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We Have Commercial Cultivators Covered!

With experts in every area of growing, and over 10,000 cultivation products, the Hydrobuilder Holdings Team helps you grow.

Benefits of a Commercial Account:

  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Commercial Volume Discounts
  • Largest Buying Network in the United States
  • Design & Layout Assistance
  • The Best Service In The Industry

Full facility design

  • Benching layout
  • Air flow mapping and design
  • Irrigation and Fertigation design and install
  • Lighting layouts and design
  • Drying and processing room design
  • Hvac Mapping

End to end extraction solutions

  • Material processing equipment
  • Solventless equipment
  • Chillers and heaters
  • Solvents and chemicals
  • C1D1 booths
  • Consulting and lab planning (Partnered with Lab Society)

Custom and best in class solutions

  • Plant Waste Disposal
  • Power (diesel and Cogen generators)
  • Custom water chiller systems (TFC)
  • Integrated humidification systems
  • Automated Cultivation control systems
  • Moleaer nano-bubble solutions
  • Custom packaging

The Hydrobuilder Holdings family of companies can support every size commercial operation. We work with facilities of all sizes, from 40 lights to 40,000, from boutique shops to volume producers and everyone in between. We are constantly researching the best products and practices to help you be successful.

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