Best Trimming Machines of 2023

As harvest approaches, many growers are wondering what the best trimming machine of 2023 is.

There isn't necessarily a "best" trimmer, because the answer to this depends on the size of your grow, how you'll be trimming, and your budget.

This may be your first introduction to trimming machines, so let's give you a bit of background info on these valuable, profit-boosting pieces of equipment.

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Best Trimming Machines of 2023

As harvest approaches, many growers are wondering what the best trimming machine of 2023 is.

There isn't necessarily a "best" trimmer, because the answer to this depends on the size of your grow, how you'll be trimming, and your budget.

This may be your first introduction to trimming machines, so let's give you a bit of background info on these valuable, profit-boosting pieces of equipment.

Can all growers benefit from a trimming machine?

As technologies evolve, trimming machines have become less of a niche and more of a necessity when it comes to a productive harvest.

Of course, there will always be those who strictly stick to hand trimming. If you have just a few plants in your closet, it probably doesn't make sense for you to invest in a trimming machine.

However, more small-scale commercial and even hobby growers are introducing trimming machines into their facilities and homes.

Even if you are hand trimming your A grade boutique buds, the quality of the machines available today makes it hard to tell which end product is hand trimmed and which is machine trimmed.

Anyone who has a few harvests under their belt knows that trimming is the least desirable part of the cycle.

A trimmer doesn't just help maximize your production level and minimize your harvest time frame. It offers a consistent end product with minimal human handling.

No more strangers in your house or farm, no more unnecessary liabilities.

What is the best trimming machine for my grow in 2023?

Trimming doesn't have to suck. There are many options for automated and nonautomated machines to increase the productivity of your operation.

We have sorted out what we believe to be the best trimming machines of 2023 into categories based on production capacity.

There really is a trimmer for everyone and depending on who you talk to, you may get a completely different answer on which machine is best.

There are unique qualities that are featured with each of these machines and we hope to help narrow down your options!

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Best Trimming Machine For Hobby Growers And Small Commercial Grows

In the past, you may have thought that trimming machines were only a good investment for large commercial growers.

But, even serious hobbyists with 6+ plants may be able to justify a machine trimmer these days. There are all kinds of options that fit your budget and needs.

Twister T6 Trimming Machine

Best small scale trimming machine

Introduced to the market from Canada in harvest 2017, the Twister T6 trimmer is a small machine that packs a big punch.

Weighing in at only 42 lbs, you can trim wherever your harvest takes you. Perfect for any hobbyist or small commercial grower, you can trim to up 4 lbs an hour dry and 20 lbs and hour wet .

What's new with the Twister T6?

Twister recently updated this machine to only have one tumbler option. Whereas it used to have a dry and wet tumbler, it now includes their standard 1/4'' slot tumbler that can process both wet and dry.

No tools are required when switching out tumblers, and the exchange is quick and easy. Their newest upgrade features Nitrided Blades, which are high-carbon hardened steel and food grade safe.

If any blade adjustment needs to take place (everything is pre-adjusted and ready to go upon arrival but different strains and buds may need adjustments), Twister's QuickClick Technology makes this process fast, efficient and gives you total control of your finished product.

The craftsmanship on all Twister machines is remarkable, where no small detail goes unnoticed. 304 stainless steel, high-grade alloy aluminum and high-performance ballistic grade plastics will definitely give you the longevity you are expecting for a machine of this caliber.

Easy to clean (handwash, do not power wash), easy to use and extremely reliable. This trimmer does not have the Trimsaver option available like the T4 and T2, but if you are trimming on a small scale, you don't necessarily need one.

If you are planning on making concentrates, you may want to consider one of the larger machines that will care for the trim more delicately.

The T6 has earned a spot as one of the best trimming machines for small grows, and even has a 3 year warranty.

Triminator Dry Trimming Machine

Triminator Dry Trimming Machine

Many growers prefer a dry trim over wet. Triminator Dry is an excellent choice for just this.

It is capable of trimming up to 8 lbs an hour. At 72 pounds on casters, you can wheel this machine to wherever your harvest takes you, as long as you have a 120v, 20A outlet.

What makes this trimmer unique is that you can add on a Pollen Kit, turning your trimmer into an all in one Pollen Collector.

