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Aeroponic Systems

Benefits of An Aeroponic System

The aeroponic system is highly regarded in urban vertical gardens for higher and earlier yields. aeroponic plants are found to be healthier and mature more quickly. The aeroponic yield is hard to beat using any other indoor hydroponic growing system.

What Is Aeroponics?

What makes an aeroponic growing system so efficient is that the plants and roots are suspended in the air. A constant fine mist of nutrient solution feeds the plants and root zone of an aeroponic garden and this mist can be recycled and recirculated throughout the system.

The advantage of an aeroponic growing system is that it uses very little water and using an aeroponic tower you can grow vertically as well as horizontally. This makes an aeroponic growing system perfect for urban hydroponic gardening.

The Benefits of Aeroponic Growing

Because aeroponic gardens are so well suited for vertical growing it is the preferred method for intensive urban cultivation. Almost every square inch of a grow room is fully utilized through aeroponic growing and because the garden is fed aeroponic nutrients through a fine mist it is extremely efficient, requiring very little nutrient solution.

The other benefit is the tremendous aeroponic yields that are experienced. Plants grown through an aeroponic growing system mature more rapidly, produce healthier plants and with outstanding yield potential. An aeroponic plant is bushier, produces more fruit producing blooms and ultimately results in earlier and much higher yields. This makes the system an attractive choice for anyone serious in urban, small indoor hydroponic gardening.

What Is The Difference Between Hydroponics & Aeroponics?

This is an age-old debate within the hydroponic growing community-is an aeroponic garden truly a hydroponic garden or does it deserve a separate distinction?

The similarities of an aeroponic growing system and traditional hydroponic growing cannot be ignored. Both systems utilize a soil-free growing environment, use a nutrient solution feeding the root zone as the sole nutrient source and both aeroponic grows and hydroponic grows use a pump and reservoir system.

Both the hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems have a zero-net impact on land use, a negligible environmental footprint and are both perfect for indoor or urban gardening.

The real distinction is that an aeroponic garden doesn’t require growing modules or any cultivation medium to grow and thrive. The only real difference is that aeroponic growing is more readily adaptable for vertical farming with the use of an aeroponic tower.

While aeroponic plants are fed through a mist, hydroponic gardens are fed either by a Drip System, Ebb & Flow or by Deep Water Culture. All said and done, the aeroponic garden has far more in common with more conventional hydroponic gardens than it does with traditional soil-based agriculture.

The Advantage of Using An Aeroponic Kit Over Designing The System Yourself

The downside to an aeroponic garden is while they’re simple to operate once they’re installed; an aeroponic growing system is also a little more complex when it comes to developing a fully functional system. Given this, the obvious advantage of an aeroponic kit is that the system is ready to use and already properly calculated for an easy installation and simple operation.

An aeroponic kit is perfect for the beginning urban farmer and for making an upgrade easier and faster for the more experienced commercial grower.


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