• How To Grow Hollyhocks From Seed

    If you are seeking out the next addition to your garden, consider learning how to grow hollyhocks from seed.

    A classic garden plant, the hollyhock, or Alcea rosea,  is a flower that grows easily in zones 3-8.

    Though it may only bloom as a biennial, this flower can be grown as a short-lived perennial in many situations. 

    During the first year of growth, the plant will spend its energy on growing new foliage and becoming stronger, while in the second, gorgeous flowers will appear.

    Worth the wait? Absolutely.

    Once you know how to grow hollyhocks, you won’t mind a bit of delayed gratification.

    In this article, we're going to teach you how to grow hollyhocks from seed to bloom, so you can enjoy gorgeous flowers year in and year out.

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  • How To Grow Amaryllis Bulbs

    If you learn how to grow amaryllis, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous flowers year-round - because unlike many blooming plants, these won’t be hindered by harsh outdoor growing conditions.

    Bright and bountiful, amaryllis flowers prove that winter doesn’t have to be bleak.

    These bulbs, commonly grown indoors, are easy to grow and symbolize love, beauty, resiliency, and determination.

    Perfect for the novice grower, growing amaryllis flowers is easy to do at home.

    Here are some tips on how to grow amaryllis so that you can bring light to the darkest months of the year. 

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  • How To Grow Lupine Plants

    Learning how to grow lupine plants in your backyard garden will add a tall, colorful, spiky floral addition that will turn heads. If you're considering your next project, growing lupine is a fantastic choice.

    A fixture of the modern and classic cottage garden, lupines, or Lupinus spp., are attractive plants that can easily grow to four feet in height. 

    They grow wild in many areas of the United States, but you can easily plant and grow them yourself. Here are some tips on how to grow lupine flowers at home. 

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  • How To Grow Delphinium From Seed To Harvest

    If you’re looking to add a new flower in your backyard garden, look no further than learning how to grow delphinium.

    This show-stopping flower is a perennial that is grown for its showy spikes of flowers in all shades of purple, white, pink, and blue. 

    Popular in cottage-style gardens, delphiniums are great for cutting arrangements and a favorite of gardeners everywhere.

    Lots of people claim to have trouble growing delphinium - and truth be told, it’s not always easy. 

    Delphiniums like damp, cool weather and don’t do well in hot or arid conditions. That said, they aren’t fond of heavy wind or rain, either. This means if you plan on growing it, you'll need to really tend to these plants and set up the right conditions.

    Despite this, it’s not challenging to learn how to grow delphinium. You just need to follow these simple steps we'll lay out in a moment.

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  • How To Grow & Care For A Christmas Cactus Plant

    If you want a beautiful, unique blooming plant during the holiday season, you need to learn how to grow and care for a christmas cactus.

    The Christmas cactus is a part of a unique cacti family, which also includes the Easter cactus and the Thanksgiving cactus. 

    While the nomenclature can be somewhat confusing, the Christmas cactus (or Schlumbergera bridgessii), is actually an easy to grow, all-seasons plant.

    In fact, this gorgeous winter-flowering houseplant is the perfect addition to any household. If you want to wow your guests with an impressive flowering plant, this is it.

    Easy to propagate and even easier to care for, we're going to teach you everything you need to know about this plant. Here’s what you need to know about how to grow Christmas cactus. 

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