Phat Filters HEPA Filter Intake Kit

Phat Filters HEPA Filter Intake Kit


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Phat Filters Intake Kits Are A Great Solution For Ensuring Contaminants Of Any Kind Stay Out Of Your Grow Environment.

The intake fan and filter of your ventilation system have a very important job. They are responsible for bringing in fresh air, while the exhaust fan and filter remove the hot, smelly air from the environment. It is important to use a filter with your inline fan, because you only want clean air coming into your growing space.

HEPA filters are the best intake filter for grow rooms, because they filter out almost all contaminants that pass through. Without a good filter, plants would be susceptible to bacteria, dust, and other contaminants.

The tightly woven synthetic HEPA fibers in this Phat Filter will help prevent mold, bacteria, and insects from entering your greenhouse. The HEPA fibers block out most airborne particles yet allows air to flow through with little restriction. The filter is also washable for extended efficiency.

Kit Includes

  • Phat HEPA Intake
  • Industry Leading Inline Fan
  • Atmosphere Fan Speed Controller
  • Vent Ducting

What Makes This Kit So Great?

Phat HEPA Intake Filter

The tightly woven synthetic HEPA fibers in this filter will help prevent mold, bacteria, pollen, insects and plant pests from entering your grow room or greenhouse. The HEPA fibers block out most airborne particles down to .3 microns in size. That is 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. The filter is also washable for extended efficiency. The filter is also washable for extended efficiency. Learn more here!

Phat HEPA Filter

Phat JetFan

Available with the 4", 6", and 8", Jetfans are the ideal solution for your ventilation needs. Because the motors in these fans are EC—electronically controlled—they offer very high efficiency, reliability, and controllability. They include a highly precise speed control unit that can be detached from the fan and power cord if desired. These powerful mixed-flow digital fans are 32-bit microprocessor-controlled and offer outstanding performance and value. Learn more here!


Vortex Fan

The 10" and 12" Kits have the Vortex inline fan. Vortex Powerfans are high performance inline duct blowers constructed from quality steel with heavy duty attractive hammerstone powdered coat finish. The extended collar allows for easy duct installation and taping. Superior quality and smart design ensure vibration-free operation with balanced motorized impellers with permanently lubricated ball bearings. Include 6' power cords, and galvanized mounting brackets allowing both horizontal and vertical installation. Learn more here!


Atmosphere Fan Speed Controller

Specially designed for controlling the speed of inline, mixed-flow and centrifugal ventilation fans. Save cash and energy too—simply turn Dial-A-Temp to your desired speed for extraction of warm air from growrooms and lighting systems. Easy installation with dual plug-in and ground socket. UL-recognized components, factory tested. Modern design with rugged fire retardant enclosure.

Inline Controller

Ducting and Clamps

The ducting in this kit is constructed for long lasting performance and can be used with reflectors, exhaust systems, and other systems. 2 duct clamps are included.

Air Ducting

Attach your Organic Air HEPA filter to your fan or blower by sliding the rubber collar over the inlet or outlet side. Secure the filter by using the clamp provided, tighten clamp with screwdriver. Remove and wash filter when needed with water hose. Filter should be replaced every year under moderate use. Keeping the filter clean will ensure efficiency.

Pair your HEPA filter Intake Kit with one of our Carbon Filter Fan Exhaust Kits , and you will have a complete ventilation system. This will provide your plants with the cleanest, highest quality air while effectively removing stinky, contaminated, hot air.

For more information on ventilating the grow room, check out our full guide on Grow Room Ventilation .

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