Drying Racks

Drying Racks for your Indoor & Outdoor Harvest

Drying your plants is a crucial step when you harvest, and if skipped or poorly mishandled you can ruin a plant that you’ve been growing for several months.

Drying racks are designed to dry out your flowers evenly and at a controlled rate, and this improves and preserves flavor and aroma greatly improving the overall quality. The breathable mesh drying racks are made with allows for optimal air circulation that will prevent mold from forming, which will ruin plant material and put all other material around it at risk. They are easily collapsible for storing away when not in use, and while lightweight, they are incredibly durable and capable of holding several pounds at once.

Drying Rack vs. Hang Drying

Drying racks will dry plant material out faster than hanging because you often remove the majority of the stem which holds a lot of water. This is perfect when you live in a humid climate and are at risk for mold developing and ruining your plants. If you live in an area where your humidity is 60% or higher, it’s highly recommended to use a drying rack. Drying racks are also great for small flowers that have little to no stem which makes hanging them difficult.

Without a doubt the best reason to grab a drying rack is they condense a lot of space by allowing you to dry your plants horizontally. Hanging plants vertically is a fast way to fill up your grow room with just one plant, and if you’re harvesting multiple plants at once you simply may not have the space available to hang dry.

Getting the Most Out of Your Drying Rack

You want to dry for 5-10 days and do not rush this process as not only does it improve overall quality, it also sets you up for a successful curing process and long-term-storage. It’s important to keep your room’s temperature around 70°F with your humidity around 50%.

Remember, the one potential negative of drying racks is you usually remove the stem to conserve space, so it’s important to make sure your temperature and humidity are correct.

Ways you can control your environment:

Hey, mistakes happen! If you end up drying out your plant material too fast, you can purchase humidiccant packs that will help rehydrate them when you move on to the curing stage. It’s not the preferred method, but it’s better than doing nothing. If you can, it’s always a great idea to hang your drying rack in your grow tent as temperature and humidity are much easier to control in them.

Remember, successfully drying your plants will:

  • Breaks down chlorophyll improving taste and removing grassy taste that disguise the true flavor.
  • Preserves and promotes aroma
  • Reduce chances of mold
  • Sets you up for a successful cure

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