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Contain the mess and maintain your privacy with our indoor grow tent kits & complete grow room packages. Welcome to your closet on steroids. Each component of our growing tent kit works together to maintain a healthy and productive indoor garden, so you can grow huge plants right in the comfort of your own home. From the high quality and powerful lighting to the helpful garden accessories, we've included all our favorite tools to make indoor growing easy and productive. All you need to get started are plants, soil, and water!

Shop By Grow Tent Kit Lighting Type

Not sure how to decide on what lighting technology is best for you? We carry grow tent kits with each type of lighting technology to fit the needs of various grows.

LED Grow Tent Kits
LED Grow Light Icon

Why Choose LED?

  • Best Quality & Yields
  • Uses Less Electricity
  • More Light, Less Heat
  • For Full Cycle Growing
  • Perfect For Grow Tents
CMH Grow Tent Kits
CMH Grow Light Icon

Why Choose CMH?

  • Great Quality & Good Yields
  • Lower Electricity Usage
  • Good Light Output, More Heat
  • For Full Cycle Growing
  • Requires More Space
HPS/MH Grow Tent Kits
HPS/MH Grow Light Icon

Why Choose HPS?

  • Great Quality & Great Yields
  • High Electricity Usage
  • Way More Heat
  • For Full Cycle Growing
  • Not The Best In Grow Tents
Fluorescent Grow Tent Kits
Fluorescent Grow Light Icon

Why Choose T5?

  • Best For Vegetative Growth Only
  • Low Electricity Usage
  • Low Heat Output
  • Not Suggested For Flowering
  • Works Well In Grow Tents

Shop By Grow Tent Kit Size & Multi-Chamber

View all of our grow tent kits by the size of tent you are looking for. Sizes are shown in width and length. Tent height varies by model, most are 7' tall. carries tent kits in all of the standard sizes as well as multi-chamber tent kits.

Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kits

Also known as perpetual harvest grow tent kits, these are a great way to harvest consistently, up to every 8 weeks. With a perpetual harvest system, there is a continuous supply of plants in the vegetative state.

The entire foundation of these packages are built around our Multi-Chamber Tents, and feature separate chambers for each stage of growing: seeds/clones, vegging plants, and flowering plants.

A Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kits Diagram
View All Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kits

Main Chamber

Seedling Chambers

A popular grow kit for having a seedling chamber as well as a main chamber

Covert 2' x 3' Perpetual Harvest LED Grow Tent Kit

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Build Your Own Grow Tent Kit

Our grow tent package creator is the perfect way to build out your own portable grow room. We give you various options so you can customize your package based on your needs. Start by choosing the size of your tent, then we will present you with the best grow lights, ventilation systems, accessories, and upgrades based on that size. Just pick and choose what you want!

Shop By Top Grow Tent Kit Brands carries grow tent kits and packages from leading brands like AC Infinity and Mars Hydro. You can easily find the right grow tent setup to match your plant count and size requirements.

Best Selling LED Grow Tent Kits has the largest selection of grow tent kits for any size. Below are some of our most popular LED grow tent kits. All grow tent kits will usually include a tent, a light, and a ventilation package. Depending on the brand, your kit will include several accessories to help get your grow started!

Fan Favorite!

AC Infinity Grow Tent Kit with LED grow light

AC Infinity 4' x 4' LED Grow Tent Kit

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New Arrival!

Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kit with LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro 2' x 2' LED Grow Tent Kit

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Top Seller!

Covert Grow Tent Kit with LED grow light

Covert 3' x 3' LED Grow Tent Kit

View Grow Tent Kit

Tried & True!

Gorilla tent kit with LED grow light

Gorilla 5' x 5' LED Grow Tent Kit

View Grow Tent Kit

What Else Do You Need?

All grow tent kits will come with the following components to get you started:

  • Grow tent
  • Grow light
  • Grow light hangers
  • A ventilation package
  • Timer

The ventilation package usually consists of a fan, a filter, ducting, and hardware for hanging the items. As mentioned above, different kits from different brands may come with many different accessories. Be sure to review each grow tent kit to know exactly what other items may or may not be included. Also, be sure to have your space completely measured before shopping for a grow tent kit. Whether you are shopping by brand, lighting type, or tent size, has an option for every grower.

Below are some important items that are normally not included in most tent kits like nutrients, grow media, water filters, and other accessories that will help you grow the best plants. If you are unsure which accessories you need, give us a call and a dedicated sales rep can help you build the ultimate grow tent kit!

Grow Tent Kit Essentials: Nutrients, Soil, Water & pH carries all of the necessary supplies to help complete your tent kit. Find essential items like Nutrients and Grow Media as well as pH testing supplies. Water filtration products like Reverse Osmosis Filters can take your grow tent kit to a whole new level.

Environmental Upgrades To Optimize Your Grow Tent Kit

There are a variety of ways to make the environment within your grow tent as optimized as it can be. Grow room controllers are a perfect place to start as they will connect everything in your grow tent into a single place. Humidifiers as well as air purifiers should be considered for grow tents as well, depending on the size. carries any environmental accessory you could think of to upgrade your grow space.

Final Accessories To Complete Your Grow Tent Kit

Garden Tools & Trellis Netting

Find pruning shears, trellis netting, sprayers/foggers, and everything else you need to complete your grow tent kit.

Trimming scissors and trellins netting

Cloning & Propagation Supplies

Have your next grow cycle ready with clones from one of our cloning kits. These work great in the Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kits.

Propagation kit with supplemental LED light bars

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