The switch out takes just seconds with no adjustments needed. You have the option of a 100 or 150 micron screen drum.

The Dry Trimming Machine doesn't require lubricants and you can easily pressure wash the machine. Unlike the T6 and Tabletop, the Triminator Dry is a batch style.

Each run can take anywhere from 2-15 minutes and it's a good idea to check in every 2-5 minutes to make sure it's not in the machine any longer than necessary. This will minimize trichome disruption.

The Triminator Dry has a 2 year warranty.

Triminator Mini Dry Trimming Machine

Triminator Mini Dry Trimming Machine

The Triminator Mini Dry Trimming Machine is a great option for small scale growers looking to automate their harvest.

Just over $2,750, this is an affordable entry-level trimmer capable of trimming 2-5 lbs/hour dry.

Its a batch feed style trimmer, so you can just load the tumbler up and let it work while you await the next batch.

Its a very user friendly design, making it easy to take from field to warehosue, or wherever your grow takes you. At just 32 pounds, anyone can carry this alone or with a friend.

Cleaning and maintaining the machine. is also very easy, as you can completely disassemble the unit without tools in under 15 seconds.

From a trim quality standpoint, this machine does the job. The long, narrow tumbler creates a large cutting surface, which works at the perfect speed for a tight trim that doesn't damage or degrade your flower.

CenturionPro Tabletop with Quantanium Tumbler

CenturionPro Tabletop

Another Canadian born design is the Tabletop from Centurion! This machine will process wet or dry material and is the lightest of the bunch, weighing in at 35 pounds.

The CenturionPro Tabletop is capable of processing up to 7 lbs an hour dry and 35 lbs an hour wet, and works as a continuous feed.

Centurion is the only brand that features Quantanium coated non-stick tumblers. These tumblers result in 40% trichome preservation and maintains the overall appearance of the flower.

The machine cleans up easily, but make sure never to powerwash the tumblers.

Over time, the Quantanium can chip off. If you are switching the tumblers out you will need a few tools and will need to do some blade alignment to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The CenturionPro Tabletop has an awesome 5 year warranty.

Toms Tumbler TTT 2100 Trimming Machine

Toms tumble trimmer TTT 2100 Trimming Machine

The Toms Tumbler TTT 2100 Trimming Machine offers more value than any other trimmer in this category - it costs less, and processes more without really compromising on trim quality. Sound too good to be true? It's not!

This bladeless, batch style trimming system is under $1,500, and process up to 18lbs an hour dry - far outperforming the Twister, CenturionPro, and Triminator options we've discussed this far.

Using gentle tumble technology, your flower comes out up to 90% manicured for a hand-trimmed look, putting the concern about quality to bed.

If you're currently trimming by hand, you can cut labor costs up to 80% by investing in this machine. Geared more towards medium-large scale growers, we're only putting it here in this section because of the cost.

It's incredibly affordable, and a great option for those who are on a budget. You'll see a return on your investment after just one or two harvests.

It's quiet, easy to use, and requires basically no maintenance. Learn more about this awesome little unit by heading to the product page, linked below!

Toms Tumble Trimmer

Trimpro Original

The Trimpro Original is a perfect option for small- medium sized grows with wet trimming needs.

This unique trimmer is an effective way to get a close cut while preserving your delicate flower.

Since it’s not tumbling or going into any machine like the T6 or Dry Trimmer, you really have a lot of control over your cut and it will speed up your process in comparison to hand trimming substantially!

Trimpro was the first company on the scene making automated trimming possible and this model in particular, has been one of their more popular models for the last 15 years!

It’s easy to use, easy to clean and replacing any parts is extremely simple. Typically you will be able to accomplish 1-2 lbs an hour.

The legs are adjustable so you can trim while sitting or standing. The Trimpro Original is only 22 lbs and can go anywhere you need it to!

The Trimpro Orginal has a 1 year Warranty.

Best Trimming Machine For Medium To Large Scale Commercial Grows

There is certainly a gap between the small trimming machines we just mentioned and solutions like the Twister T-Zero, or CenturionPro XL 10.0.

So, we are now going to cover the best trimming machines geared towards medium to large scale commercial growers.

Mobius M108S Trimming Machine

Mobius M108S Trimming Machine

The Mobius M108S Trimming Machine is a new addition to our catalog this year, and is one of the most impressive pieces of equipment we've had the pleasure of selling.

