Trimming Scissors & Trim Trays

There is nothing quite like the look of a flower that has been hand trimmed. As great as trimming machines are, they just can’t get a close trim without jeopardizing and losing some of the outer flower and pollen. Hand trimmed plants simply look gorgeous and are preferred by most. It’s just a shame it’s such a meticulous and vexing task.

That’s why we offer the best hand trimming tools that greatly cut down on trimming time and save you a lot of money.

Trimming buds by hand with scissors, trays, and gloves

Scissors are without a doubt the most important tool in your hand trimming arsenal and we offer a range of options that will give you precise cutting without the all too common hand cramping. You can choose between straight and curved blades and pruning shears for cutting down those larger stems. Our scissors are designed for fast trimming and ease, so you can harvest a lot of plants all at once without waking up the next morning with your hand stuck in a claw shape.

Trimming trays are a much-recommended addition to the trimming process. First, they keep your area clean and allow you to easily move them around, meaning you can trim from the couch or even your bed if you so choose. But even better, many come with a second tray to capture pollen and allow you to shift pollen off manicured flowers. Many hand trim because they want to avoid losing pollen, so it only makes sense to go the extra step to make sure you save it all.

Gloves are just a smart idea to have since our scissors are incredibly sharp for fast and precise pruning. Furthermore, they are recommended for certain trimming machines, e.g. standing machines, as they offer an additional layer of protection from fast-spinning blades.

Scissor cleaners are a necessity for any person trimming by hand as resin, pollen, etc. gunk up scissors fast and will greatly lengthen the trimming time if not cleaned off. We offer organic non-toxic soaps that remove resin without jeopardizing your health.

Complete hand trimming harvest kits

If you haven’t nabbed a drying rack yet, you’ll want to check out our Hand Trimming Kits. These kits come with the aforementioned drying rack, along with a pair of scissors, organic soap for cleaning them, a trimming tray, and jars for curing and storing. You’re going to need all these tools for harvest, so make it easy on yourself and grab a hand trimming kit.