Titan Controls Atlas 2: Preset CO2 Monitor/Controller

Titan Controls Atlas 2: Preset CO2 Monitor/Controller

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If you are looking to control and monitor carbon dioxide in the grow room, you need the Titan Controls Atlas 2 Preset CO2 Monitor/Controller. This incredible piece of equipment is one of the simplest and most user-friendly CO2 controllers on the market. It's calibrated at the factory and preset to maintain the CO2 in your grow room at 1500PPM. With a built-in photo-cell, this unit will only work during daytime/lights on, which is the only time they can use CO2 anyways.

If you want to learn more about grow room CO2 , why you should supplement with it, and how to do it, visit our blog.

How The Titan Controls Atlas 2 Works

Titan Controls Atlas 2: Preset CO2 Monitor/Controller

Titan Controls Atlas 2 Feaures & Specs

  • Preset CO2 control at 1500 PPM
  • Simple to use
  • Features built-in 'self calibration' function
  • Integrated photocell to enable operation during daylight hours only
  • Factory calibrated
  • ETL listed for use in commercial applications
  • 120 Volts - 15 Amps - 60 Hz.
  • 3 year warranty

Caution: Sulfur vaporization can damage your controller! To protect your controller, it is important to disconnect and cover the Atlas 2 by wrapping it with a plastic bag OR remove the controller from the grow area while using sulfur vaporizers in your grow room.

Not sure how much CO2 you need to add to your grow room? Check out our CO2 calculator .

Tech Specs


BrandTitan Controls
Weight (lb.)3.05
Lead TimeThis product ships in 7-10 Business Days
Length (in.)12.2
Width (in.)8.8
Height (in.)4.6
Warranty3 Year
Prop 65No
Shipping RestrictionsAK, HI
UL ListedNo
CO2 Sensor TypeIntegrated CO2 Sensor
Number of ZonesSingle Zone
Has PhotocellYes
Voltage120 Volts

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Product Q&A

Titan Controls Atlas 2: Preset CO2 Monitor/Controller Questions & Answers

How often should I calibrate my Atlas 2?

Your Atlas 2 comes to you fully calibrated from the factory. There should be no need to calibrate your Atlas 2 for about 3 years or so. The sensor 'drifts' over time and this can affect the calibration of the device. To calibrate the Altas 2, simply take it to an open area free of CO2 sources (people, animals, vehicles, etc.) and turn the Atlas 2 "ON". Then, using a non-metalic item like a toothpick, push the recessed 'CALIBRATION' button on the top right hand corner of the Atlas 2. The LED's will go back and forth on the display until the CALIBRATION process is complete. Now, place your Atlas 2 back into your grow area and it will function great for the next 3 years!

Should I run my CO2 at night?

No, you should not. Plants photosynthesize CO2 only during the daylight hours. At night, the plants expire CO2 and have no use for CO2. Save yourself some money and only dose CO2 during daylight hours when it does the most good for the plants.

Why do gardeners enrich their growing space with CO2?

CO2 is proven to speed up a plants growth rate, improve overall health and increase a plants yield. There are also many other benefits to plants, among them greater resistance to temperature extremes and other forms of stress, better growth at low light intensities, improved root/top ratios and less injury from air pollutants.

What methods can I use to enrich CO2 in my indoor garden or greenhouse?

The two most common methods are using a CO2 generator/burner or bottled CO2. The most common generator/burner uses LP (liquid propane) gas from a tank or a NG (natural gas) conversion kit that allows you to hook up your generator/burner to the natural gas line in your house. The other option is to purchase bottled CO2 from a local supplier in your area and control its release into your garden area using a Titan Controls CO2 controller (Atlas 1) or short cycle repeat cycle timer with photocell. It should be noted that there is no advantage to increasing CO2 levels beyond 2000 PPM for most greenhouse plants. The optimum level of CO2 for plant growth is generally accepted at 1200 - 1600 PPM.