This beast offers more automation than any other machine on the market, with some of the most advanced technology you'll find at this price point.

From an output perspective, it delivers as well. It can trim up to 44 pounds an hour dry, and 120 pounds an hour wet.

The Mobius M108S is designed for growers who demand that hand-trimmed appearance without sacrificing production volume or speed. Here are a few components that truly separate this product from the competition:

  • AirThread Tension Tumbler - Gentle on flower while resisting rust, dents, and degradation of the tumbler. Easy to clean, and 50% more cutting blade access for tight trim.
  • TriFlex Blade System - With 3 self-sharpening blades, product gets trimmed quicker with minimal impact damage. Less time in the tumbler.
  • Integrated Separation System - While some trimmers have a separate trim saver, the Mobius M108S has integrated trim separator. This reduces the footprint of the trimmer, with less moving parts and components to clean or dispose of. This makes it easier uphold GMP standards in your workflow.
  • Variable Function System - You have full control over your machine with this feature, granting the ability to optimize based on strain, end-product requirements, moisture content, density, etc.

To summarize, the Mobius Trimmer is gentle on flower with an unrivaled feed rate. Its incredibly easy to clean and GMP ready, with super simple & safe operation.

For those with even higher production needs, you can optimize your system by running two M108S trimmers in tandem, while adding in conveyors for the ultimate efficiency.

Twister T4 Trimming Machine

Best medium size trimming machine

Both the Twister T4 and T2 share the same build quality of the T6 , but they are larger, process faster, and are meant for all day production.

The T4 processes 14 lbs an hour dry and 25 lbs an hour wet. The Soft Tumble Technology uses a smaller tumbler diameter paired with polished, non-stick stainless steel to shorten the tumble distance and limit the overall impact of the flower. No coating, no chipping, and a great quality cut time and time again.

If you are planning on using the discarded trim for concentrates, you will absolutely want to upgrade the Trim Saver package.

The Trim Saver vacuum is easy to install, and works by pulling the trim to bypass the impeller and will store it for further processing.

The Cyclonic design is an industry first and aids in collecting 99% of your trim to up your extraction quality substantially.

What's new with the Twister T4?

Twister just recently added two awesome upgrades to their classic T4 model. You can now purchase a solid Stainless Steel model, and all T4's now include their Variable Speed Control (VSC) and Airflow Adjustment technology.

VSC allows you to control the speed of your tumbler and blades. This allows you to customize your production level based on your product. Slow down for a gentler cut, or speed up if you are quick trimming for extracts.

This is a plug and play machine with no assembly required and no tools required when disassembling to clean. You can easily pressure wash and or hand wash with isopropyl alcohol.

The T4 has a 3 year warranty and you can choose to upgrade to a 5 year warranty.

Twister T2S Trimming Machine

Twister T2S Trimming Machine

The T2S from Twister is, like the rest of their machines, beautifully designed and will take good care of your precious product!

It features nitraded blades, soft tumble technology, food grade safe, and more. All the features that make a perfectly designed machine are included in this beast.

Perpetual growers really need to look into this machine. If you are always in a state of harvest, you need a machine of this caliber to rely on.

Processing 16 lbs an hour dry and 45 lbs an hour wet, the T2S is built for production. It can be used without pause for all day use. Luckily, there is an auto shut off if the machine gets too hot.

What's new for the T2S?

Just in time for harvest 2021, Twister released their new T2S model. It features all the power and efficiency of the original T2 with tons of new features.

The "S" in T2S stands for "Safety", and the folks at Twister were not kidding. Here is what's new for the T2S trimming machine:

  • Full Stainless Steel Guarding for both Tumbler & Blades
  • Includes 2 New Tumbler Guards & Upgraded Control Box
  • Guards cover all Pinch Points, preventing access to the sides of the tumbler & rollers on the end plates
  • Stainless Tumbler Guards clean with less effort & have 92% more open area than plastic guard
  • Control Box is fitted with an emergency stop & tumbler guard includes an interlock to shut the machine down if lifted

What's really incredible is Twister made these safety updates and did not change the price of the machine. You get the same great T2 with extra peace of mind for yourself or your operators.

