Seedling & Cloning Grow Tents

Looking for a safe and secure place to start your seedling or freshly cut clones? Look no further. Our selection of clone & seedling grow tents makes it easy to get your plants off to a strong start.

What are seedling and cloning grow tents?

These portable cloning and seedling grow tents are a perfect size for use with a small fluorescent T5 light or CFL, Clone LED or any other small grow light that is designed for use during the vegetative stage.

Grow tents allow you to easily manage the growing environment, contains any mess created during the growing cycle, and keeps your plants free of any outside contaminants which all help to create healthy plants.

Clone and seedling kits

In order to create the ideal environment for fresh clones or seedlings, we encourage growers to use a complete clone and seedling kit.

These complete propagation kits include a clone/seedling grow tent, cloning machine or seed starting kit, and a special propagation grow light.

Trying to set up a propagation system on your own will end up being more expensive. Save yourself the headache of mixing and matching seedling and clone components, and just get a complete kit from a reputable source!

Multi-chamber grow tents allow you to propagate, veg, and harvest simultaneously!

If you are looking for a grow tent to start clones or seedlings, veg, and flower all at once, consider one of our Multi-Chamber Grow Tents.

These allow you to grow plants in various stages of growth all in one grow tent by setting up different rooms or chambers for each stage.

Want to learn more about propagating plants? Read our Propagation learning center articles for tips and tricks to successfully start seeds and clones.

If you are looking for additional information on growing in a grow tent, we have a number of articles that will quickly increase your cultivation abilities!

Not sure which propagation grow tent is right for you? Our expert growing staff will help you choose the right tent. Give us a call at 888-815-9763!


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