Surface & Air Purifiers

The air quality in your grow room is more important than you think. Odds are, if you are a serious grower you are taking steps to filter your water (especially in a hydroponic system), so it makes sense that you should take extra steps to purify your air.

What are grow room surface and air purifiers?

Surface and air purifiers are free-standing air purification systems that remove most airborne particles including mold, dust, smoke, pollen, viruses or bacteria. These highly effective machines are ideal for areas of high contamination risk, such as drying, trimming, and packaging areas.

These systems recirculate grow room air and purify it, by forcing it through HEPA filters to remove contaminants.

When used in conjunction with an intake system and exhaust system, almost all odors or harmful pathogens are removed.

What are HEPA filters?

A HEPA filter is a high efficiency particulate air filtration system, and filters that meet HEPA standards have broad applications from use in automobiles to medical facilities and air craft to homes.

To meet HEPA standards an air filter must remove 99.97% of particles that have a size equal or greater than o.3 micrometers. In gardens, air purifiers implementing a HEPA filter work exceptionally.

What is a filter-less surface & air purifier?

The filter-less free-standing air purifiers don’t require any expensive filter and work by purifying the air by drawing it through water and distributing particles in an easy to clean collector. Filter-less models are silent, efficient and use up to 10 times less energy as conventional air purifiers.

What size surface and air purifier should I be using?

This all comes down to the size of the grow room and the number and types of plants that are being grown. A good rule of thumb in determining the size of a free standing purifier a grow room needs is to measure both the square and cubic feet of the area being treated and select the model according to the specifications it lists.

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