Like the T4, this machine is easily cleaned by pressure washing or hand washing with isopropyl.

The T2 has a 10 year warranty.

CenturionPro Gladiator Trimming Machine

CenturionPro Gladiator Trimming Machine

The Gladiator by CenturionPro is a beast, and one of the largest capacity trimmers on the market. The Gladiator will process 40 lbs an hour dry and 200 lbs an hour wet.

The double barrel Quantanium tumblers use the side-by-side technology to keep the overall time spent in the tumbler down to a minimum.

They believe this is more efficient than running machines in tandem. The included hopper makes this machine easy to feed, maximizing your production.

The Gladiator Trimmer has a finely tuned diverter, allowing you to customize the air flow.

This helps you get a closer and cleaner cut, for that hand-trimmed look. It also helps prevent smaller buds from getting sucked into the impeller.

Depending on the strain and overall density of the product, you can adjust the diverter accordingly. Of course, this will take some practice and fine tuning.

The Gladiator has a 10 year warranty.

Twister BatchOne Dry Trimming Machine

Twister BatchOne Dry Trimming Machine

Another new trimmer on the scene this year with some incredible features and benefits is the Twister BatchOne Dry Trimming Machine.

This particular machine is geared towards commercial growers who only trim dry, as it is optimized for that type of flower.

Furthermore, this trimmer is optimized for those who prefer a batch style workflow. This machine offers industry leading throughput and quality, in a mobile unit with a small footprint.

The BatchOne can trim up to 88 lbs/hour dry, allowing maximum speed and efficiency of your harvest, getting you to the curing stage quicker. This gets your product to market as fast as possible, leading to a quicker ROI.

It also features ultrafine saddle adjustments for maximum optimization of your specific harvest, and gives you the confidence to load your batch and walk away while the machine does the heavy lifting. You can rest assured it will get the job done.

Here are a few more features worth sharing:

  • 40% larger batch capacity than the competition
  • 5 position pivoting, with the ability to load and unload product from both sides of the machine
  • Food-grade components, including stackable & nest-able trim bins (FDA compliant)
  • Tighter trim, getting you commercial productivity with boutique quality
  • Easy to clean, rated for pressure washer spraydown
  • Mitigate stalling by up to 30% more than the competition

Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine

Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine

The Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine is a good option if you are looking for the capabilities of the BatchOne on a budget.

This machine has an impressive throughput for a dry trimmer too, coming in at 60 pounds an hour.

Part of the reason it is able blast through harvests so quickly is the large tumbler, which provides over 44" of cutting surface!

Furthermore, it has innovative angular shear band technology, leading to a sharp, precise trim every time.

This means that while your harvest will be done quickly, it won't show on your flower. You'll still enjoy a tight, clean quality trim for bag appeal.

The Triminator XL doesn't need any lubricants, keeping you flowers and trim pure and free of contaminants that could lower the value or prove harmful.

Like most of the trimmers on this list, it is easy to clean and maintain. All parts are pressure washable, and the industrial grade materials won't degrade over time.

The flat-free solid rubber tires make transporting this machine a breeze, with lock and level feature that allows you to setup up on uneven surfaces - no matter where your harvest takes you, the XL is up to the task.

Best Trimming Machine For High Volume Commercial Growers

Now, we want to share our picks for the best trimming machine for commercial growers with the highest needs when it comes to output.

These pieces of equipment are as high-performance as it gets, and will be overkill for many growers.

But for the biggest companies out there, these are a necessary investment and can lead to unmatched profitability, productivity, and ROI.

Twister T4 and T2 Tandem Packages

best trimming machines for commercial growers

These Ultimate Trimming Packages are available in both the T2 and T4. The T4 package comes with three machines in tandem and will process 28-30 lbs an hour dry and 75-100 lbs an hour wet.

These machines attach magnetically, and the feet are adjustable. This allows you to add a slant for efficiency.

The T2 tandem package comes with two machines. You have the option of upgrading to the Trimsaver bundle. This set up will process 32-36 lbs an hour dry and 160-180 lbs an hour wet.

Optimizing Your Ultimate Trimming System

There are a number of add ons that can take your Ultimate Trimming System to the next level.

When running in tandem, you'll want the tandem rails. These allow you to adjust your desired slant for added speed and efficiency.

