Commercial Hydroponics

What is commercial hydroponics?

Commercial hydroponic systems are for serious growers looking to take their operation to the next level. Utilizing an industrial hydroponics system has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Higher yields with less plants
  • Accelerated vegetation time
  • Easy and reliable

Is commercial hydroponics profitable?

Large scale indoor gardens and greenhouses can achieve economies of scale, and be more profitable than smaller operations. By purchasing hydroponic systems with a commercial account, you can take advantage of special pricing you can't get anywhere else.

If you are an outdoor commercial operation, you will benefit greatly from moving your operation indoors and implementing hydroponic systems. This allows you to grow through all seasons, and at a far more efficient rate than growing plants outdoors in soil. The cost savings you see from water and labor coupled with the decreased time to harvest and heavier yields all contribute to a more profitable operation.

Utilizing a commercial hydroponic system from brands like Current Culture or American Hydroponics allows you to automate your system using a commercial grade nutrient & pH doser, cutting down on the hassle of managing your plants individually!

Sign up for a commercial account today!

By signing up for a commercial account with us at Hydrobuilder, you will receive special pricing on commercial hydroponic farming equipment and supplies. Outfitting a greenhouse or warehouse with hydroponics systems can be pricey, and to grow as profitably as possible, take advantage of the special pricing we offer our commercial growers!

When you sign up, you will be assigned a commercial account manager. This will be one of our experienced, knowledgeable growers devoted to helping you every step of the way. Have any questions about setting up your commercial account? Shoot us an email or sign up for a commercial account here!

Email our experts!

If you want to learn more about hydroponics, check out our learning center! If you have any questions, reach out to our experienced growers at 888-815-9763!


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