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Plant Supplements & Additives

Garden Supplements and Additives for Hydroponics & Soil Growing

Although, most often a grower utilizes a pre-balanced hydroponic fertilizer as the basis of the nutrient solution, there are cases when a grower wants to refine nutrients further to meet more specific nutrient needs.

This is where supplements come into play.

Supplements and additives provide the grower the opportunity to tailor the nutrient solution to refine nutrients to meet a more specific need.

There are times a grower is striving to achieve a more specific nutrient level than a standard nutrient solution provides.  

  • Root stimulators- improves starting of seedlings or clones.
  • Calcium boost – Additional nutrients for growing specific vegetables like tomatoes which are heavier calcium feeders.
  • Bloom enhancers– supplements designed for use with blooming plants
  • Sweeteners– specially formulated for plants that require a more alkaline pH.
  • Growth enhancers– Primarily intended for heavy nitrogen feeders like leafy crops or cold crops.

Other supplements and additives are available to growers looking for an organic derived boost to a nutrient solution.

  • Organic meals
  • Fish based
  • Seaweed and kelp
  • Sea bird and bat guano
  • Fulvic and humic acids

These are all organic derived supplements designed for a specific purpose.

A grower may also be seeking to additionally boost micronutrients or trace elements and there are supplements and additives specifically formulated to do this.  More specific supplements may be desired for an organic pest control.

  • Mycorrhizae & Beneficial Bacteria
  • Micronutrient booster
  • Amino acids and vitamins

Supplements and additives meet a more specific growing task than a uniform nutrient solution balance.