Wet Trim vs Dry Trim: Which Is Better?

Wet trim vs dry trim - the age old debate. Which style of trimming is better for you? After reading this post, you will know!

Wet Trim vs Dry Trim: Which Is Better?

One of the most debated topics in this industry is wet trim vs dry trim - which is better?

There are good points for each side of the debate, but what it really comes down to is what your flower is used for, the size of your yield, and personal preference.

Before we break down the pros and cons of each, let’s explain the difference.

Wet trim vs dry trim - what is the difference?

You may already know the difference between wet trim vs dry trim, or at least be able to surmise it from the names.

If you are new to this topic, the difference between the two styles is just when you trim your flower.

A wet trimming style involves chopping your plant down and immediately getting to work trimming off all fan leaves and finely manicuring the bud. Then, you will allow them to dry.

On the other hand, dry trimming is exactly what it sounds like. You will chop your plant down, allow it to dry, and wait until you are satisfied with the moisture content. Then, you will manicure your flower to perfection.

Wet trim vs dry trim - Is one really better than the other?

The wet trim vs dry trim debate is really just an example of different people liking different things. To a certain extent, it all comes down to personal preference.

However, certain growers will be better suited for wet trimming. If you have a huge crop, you may not be able to find space to hang your plants to dry. So, you'll need to trim wet and dry afterward.

We will break down the benefits and drawbacks of each style so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Wet trimming benefits

Wet trimming is recommended by a lot of growers. The main reason they claim this method is more superior is because of greater trichome preservation, and quicker harvesting. It also takes up less space when the drying process begins.

Buds can “puff out”, appearing larger and more aesthetic. If you are a commercial grower, this can be a huge reason to trim wet.

This also makes the drying process faster, by removing much of the moisture in the plant

Problems with trimming wet

Trimming wet does have some issues. It is far messier because the wet material builds up on your scissors and can decrease their performance. If you trim wet, prepare for some downtime as you clean your scissors.

Another issue is that trimming wet front-loads a lot of work in a short period. Not only do you have to cut all your plants down and separate branches, but you also need to get to work trimming them right away!

Dry trimming benefits

Dry trimming also has its benefits. When trimming dry, you can chop your plants down and immediately start drying. This involves a slower drying process, preserving terpenes and leading to a more enjoyable smoke.

Since sticky trichomes harden during this process, also much cleaner, less cleaner will be needed for your equipment

Problems with trimming dry

The main problem with dry trimming is the heightened risk of damaging your trichomes during the trimming process. Because your flower has dried out, the trichomes are much more delicate and can be more brittle, so you'll have to trim with caution. this makes the process longer.

The other big issue is space. Since you'll be hanging entire plants to dry, you'll need to have an adequate drying space for a few weeks. If you have more than a couple of plants, this can get tricky.

Use wet and dry trimming for the best results!

Another option is to remove a lot of the fan leaves right before harvesting. This will take some of the work off your plate after your buds are dry, and result in a faster drying process.

This leads to a greater preservation of your trichomes, since the small sugar leaves protect them. You can get the best of dry trimming and wet trimming at the same time, without all the cons!

Whether you trim wet vs dry we have the trimming supplies you need!

Regardless of which side of the wet trim vs dry trim debate you fall on, we have the trimming machines and hand trimming supplies you need here at Hydrobuilder.

We have wet trimming machines and dry trimming machines so that you can optimize your equipment for your grow. If you aren't sure which style of trimming is right for you, reach out to us at 888-815-9763 and we can talk you through it!

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