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Hydroponic Drip Systems

Hydroponic Drip Systems Are Versatile And Easy To Operate

Just as the name implies a hydroponic drip system continually feeds nutrient solution to the root zone without aggressive flooding and draining. Drip hydroponics is popular with new growers and professionals around the world because it is versatile and efficient.

It is also so very simple to design or use and with very few moving parts. A drip hydroponics complete system is great for a simple upgrade for larger commercial growers.

Why Use A Hydroponic Drip System?

Drip hydroponics is popular with the novice and expert grower alike because it is so simple, versatile and easy to use. A hydroponic drip system is very efficient with very little evaporation and absolutely no splash losses involved.

A garden drip system slowly feeds oxygen and nutrient solution to the root zone by a constant drip into the grow module. Drip hydroponics is by far the most efficient indoor hydroponic system because there is so little evaporation loss. A garden drip system also keeps the root zone saturated with a consistent flow of nutrient solution.

The Advantages of a Drip Hydroponic System

The biggest advantage as we already stated is that there is virtually no evaporation or splash losses of the nutrient solution. A hydro drip system is much easier to control and monitor which maximizes the oxygen and nutrient solution the root zone receives.

There is no concern of timers failing or over flooding because a hydroponic drip system makes contact with the root zone in a slow and steady drip. This is great for the novice who may not be as experienced with controlling or maximizing nutrient solution feeding through a more complex ebb and flow system. This is really as basic as you can get for a simple indoor hydroponic growing system.

There Are Two Main Types of Hydroponic Drip Systems

Most home growers use the recirculating/recovery drip system which is exactly as the name implies. The nutrient solution eventually passes completely through the growing media in the plant modules and returns the reservoir where it is recycled and recirculated by use of a pump.

Many commercial growers, on the other hand, use a non-recirculating/non-recovery hydroponic drip system. Contrary to what you might think, this method does not waste water or nutrient solution because it can be so tightly controlled.

A grower can maintain a drip so precisely as to the minute or even second. This virtually assures that there is no excess loss or waste and the very little that finally drains through the root zone is almost all evaporated.

Where A Hydroponic Drip System Kit Comes In

A drip system form of hydroponic gardening is a very precise form of indoor hydroponic growing. For this reason, a complete drip system kit comes in really handy. A complete hydroponic drip system includes all the basic equipment to get you started on the right path.

A hydroponic drip system kit is easy to understand, install and use. A complete drip system kit helps you avoid the headaches of trying to formulate the entire system on your own.


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