Floor & Pedestal Fans

Looking for a quality pedestal fan or floor fan for your grow room setup or grow tent? Hydrobuilder has a variety of fans that can help provide circulation in your growing space!

Why use floor and pedestal fans in the grow room?

You are probably aware your grow room or tent needs a ventilation system. This include intake fans, exhaust fans, and often times a carbon filter to help with odor. But did you know you should be providing your plants with a slight breeze and circulating air with other types of fans?

Floor and pedestal fans accomplish the same thing as oscillating fans. They circulate air within the growing space, and provide a gentle breeze to plants which strengthens stems and helps with pest control.

These fans sit on the grow room floor, so if space is tight, you may be better off with a wall mount fan or clip on fans.

How to use a fan in the grow room

To use a fan in the grow room, you will need a fan speed controller. This device allows you to set fan speeds on certain intervals, which increases efficiency. For example, when the grow lights are off, you can program your fans to slow down or turn off altogether.

Some of these floor and pedestal fans have a built in speed controller, allowing for less equipment in the grow room.

Here at Hydrobuilder, we have fans that range in size from 9 inches all the way to 48 inches! Which size is best for you will depend on your cooling requirements and the amount of space you have.

It is also important to pay attention to CFM (cubic feet per minute), as this defines how powerful the fan is. The bigger your growing space, the higher CFM you will need.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-815-9763! You can also stop by our learning center to learn more about growing room environment conditions!


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