Whether you are running tandem or not, adding on the Quality Control Conveyor and Feed Conveyor Package is certainly a good idea to maximize your overall production.

These conveyors are height adjustable to perfectly match the adjusted height of your machines and will increase your load speed by 30%.

Time is money and when every second counts, you have to calculate your ROI to know what a lucrative investment a set up like this is.

CenturionPro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System

CenturionPro 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System

When you can confidently refer to your trimming machine as a Trimming System, you know you are working with a high-grade industrial piece of equipment.

The 3.0 Medical Grade Trimming System processes more pounds an hour than any other trimming machine. And with three tumblers, it is the highest capacity trimmer in the world.

You can trim 60-70 lbs an hour dry and a whopping 300-350 lbs an hour wet. The 3.0 is a mammoth so it comes on caster wheels for easy accessibility.

Like Centurion's other models, this unit is made of medical-grade anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, and is completely food-grade safe. The three Quantanium coated tumblers are massive, coming in at 35'' in length and 6.5'' in diameter.

Just like with the Gladiator, Centurion paired a food-grade safe direct Feed Hopper to easily feed all three barrels at once. Their magnetic blade technology ensures that each of the 11 blades will stay sharp and offer the closest, smoothest cut.

The 3.0 comes with a 10-year warranty.

Twister T-Zero Trimming System

Twister T-Zero Trimming System

The biggest cultivars need the biggest trimming system - and that's what the T-Zero is.

This ultimate trimming system boasts a record-breaking throughput of 600+ pounds an hour wet, or 120 pounds an hour dry!

It also features commercial-grade automation, complete control over the process/quality, impressive safety features, and simple cleaning/maintenance.

While the T-Zero can't be beaten from an output standpoint, it also leads the pack when it comes to automation - which is equally important.

It features a Siemens PLC-based Z-OS touchscreen HMI, which combines precision, flexibility, and customization. You are granted programmable set points and data collection to improve your process over time, by tracking metrics and KPI's.

It also features Optional SCADA integration, connectivity for remote diagnostics and monitoring using a web-based app, and more.

With self-cleaning filters and HEPA filtration, a water mist system to reduce friction and plant matter buildup, an FDA-approved belt that can be flipped up for easy access cleaning, this system allows for fast cleaning. The system features 304 stainless steel materials, IP65 electronics, making it rated for full machine washdown environments.

There is much more to the T-Zero that you need to know about. If you want to learn more, head over to the product page for all the details, features, and specs, and request a quote today.

CenturionPro XL 10.0 Stainless Steel Industrial Trimming Machine

CenturionPro XL 10.0 Stainless Steel Industrial Trimming Machine

If you are looking for the best trimming machine from a pure output standpoint, look no further than the CenturionPro XL 10.0 Stainless Steel Industrial Trimming Machine.

This beast has jaw-dropping throughput, capable of processing up to 360lbs/hour dry or 1,800lbs/hour wet! This is just insane compared to the competition. Making over 84,000 cuts per minute, this machine gets you a tighter trim, faster than anyone else.

But, it isn't just raw power - it's also compliant with the most important health and safety authorities. It features food-grade stainless steel construction and meets HMP standards. It's as easy to clean as it is to run.

The XL 10.0 Trimming Machine offers all kinds of customization for the highest quality trim possible, as you can fine-tune the blades and motor to meet the needs of your specific product.

The CenturionPro XL 10.0 Stainless Steel Trimmer is coming soon. It's currently available for pre-order, and if you are interested in learning more, head over to the product page or reach out to our sales team!

Toms Tumbler Python 1200 Industrial Trimming Machine

Now, we want to introduce the largest capacity trimmer on this list - the Toms Tumbler Python 1200 Industrial Trimming Machine.

Toms tumble trimmer python 1200

This beast is as impressive as it gets, processing up to 1,200 pounds an hour dry! This allows you to process up to 12,000 pounds over the course of a day. You already know the importance of getting your harvest trimmed in a tight window, which is why the largest commercial cultivars need this trimmer.

While it is optimized for dry trimming, you can add on the CO2 adapter which allows you to process wet if you wish.

The reason we consider this to be the best plant trimmer of the year is the combination of efficiency and quality it provides. We already know it trims fast, but how well does it trim? You would think that this speed compromises quality.

