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What is perlite?

Perlite, while not necessarily a growing medium on its own, is an essential mineral mixed with many potting soils. It is the small white particles you see in most potting soils, and many are unaware of exactly why we use it in the garden.

Why is perlite in potting soil?

When added to a potting soil, perlite aids in aeration, increases drainage, and reduces compaction. Similar to coco coir, this mineral has a neutral pH.

While perlite is not renewable, it is easily reusable! It does not absorb nutrients like other soils such as rockwool or clay pebbles, and thus you can sterilize old perlite and reintroduce it into a fresh grow medium.

Using perlite in a potting soil greatly increases the plants ability to absorb water and oxygen. Perlite also functions well in hydroponic systems. Its ability to reduce compaction in the grow medium protects the roots and helps with preventing nutrient lockouts, by allowing nutrients and water to drain out of the system.

How do you make perlite soil?

On its own, perlite isn't necessarily a soil. You can't buy a bag of perlite and grow plants in it. But, you can make your own perlite soil by choosing a potting soil and adding perlite to it!

This is actually recommended with many garden soils, because it really helps improve the soil conditions. As you know now, it increases aeration, increases drainage, and prevents excess compacting of the soil. If you are considering making your own soil, check out our super soil recipe.

Not sure which soil you are going to use yet? Check out our article on the best garden soils in our blog for our recommendations.

How much perlite do I add to soil?

The amount of perlite you need to add to your soil varies depending on the specific soil type. But, it is recommended that your perlite makes up between 10-40% of overall soil volume. If you need better water retention, consider only adding 10-20% perlite. If you are struggling with your soil retaining too much water, add more perlite to increase drainage.

Perlite vs Vermiculite

If you are looking for an alternative to perlite, consider vermiculite. This compound is very similar to perlite, but retains water better and for longer. It aerates as well as perlite, and is a great seed-starter medium.

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