that can help you boost your plants health. Whether you need a rooting compound for cloning and seed propagation, cal-mag supplement, bat guano or bloom booster - has you covered. Check out our extensive line of organic nutrients too!

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Looking for a specific brand? Our easy-to-use search by brand nutrient page is the simplest way to find every nutrient brand we have on our site for your indoor hydroponic garden or outdoor grow. Not sure which nutrients you need? Call one of our growers to discuss your best options!

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Don't forget to stock up on measuring and mixing cups for a precise measurement of your nutrient solution. also has a huge selection of soil & hydroponic meters including pH adjusters, calibration solutions and nutrient & pH dosers


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