Due to the entirely bladeless technology this trimmer employs, this is not the case. It trims gently, maintaining the structural integrity of your flower and giving you that hand-trimmed look you're after for the ultimate bag appeal.

A stainless steel hopper and food-grade auger feed your flower into the tumbler, which gently removes the sugar leaves from your buds without disturbing trichomes or shape. Your product gets moved through a series of three different sizes nets, helping you sort buds by size.

Whisper-quiet operation, minimal maintenance, easy assembly cleaning & breakdown, and a durable build are just a few of the benefits this machine offers. There are so many more, so head over to the product page to learn more and see if this is a good fit for your operation!

Best Economy Trimmers

If you are a hobby grower and can't justify dropping four figures on something you do for fun, we get it.

But, you don't have to keep trimming by hand. This is inefficient, painful, and just unnecessary!

We have some of the best trimming machines for those on a budget here at Hydrobuilder, starting as low as just $330!

Trimbag Dry Trimmer

trimbag dry trimmer

The TrimBag is a patented trimmer that uses friction to effectively manicure your dry product.

Using three different motions: Lift, Spin and Sift, you can trim in batches and get through your harvest much faster than with scissors.

The key to this is not only the motions you create, but the moisture level of your flower.

You want it to be dry, where the outer leaves will flake off easily when gently rubbed.

Each batch can process about 2 pounds, and since the process takes only a few minutes the amount you can process in a day is up to you!

The awesome part about this trimmer is the second chamber. It captures the leaf, separating it from the flower during the last sifting motion.

Now you have you flower ready to be bagged up and your sift ready to be further processed if desire

The TrimBag is by far the best priced nonautomated trimmer on the market and is definitely a great investment for a home grower or a small operation.

It is compact, collapsible and you can take it anywhere that has some untrimmed product!

Cleaning is easy as vacuuming it out and rubbing it down with alcohol wipes. Any grower can use this machine as long as they can comfortably lift five pounds.

This trimmer has a 30 day warranty.

Trimpro Unplugged

Trimpro unplugged

Whereas the TrimBag only processes dry product, Trimpro only processes wet product.

Manufactured in Canada, the Unplugged is the only nonmotorized machine from Trimpro.

Although it's not suitable for commercial use like the rest of the line, it's an awesome option for hobbyists who are sick and tired of trimming by hand.

You can go straight off the branch into this machine and then set the manicured product aside to dry and cure.

While processing capabilities may be fairly circumstantial, you can roughly trim about 3 lbs an hour.

The body is made of aluminum, the grate is made of steel and the whole machine is super easy to disassemble when you are hand cleaning.

The Trimpro Unplugged has a 1 year warranty.

Toms Tumbler TTT 1600 Handcrank Trimmer

If you're looking for an affordable trimmer with a bit more processing capabilities, consider the Toms Tumbler TTT 1600 Handcrank Trimming Machine.

Toms Tumbler TTT 1600 Handcrank Trimmer

As the name suggests, this is a manual unit that only works as fast as you do. With that said, it's capable of trimming up to six pounds an hour! This is more than enough for most hobbyist growers, which is who this machine is geared towards with a sub $500 price point.

You can easily fit this on your kitchen table, a garage shelf, or a work cart in the field. Each batch can hold up to a pound, helping you blast through harvest quickly and effeciently.

In terms of trim quality - this thing is a beast. With no blades, you don't have to worry about disrupting the delicate trichomes you've worked so hard to cultivate. You also don't have to worry about harming the natural shape of the flower, or crushing them together.

The tumble technology employed across all Tom's Tumblers is super gentle and super quiet, keeping your work out of earshot of your neighbors. And while the handcrank is manual - it's super smooth, so you aren't going to be wearing out your arm.

Just like the Python series we mentioned earlier, you can add on attachments to optimize your trim. For example, the CO2 adaptor will allow you to trim wet (the machine is optimized for dry trimming), or you can add additional mesh screens to help filter out your kief.

Make this your best harvest yet with the top trimming machine

What's your strategy going into your next harvest?

Reach out to us at so we can help you calculate how investing in a trimming machine this season will save you time and money for years to come.

Looking to fully automate your harvest? Check out our Top Bucking Machines of Harvest 2023 Learning Center article!

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