Trellis Netting & Plant Support

If you are a serious grower looking to take your grow to the next level, you need some garden trellis netting. Part of what separates a new grower from a seasoned green thumb is the ability to train and prune plants strategically. As a grower, you are responsible for dictating the manner in which your plants grow.

What is garden trellis netting used for?

Trellis netting, also known as garden trellis, is used to direct plant growth and support branch and bud weight.

Growers can decide if they want plants to grow very tall, known as vertical gardening, or if they want plants to grow short and bushy, known as horizontal gardening. Trellis is used to help train plants in this manner.

Most often, plant trellis netting is used for horizontal gardening, to promote a wider canopy with more bud sites.

What are common plant training techniques?

There are so many different ways you can train your plants. Some of these require pretty minimal work on your end, so there is no excuse not to train your plants with one of these methods. Some of the most common which can involve the use of garden trellis netting are LST (low stress training), Manifolding, SOG, SCROG, and more.

Two of the main plant training strategies are differentiated by whether a grower wants to maximize space with as many plants as possible, or maximize efficiency by focusing on growing a few huge plants.

Sea of Green, or S.O.G., is a strategy where growers attempt to cultivate as many plants in as little square footage as possible. Under the S.O.G. technique, plants are flipped to flower and harvested quickly. Plants grown with this methodology are taller and skinnier.

Screen of Green, or Scr.O.G., focuses on optimizing the growing space. Here, there are fewer plants per square foot, and each plant is given more attention and trained to grow as wide as possible, with many side branches. These plants are given more time to veg, to result in heavier plants. Trellis is especially important for supporting the heavy bloom.

For the full guide on plant training, visit our blog!

How to set up a trellis net

Before touching any netting, you need to form a free-standing frame around the plants you wish to train, using either PVC or stakes.

Then, you will attach the trellis net across the frame, over the plants. As the plants grow towards the grow lights, they will push through the netting, and this process creates an incredibly wide canopy!

garden Trellis netting for plant support

If you wish, a second layer of trellis can be implemented higher up to “lock” stems in place, keeping them secure. It is important to prune throughout vegetative growth, especially below the trellis.

Trellising allows growers to get the most out of their plants with the space they have. Whether you are looking for the horizontal trellis to help support heavyweight, or vertical trellis to promote tall, robust growth, we have it here at Hydrobuilder.

We also carry any plant clips and ties, along with labels and markers you may need to create an efficient trellis system in your garden.

Want to learn more about how to setup your trellis system? Check out our article on how to use trellis netting as a plant support.

If you have any questions about setting up your garden trellis netting or how to train plants, give our expert growers a call today at 888-815-9763!


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