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  • When & How To Replace Grow Light Bulbs

    Unless you are growing with LED’s, you are likely wondering, when and how should I replace my grow light bulbs?

    You may know that the general guideline is to replace grow light bulbs every year or so, but with so many variables at play, this isn’t always accurate. There are so many factors you need to consider.

    We’ll help you figure out how long your specific bulb technology will last, and share some warning signs you can watch for to help you determine if your bulb is on it’s way out.

    Then, we’ll cover how to actually choose a replacement, and then install it in your existing fixture safely and quickly.

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  • The Best Grow Light Reflector Of 2020

    Your reflector plays a much bigger role than you may realize. Sure, you know that it redirects wasted light back towards your canopy, rather than illuminating the walls and ceiling of your room and tent.

    But, there are some huge differences between cheap hoods and the best grow light reflector.

    If you are paying for electricity, the equipment to setup your grow, and putting serious effort into this, you should really be getting the most out of your hood. 

    In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about buying a reflective hood, including the best grow light reflector currently on the market.

    We’ll cover the different types, and help you choose the right one for your grow light setup. 

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  • What You Need To Know About UV Light For Plants

    There has been some debate over the importance of UV light for plants. Some growers even wonder whether ultraviolet light has a place in plant cultivation of any kind at all. 

    The fact of the matter is that if you are growing plants indoors, you should be supplementing your plants with some form of it. 

    We’ll cover everything you need to know about this wavelength, along with the best ways to add it to your grow room.

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  • Different Types Of Grow Light Timers

    When it comes to growing indoors, you’ll obviously need a grow light. But in order to make that light work as intended, you’ll need a grow light timer or controller to set up your day and night schedules. Some people look at timers and controllers as an accessory, but we consider these a necessity. We’ll explain why that is, and also breakdown the different types of timers and controllers, along with some features to look for when shopping for yours.

  • The Difference Between Single Ended and Double Ended Grow Lights

    Whether you’re just starting with your indoor grow or looking to upgrade your current setup, knowing the difference between single-ended and double-ended grow lights is essential.

    Ask any grower, and you’ll likely get a different answer about which is better.

    This is because it depends on how you grow. We’ll cover everything you need to know about SE and DE grow lights, and help you pick the right one for your grow light setup.

  • Kind LED K5 XL1000 WiFi Grow Light Review

    Today, we are going to share our KIND LED K5 XL1000 review. We've considered KIND to be an industry leader when it comes to LED’s for quite some time.

    With their new K5 XL1000 WiFi-enabled grow light, we feel stronger about this than ever.

    We recently got the chance to set this light up at our warehouse and were blown away by the performance and control it gives to growers.

    There are so many reasons this light deserves to be ranked among the best in the business, so let’s get to the full review of the KIND LED K5 XL1000 WiFi!

  • Gorilla DE Commercial Grow Light Review

    Because of Gorilla Grow Tent’s reputation as one of the best in the indoor growing industry, we just had to get our hands on the Gorilla DE 1,000 Watt Grow Light for a review.

    This grow light is definitely not for everyone. It’s geared towards commercial growers, or hobby growers with high lighting needs. 

    With the trend towards more efficient lighting, such as LED and CMH, you may be wondering, why would Gorilla develop an HPS?

    Well, there will always be a need for super high intensity lights - and this one is just that!

    Let’s get into the review of the Gorilla Pro Series 1000 Watt Commercial DE Grow Light.

  • Hydrobuilder Holiday Gift Guide - Best Gifts For Growers In 2019

    The holiday rush is stressful, but finding the best gifts for growers in your life doesn’t have to be! This 2019 holiday shopping guide will make your Christmas shopping hassle-free, because these are gifts EVERY grower can appreciate. 

    Whether they are a first timer or have been growing for years, we have something they are sure to love. And the best part? These are all on sale from 11/26 to 12/2! Here are the best gifts that keep on giving

  • Best LED Grow Lights Of 2020

    When you make the decision to invest in your indoor grow, you'll definitely want to learn about the best LED grow lights.

    LEDs are regarded as some of the best indoor grow lights on the market, but there are so many out there that it can be tough to weed out the cheap, unreliable brands and models from the legitimate ones. And with the price of some of these grow lights, it's crucial that you do your research before purchasing.

    Before you buy an LED, you should make sure its the right light for your grow. We have an entire post on choosing your grow light that can help you compare the different lighting technologies so you can arrive at the right conclusion. Before we get started with our list of the best LED grow lights, we need to cover some basic information on this technology.

  • Grow Light Coverage Calculator - How Many Lights Do I Need?

    Determining how many grow lights you need is one of the first steps to setting up your grow room, and its important you get it right the first time so you don't waste time, energy, and money. 

    A grow light coverage calculator can make a seemingly complex topic simple. 

    Once you know how much light your plants need and what type of grow lights you are going to use, it's just a matter of choosing a grow light setup that works for you.

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