Best Rosin Press of 2020

As solventless extraction because more and more popular, many are seeking out the best rosin press. We break it down by category in this blog post!

Best Rosin Press of 2020

Because its one of the most popular forms of solventless extraction, many want to know what the best rosin press is.

There are tons of options out there, and shopping can get overwhelming. You can always reach out to our experts at 888-815-9763 for recommendations, but we decided to put together our list of the best rosin presses of 2020.

Our list is going to include a selection for everyone, whether you just want to press a few grams of personal or are looking for a commercial rosin press.

Before we get into our list, let’s cover some basic info on rosin pressing in general.

Understanding how rosin presses work

When extracting rosin, whether it be from fresh flower or from dry sift, there are two main factors - heat and pressure.

They are inversely affected by one another. The more heat you use, the less pressure you need. Conversely, the more pressure you use, the less heat you need.

What is the best temp to press rosin?

You may think that more heat will result in larger yields. This is not true! Using too much heat will burn off terpenes and other compounds that make rosin so sought after. You should stick to lower heat.

For flower: 220°F - 240°F for about 30 - 45 seconds
For dry sift/kief/hash: 180°F - 210°F for 45 - 90 seconds

As soon as you finish your press, remove rosin from the plates as fast as possible. This will minimize any degradation of compounds like CBD and terpenes. Pure Pressure makes some really cool Gold Plates which you can place your rosin on right after pressing to speed up cooling.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a relationship between temperature and pressure. If you want to cold press (sub 200), you’ll need more pressure, and longer pressing duration.

Experiment and see if this produces better rosin for you, because in many cases, it may not. Excess pressure can result in issues of its own too, which we will detail below.

How much pressure do you need to press rosin?

The pressure needed will depend on the temps you use, but, also on what you’re pressing.

Flower needs more pressure, somewhere between 600-1000 PSI.

Dry sift/kief or hash will require less pressure because it is more concentrated. You should shoot for between 300-800 PSI.

Too much pressure can lead to a lower quality yield. You can actually end up squeezing plant matter into the rosin, resulting in impurities, poor taste, and overall lower quality.

Characteristics of the best rosin press

When looking for the best rosin press, there are a few things we considered.

Shape of the plates: Rectangular plates work best

The ideal plate structure of a rosin press is longer and narrower. This is because this shape maximizes the perimeter of your press. There is some more science and math behind this, but for our purposes, all you need to know is that a rectangular plate will generally outperform a square one.

Even heat distribution

Your rosin press should have uniform heat distribution. The way heat works to extract rosin is by melting the trichomes and other essential compounds into a lower viscous form.

By playing with the temperature, you can change the consistency of the rosin to either a shatter, butter, or pull n snap.

Many cheap rosin presses don’t have even heat distribution across their plates, and this leads to a lower quality rosin.


Rosin presses can get pretty pricey. So, it makes sense to only invest in a press that will last you years to come.

All of the best rosin presses on this list are designed by reputable manufacturers, and will stand the test of time. They include a warranty of some kind, so you can rest assured your investment is covered.

We will be updating this list periodically, and no spot is safe! If you are reading this post, know that you are looking at the best rosin presses at this point in time.

We will break down the best presses by type, cost, and application.

The best manual rosin press

Manual rosin presses require a bit of work on your end, but they are also the cheapest rosin presses available. Manual presses are perfect for the home grower looking to turn some of their harvest into some rosin. There are two presses we want to highlight here.

The Pure Pressure Helix 5 Ton Manual PressBest Manual Rosin Press

By far the best manual rosin press is the Pure Pressure Helix 5 Ton Manual Press. It features plates sized 7” x 2.5”, dual heated aluminum plates, and gives you unprecedented control over your rosin production. You can press up to 12 grams of flower at a time, or over 20 grams of dry sift or hash.

It offers even heat distribution from 0-300 degrees, with 1 degree variance. Furthering our statement on the control you can achieve with this press, you can adjust force by 10 pound increments, and enjoy automation with 29 pre-set recipes.

