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Complete Grow Tent Packages

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Complete Nutrient Packages

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Compost Tea

Hydrobuilder offers everything you need to brew your own compost tea from the brewer to the mixes, you can get a home brewed compost tea to help you stimulate plant growth and production right at home. An upgrade from traditional compost, you can use it either as a foliar spray or a soil drench while increasing the number of nutrients the plant receives versus traditional composting. Composting provides an inexpensive way to convert kitchen scraps and garden waste into food for microorganisms. Enrich your your soil with healthy nutrients after you use a composter from Hydrobuilder to create your own fertilizer! Many different styles available from pyramid to spinning composters, most of which include a locking lid to secure and protect your compost. Allow Mother Nature to help with your lawn and garden watering chores using an environmentally friendly rain catcher! Rain Barrels are constructed from tough molded plastic, able to withstand extreme temperatures that will not chip, fade, or crack over time.

Compost tea gives your plants billions of microorganisms that stimulate growth and development where you need it. If you’re ready to start home brewing but are not sure what you need then give Hydrobuilder a call today.