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Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems

Ebb & Flow Is A More Advanced Hydroponic Growing System

The ebb and flow system simply floods the root zone with a nutrient solution and drains it back into a reservoir. The ebb and flow flood and drain system are a little more advanced than the DWC system. It is an excellent indoor hydroponic grow system for the small or midsize commercial grower.

What Is Ebb & Flow?

The ebb and flow hydroponic system simply works by periodically flooding the crop rootstock with nutrient solution and then draining it back into the reservoir. An ebb and flow system is set on a timer for consistency.

An ebb and flow hydroponic system is also versatile enough to be used with bedding and blooming plant modules up to five gallon modules for the commercial or tomato grower. Ebb and flow flood and drain systems also maximize oxygen and nutrients to the root zone where they’re needed.

The Ebb and Flow System Is A Flexible Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

Ebb and flow is the most popular of flood system hydroponics because it is just so flexible. The ebb and flow, flood and drain complete system works great for everything from the cultivation of greens, radishes or other small produce up to large plant cannabis farming.

It’s this flexibility that makes ebb and flow systems easy to upgrade or quickly adapt to another crop. It’s the same ebb and flow system whether a grower is using a small 2” module or a large five-gallon pail. Ebb and flow hydroponic systems are also able to use a mix of different sized modules which affords more flexibility in the diversity of crops you may grow. A grower has the option of using 2” or 4” modules for smaller plants and the 2 or 5-gallon modules for a larger grow simultaneously.

A grower also has the flexibility in using multiple sized ebb and flow tables suitable for different sized modules. This makes ebb and flow a pretty attractive choice for serious, multi-crop growers.

Why You Should Use An Flood & Drain Kit

Ebb and flow hydroponic kits are as diverse and flexible as the grow you specialize in. An ebb and flow hydroponic kit contains everything a grower will need for any module size. There are complete, ready to use kits up to 12-site two or five-gallon growth modules or buckets.

There’s no concern or guesswork involved in selecting a pump or proper reservoir. Everything you need to easily get growing is included in a simple to set-up complete kit. An ebb and flow kit saves you time and money by being available in the sizes a grower looking for and by the ease of setup and operation.

If you’re looking to upgrade your grow system to a professional level an ebb and flow hydroponic kit will have you quickly on your way.


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