Grow Light Power & Lamp Cords

Grow lights, reflectors, and the ballasts we use with them require power cords, and sometimes adapters to convert between Hydrofarm and standard plug types. Whether you need to extend your cord or just provide power to your grow room or garden, we have everything you need here at Hydrobuilder.

Grow light ballast cords vs Grow light reflector cords

The two most important cords you may need for your grow light system will be the ballast and reflector cords.

The grow light ballast power cord plugs into your wall, and will generally be 120 volts if you are a hobby grower using a standard house outlet, or a 240/277 volt if you need additional power or are a commercial grower. This cord supplies power to your ballast, which then powers your grow light or reflector.

The lamp power cord connects the reflector to the ballast, supplying power. These extension cords allow you to increase the distance between your ballast and your reflector.

Some of the other grow light power and lamp cords, adapters, and receptacles we offer here include:

We understand how complicated power cords can be, so we have a full guide on selecting the right cord for your light, reflector, or ballast!

It is super important you get the right cord for your grow room, so if you are unsure which one will work with your grow light or lamp, give our experienced growing staff a call today at give one of our experienced growers a call at 888-815-9763.

If you are looking for more information on sockets, cords, and other grow light components, chances are we answered your questions in our learning center.


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