Plant Supplements & Additives

Garden Supplements and Additives for Hydroponics & Soil Growing

Most often a grower utilizes a pre-balanced nutrient package as the basis of the feeding schedule, but there are cases when a grower needs to further refine specific nutrients to increase vegetative growth or flowering, or to prevent or correct deficiencies.

Some of the most important supplements and additives for plants are:

  • Silica – This supervitamin strengthens cell walls and stems, increases resistance to stress and pests, and improves metabolic functions.
  • Root Stimulators and Mycorrhizae- improves starting of seedlings or clones by extending the root system
  • Cal-Mag – prevents and corrects common calcium or magnesium based deficiencies.
  • Bloom Boosters– drastically increases flowering, creating larger, denser buds.
  • Sweeteners– specially formulated to give plants more energy to grow, while enhancing the fragrance and flavor profile.
  • Growth Enhancers– Increases vegetative growth, leading to a higher yielding harvest.
  • Flushing Agents-Before growers harvest their plants, it is important to flush excess nutrients from the plant to improve final taste and quality.

At Hydrobuilder, we also have organic nutrients farmers can supplement their plants with as necessary.

  • Fish Based Fertilizer-Derived from fish waste and a great natural source of nitrogen.
  • Seaweed and Kelp Meal-This organic fertilizer is made from seaweed and kelp, and contains a vast profile of micro-nutrients.
  • Seabird and Bat Guano-Guano is one of the more popular organic fertilizers, and is derived from bat or seabird waste. It is rich in both macronutrients and micronutrients, and has many other benefits as well.
  • Fulvic and Humic Acids-These bio-stimulant products help improve mineral and nutrient uptake, improve resistance to disease and stress, and increase plant size and yields.

A grower may also need to boost micronutrients and secondary nutrients, amino acids and vitamins, or enzymes, especially in a hydroponic system.  These supplements contribute to a more complete nutrient profile, while also aiding in pest and pathogen prevention.

If you are interested in learning more about nutrients, visit our learning center! If you still have questions, give one of our experienced growers a call today at 888-815-9763