Hydroponics 101

  • Overview and Benefits of Aeroponics AeroXPS PRO from BiFarm

    Aeroponics, especially High-Pressure Aeroponics (HPA), is a relatively new growing method. In High-Pressure Aeroponics systems, roots are suspended in the air and sprayed with an atomized solution of nutrients at specific intervals, while the rest of the plant is left to grow up and above the root chamber. This allows the roots to be exposed to more oxygen than traditional soil or hydroponics methods. 

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  • Organic Hydroponics: How To Grow Soilless Plants Organically

    One of the most hotly contested debates in agriculture has been that of organic hydroponics. Is it truly possible to cultivate soilless plants organically?

    You may be thinking, of course it is - I can just feed my hydro plants an organic nutrient solution, right? In the past, this wasn’t really possible because organic nutes were thick, and clogged systems.

    But these days, natural plant nutrition has evolved to the point where this is less of a concern. There are all kinds of organic formulations that claim to be suitable for hydroponnics.

    And yet, many growers claim that organic growing will never actually be possible through a hydroponics system.

    We’ll explore this debate in depth, and take a look at arguments from both sides of the fence to finally put this debate to rest.

    We’ll then give our recommendation on how you should proceed if you’re interested in giving this approach to horticulture a try! Let’s start with some definitions.

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  • Hydroponics 101 - The Complete Guide To Hydroponic Growing

    Welcome to hydroponics 101. We are going to take this opportunity to educate you on hydroponic growing, one of the most exciting and efficient ways to grow indoors. Whether you are already familiar with it, or a complete beginner - you will gain something valuable from this post, as we are going to take a deep dive into: What hydroponics is, along with the different system types What the benefits of hydroponics are Who should & and who should not try hydroponics The best systems of 2020 We've got a lot to cover, so without further ado, let's dive in!

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