Net Pots & Cups

When cultivating plants in a hydroponic system, we generally cannot use traditional gardening pots and containers and containers that soil plants can be grown in. Hydroponic growers use special net pots and cups.

What is a net pot?

A net pot is a webbed, plastic hydroponic growing container with holes in the bottom. There are a number of reasons for this design.

First and foremost, the holes allow hydroponic nutrients to easily enter the root zone. It also allows the solution to drain out effectively.

The second main benefit of a net pot is the aeration it provides. Since the roots can grow out of the net pot or cup, they receive all the oxygen they need to grow big and strong. Air pruning, the pruning of roots naturally as they extend too far out of the pot, takes place and this encourages a stronger root system.

A net cup is essentially the same thing as a net pot, just for smaller plants. These pots make moving plants around very easy.

Net pots and cups come in a number of sizes for any size hydroponic system, and can be square or round.

How to use net pots and cups?

Net pots and cups can be used with any hydroponic growing medium, such as rockwool, coco, or clay pebbles.

You simply insert your block or starter plug into the cup or pot when it is hardened off and ready to start vegging.

Net pots and cups are most commonly used in aeroponic, deep water culture, and ebb and flow systems. Hydroponic drip systems can use net pots, but can also use normal gardening pots if necessary.

What size net pot do I need for hydroponics?

This depends on the size of your hydroponic system, and this information should be readily available. Simply measure the size of your grow sites and shop accordingly. Here at Hydrobuilder, we have net pots and cups ranging from 2" all the way to 10".

The bigger your pot is, the bigger plant you can grow!

If you want to learn more about growing hydroponically, stop by our learning center! If you have any questions about which pot or cup is right for you, give our expert growing staff a call at 888-815-9763 and let us help you today!


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