If you want the best manual rosin press on the market and have a good chunk of change to spend, this is your best bet.

Some of these stats a bit much? Save a bit of dough by investing in it’s little brother the Helix 3 ton manual rosin press.

Shop The Pure Pressure Helix

The Best Hydraulic Rosin Press

This is probably the most common type of rosin press on the market. As opposed to manual pressing, these use hydraulic pressure, generated either by a hand pump, foot pump, or even an electric pump.

Best Hydraulic Rosin Press

These don’t take up as much space as an electric or pneumatic press because they don’t use an air compressor. These can be used by both home growers and commercial extractors. But what is the best one?

The Sasquash M2.5 Rosin Press, 25 Ton

On top of having one of the best names, the Sasquash V2.0 can press up to two ounces of flower at once!

It features huge 10” x 5” dual heated plates, and provides over 25 tons (10,000 psi) of pressure.

This is a hydraulic press, but can be used with a hand pump, electronically, or pneumatically with an air compressor.

This unit quite a bit larger than what would typically be used in a home, weighing in at 170lbs.

Shop The Sasquash M2.5

The best pneumatic rosin press

This style of rosin press uses a pneumatic cylinder that requries no oiling or maintenance, and are the go to choice for commercial extracton.

These rosin presses can generate insane amounts of pressure through the use of an air compressor.

The Pure Pressure Longs PeakBest Pneumatic Rosin Press

This mammoth of a rosin press can press out 35 grams at once! It features Ultra-premium 10” x 3” heated plates that not only produce quantity, but QUALITY.

This machine has the option of upgrading to automated pressure control, resulting in even less work on your end.

This unit checks all the boxes we look for in a great rosin press - high quality, rectangular plates with even heat distribution, automation, and flexibiliy. It even comes with a solid warranty, which at that price tag, is important.

Another awesome pneumatic press is the PurePressure Pikes Peak, a slightly toned down version of the Longs Peak.

If you want greatness of the Longs Peak with a smaller price tag, check out the Pikes Peak. This is another exceptional pneumatic rosin press.

Shop The Pure Pressure Longs Peak

The Best Electric Rosin Press

This style of rosin press is sort of new to the extraction industry, but is quickly gaining favor, especially with hobby growers and home extractors.

The reason for this is that it doesn’t require any sort of air compressor. They are plug-and-play, typically featuring built in electronic pressure control.

The Triminator TRP Stack Rosin PressThe best electric rosin press

While they are primarily known for their trimmers and buckers, Triminator also manufactures an incredible line of rosin presses: The Triminator 25 Ton Dual Heat Plate Rosin Press.

This press is incredibly diverse, and can be used with manual pumps, hydraulic pumps, or even electric pumps. It features huge 6" x 10" dual heated plates, and can produce 25 tons of force, or 1235 PSI.

By offering the higher pressure, you can press with lower heat, saving your terpenes. You can dial your heat for each plate to the exact number you want.

There are two options available: The standard Triminator TRP rosin press, or the bigger version: The Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press.

This larger press also features Triminator's EASY PIVOT™ DRIP TECH SYSTEM. This allows the rosin to fall to a colder surface immediately upon pressing, preserving terpenes even further.

Shop The Triminator TRP

Best Rosin Press under $500

Best Rosin Press Under $500

A lot of the presses on this list are pretty pricey, and justifiably so. After all, these are the best in their class!

However, there are also some AWESOME presses that don’t cost much at all.

The NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Manual Rosin Press

At just $496, this press is a steal. It is perfect for home users just getting started with extraction.

You can press a ⅛ (3.5 grams) at a time with the 2.5” dual heated plates.

The NugSmasher Mini may be small, but it can still produce up to 2 tons of pressure!

As with all NugSmasher rosin presses, this one is plug and play, features American steel and aluminum construction, and circuit protection.

On our site, you can choose from a number of different bundles, so you can get started pressing right away.

Shop The NugSmasher Mini

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