Active Air CO2 Enrichment Kit For Grow Tents & Rooms

Active Air CO2 Enrichment Kit For Grow Tents & Rooms


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Active Air Brand Product
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Supercharge Your Plants With Our Easy-to-use Grow Room CO2 Enrichment Kits from Active Air

NOTE: Before purchasing this kit, we recommend that you first call around your local area to make sure you are able to find a company that is willing to fill it. Some companies prefer to not fill them for safety reasons.

These Active Air CO2 enrichment kit will allow your indoor garden to reach it's full potential. Easy to use and highly effective this kit comes with all you need to keep the CO2 in your indoor garden at the ideal level for maximum growth and a heavier yield.

CO2, an abbreviation for carbon dioxide, is a beneficial gas that plants use in the process of photosynthesis. By introducing extra CO2 for your grow tent, you can see huge spikes in growth rate. Many experienced growers are well aware of this and utilize it to their advantage.

CO2 Tank & Regulator kits - best for grow tent growing

The most popular method of introducing CO2 to a grow room or tent for home growers is a tank and regulator setup. A CO2 tank, usually either 20 or 50 gallons and made of aluminum, is filled with compressed CO2 and can be placed outside the grow tent or room to save space. The tank is then connected to a regulator, which is then plugged into either the wall or a CO2 controller.

The regulator allows you to control the amount of CO2 as it is emitted from the tank. This ensures that enough CO2 is being released to have a beneficial effect on the plants, while preventing excess from leaking and being wasted. From there, the CO2 is then sent through tubing that is hung throughout the entire grow tent, above the canopy of the plants so that it can fall down to the plants as it is released. If you are growing in a tent, using a tank will be your best option.

Benefits of Growing with CO2:

  • Increased plant growth and vigor
  • Decreases the effect of environmental stresses
  • Allows plants to tolerate higher temperatures by a few degrees
  • Increases water and nutrient efficiency

We've taken the guess work out of installing the perfect CO2 enrichment kit for your grow tent, grow room or growing space.

New to CO2? Don't worry! CO2 is one of the main and easiest improvements you can make to your set-up to help produce higher yields, more potent plants, and an overall healthier indoor garden.

Available in 4 Options:

  • Active Air Basic 20 lb. Grow Room CO2 Enrichment Kit with Timer
  • Active Air Basic 50 lb. Grow Room CO2 Enrichment Kit with Timer
  • Active Air 20 lb. Easy CO2 Enrichment Kit For Small Grow Tents & Rooms
  • Active Air 50 lb. Easy CO2 Enrichment Kit For Large Grow Tents & Rooms

Each Kit Comes With:

  • Active Air 0.2-2 cu ft per hour CO2 Regulator System with Timer
  • Active Air lb CO2 Tank
  • Active Air Drilled CO2 Tubing, 20 ft.
  • The Easy Kit Also Includes: Autopilot ECLIPSE F60 Digital Environmental Controller

Product Details

Active Air CO2 Timer

Active Air CO2 Regulator System

Deliver growth-boosting CO2 with our user-friendly, easy to operate system. With its programmable timer, it will automatically maintain ideal CO2 levels for optimum growth. For small to medium size areas, select the COSYS; for larger than 10' x 10' areas, select the COSYS20.

  • Easy to operate programmable timer
  • Delivers and automatically maintains ideal CO2 levels for optimum growth
  • NOTE: Current COSYS & COSYS20 now come equipped with a black rubber O-ring that has replaced the white plastic washer.
Active Air CO2 Tanks

Active Air CO2 Tanks (20 or 50 lb Options)

The Active Air heavy duty aluminum carbon dioxide tanks are designed to hold CO2 and is great for use with a regulator, valve, CO2 controller or timer. With a plastic collar to prevent damage during shipping and use.

The aluminum tank is roughly half the weight of standard steel tanks while still producing reliable results. These tanks do not come filled and allow the user to determine the pressure and mixture to be applied to their plants. Featuring standard tank fittings that easily attach to supplemental CO2 systems and fittings.

ECLIPSE F60 Controller

Autopilot ECLIPSE F60 Digital Environmental Controller

  • 4 outlets control temperature (heating and cooling), humidity and a cycle timed device
  • Cycle timer outlet modes: day only/night only/24 hours
  • Cycle timer is programmable down to 1 second
  • Separate day/night temperature and humidity set points
  • 15' temperature and humidity sensor with photocell
Active Air CO2 Tube

Active Air CO2 Tubing

Active Air 20 ft. or 100 ft. CO2 Drilled Tubing. Use with CO2 regulator and tank to evenly distribute CO2 to your grow area and plants.

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