Garden Sprayers & Foggers

Garden sprayers and foggers are essential tools for any grow room or garden.

Foliar feeding is a method of administering nutrients or pest control methods directly onto the foliage, or leaves, of a plant. It generally leads to quicker absorption and is the best way to eradicate pests, diseases, and deficiencies, as you can precisely target the afflicted areas.

If you are dealing with nutrient lockout, foliar feeding is a great way to provide supplemental nutrition.

Using garden sprayers to foliar feed

If you find your plants are not taking up moisture through the roots, you will need to foliar feed. If your humidity is too low and you do not have a humidifier, you will need to wet the foliage lightly with a sprayer or atomizer.

To apply nutrients to the foliage of the plant, growers need to use a sprayer. Smaller, hobby farmers tend to use manual garden sprayers, as they generally are just spraying a few plants. These devices feature a pump, and are super simple to use.

Larger gardens, or those looking to save their time and energy, generally opt for an electric garden sprayer. These are similar to manual atomizer sprayers, but are powered by a battery source, eliminating much of the human work.

Tips for foliar feeding

  • Do not spray in temperatures above 80 degrees
  • Spraying in humid environments is ideal
  • Solutions should be more diluted than with root feeding
  • A finer mist is superior, ensuring an even spread of particles
  • Spray tops AND bottoms of leaves

How do you apply pesticides and fungicides?

If you come across pests or diseases on your plants, quick eradication is essential. The best way to eradicate these issues is by using an insecticide or fungicide specific to the infestation.

To apply the pesticide or fungicide, you need to correctly dose it in your sprayer and attack the source on your foliage directly.

What is the best garden sprayer?

All of the garden sprayers here at Hydrobuilder are quality products from reputable brands. With that said, however, our favorites are the Hudson, Rainmaker, and Root Lowell lines.

Determining which garden sprayer is right for you will come down to how often you plan on using it, and how many plants you have in your garden. Manual atomizer sprayers are great for those who only need to spray a couple plants every now and then, but if you are a commercial grower or just want to cut down on your labor, an electric atomizer sprayer is best for you.

We carry garden sprayers ranging from 32 oz all the way up to 5 gallons. If you have any questions about which sprayer is right for you, our expert growers are available at 888-815-9763 to help!


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