Pots & Containers

What type of Garden Pot or Growing Container is right for you?

Growing plants in pots or containers is a popular method of horticulture, and there are many types of garden pots and growing containers to choose from here at Hydrobuilder. This is one of the more important decisions you will make, as the container along with the soil or soilless mix you employ will be largely responsible for keeping your plant alive.

A tried-and-true growing container, the plastic pot is as simple as it gets. These come in plastic or square designs, and are great for both hydroponic systems and traditional gardens.

Fabric pots are quickly becoming a favorite of many growers. One huge advantage these have over traditional plastic pots is that it is rare for plants to become root bound, due to the aeration of the pot. This aeration also allows for more oxygen in the grow media, and regulates the temperature. The porous fabric leads to better drainage, making it harder to overwater the plant. These work well in hydroponic systems as well, and are reusable!

Air-Pots are another relatively new growing container, and provide many of the same benefits as fabric pots. The name says it all, aeration is the reason these are prized as one of the best pots available. Similar to the fabric pot, these allow for a healthier root system, and prevent overwatering. These two pots are known to increase yields due to the higher oxygen levels!

We also carry a variety of plastic grow bags, which are largely used in greenhouse drip irrigation operations. These have pre-punched holes in the bottom to allow for drainage, and make moving plants a breeze.

If you are using any type of pot, you will need to pair it with a saucer! These hold your pots, and prevent spills while working to retain water in the system. We also carry buckets, dollies, and pot elevators!

To learn more about pots and containers, check out our Full Breakdown of Garden Pots! If you are still unsure which growing container is right for you, or have any other questions, reach out to our experienced growing staff at 888-815-9763 and let us help you through the process!