Looking for something to do with your excess harvest? Consider pressing out some rosin with a NugSmasher Rosin Press. These presses are a great way to extract solventless concentrate from your buds at an affordable cost from a reputable brand.

The Nugsmasher family of presses are purpose built machines exclusively designed for Rosin extraction. After years of researching and testing, their rosin connoisseurs and design and engineering team, have put together an impressive set of features needed for the perfect and consistent extraction process.

NugSmasher Rosin Presses

NugSmasher's rosin presses use heat and pressure to squeeze the resin out of the plant matter, leaving you with a clean and potent final product.

These presses can be broken down into manual or pneumatic presses. While a manual press may sound like it requires work from the user, these are actually incredibly easy to use. Pneumatic presses can use either air or gas to press the rosin, and NugSmashers pneumatic presses also feature a manual option.

What size rosin press do I need?

The size of your rosin press will depend on how much rosin you want to process. If you are a hobby grower just wanting to experiment and press a few grams, the NugSmasher Mini 2 Ton Manual Rosin Press will be perfect for you.

If you are a commercial cultivator, you need something larger and more powerful in order to be efficient. The NugSmasher PRO 20 Ton Pneumatic/Manual Rosin Press is a very powerful press capable of processing far more material with less work, in a shorter time.

We also carry rosin press accessories for your NugSmasher, such as micron pressing bags, DIY plate sets, and other tools.

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If you are unfamiliar with rosin, or want to learn how to extract it along with other popular extraction methods, check out our definitive guide on post harvest extractions.

NugSmasher Warranty Policy

Nugsmasher warranties all presses with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor to the original purchaser only. Warranty excludes misuse or abuse to product and the customer is responsible for shipping to and from the factory. Any type of alterations or disassembling of product voids the factory warranty.


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