The Best Bucking Machines of Harvest 2024

If you are preparing for harvest this upcoming fall, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the rush of this season.

An important step before harvest is finding a powerful, efficient bucking machine to increase your productivity and ROI.

Whether you are harvesting, you need an efficient process for removing the stems from your plants.

You likely know all about trimming machines, but these days bucking is just important.

We’ve created a list of the best bucking machines for sale of harvest 2023. But first, let's cover a bit more about this relatively new piece of harvest equipment.

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The Best Bucking Machines of Harvest 2024

If you are preparing for harvest this upcoming fall, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the rush of this season.

An important step before harvest is finding a powerful, efficient bucking machine to increase your productivity and ROI.

Whether you are harvesting, you need an efficient process for removing the stems from your plants.

You likely know all about trimming machines, but these days bucking is just important.

We’ve created a list of the best bucking machines for sale of harvest 2023. But first, let's cover a bit more about this relatively new piece of harvest equipment.

What Is Bucking?

A bucking machine, also known as a destemmer or a debudder. This piece of equipment efficiently removes the buds from the stems prior to trimming.

When harvest comes, there is always a lot of discussion about trimming, hand trimming, motor-powered trimming, and friction trimming.

Bucking can sometimes be an afterthought. In reality, if your destemming process is not on point, the efficiency of your whole harvest will suffer!

Whether you are hand or machine trimming, a bucker is an investment that will pay for itself after one harvest.

Anyone who wants to maximize their production during harvest should consider the art of bucking.

Why Do You Need A Bucking Machine?

If you have already have a trim machine, you have probably found that the increased efficiency is a major benefit.

However, you also have probably noticed that the most time-consuming part is removing the buds from the stems. This is where a bud bucker really shows it value.

If you have a wet or dry bud trimmer you should look into a bucking machine. Automating your bucking will take your harvest process to the next level.

Buckers do wonders for improving speed and efficiency. They also help reduce the number of workers you need to complete your harvest.

Which Bucking Machine Is Right For Your Harvest?

Choosing the best bucker for your operation will depend on a few factors. The size of your operation, your budget and what you plan to do with the bucked flowers all should be considered.

We are going to go over the key points of each machine and hope to narrow down your decision.

The number of feed holes, their largest available diameter, food-grade safe material, design, and overall usability will be our criteria.

Another factor you should consider when selecting your bucker is if the bucker processes both wet and dry flowers. Most bucking machines do both, but not all. Choosing one that does both gives you more flexibility in the future to destem flowers either way.

Tips & Tricks To Get The Best Results From A Destemmer Machine

The moisture content of your plant material can make a difference when bucking. If you are planning on using a wet trimming machine, this really won't be a factor. There is really no need to check the moisture content for trimming and bucking wet.

If you will be using a dry trimming machine, the moisture levels will play a factor. When trimming dry bud, manufacturers have moisture ranges that they recommend staying within. This helps to get the best results from bud trimming machines.

When trimming dry, you will also want to consider moisture percentages when bucking. This can significantly increase how well the bucking machine keeps the flowers intact. This will help preserve the quality of the end product.

Mobius MBX Bucking Machine

The Mobius MBX Bucking Machine is as good as it gets for commercial growers.

This new bucker performs just as impressively as it looks like it would. With the ability to process 150 lbs wet per hour, or up to 1250 lbs per shift. It can replace up to 7 human’s hand-bucking flower.

What really sets Mobius apart from every other bucker on this list is the built-in chipper. Getting rid of your bucked stems at the end of the day is way easier. This is because this machine includes a chipper that break down the stems. It dices them down to a small size, making disposal simple.

Throughout the entire bucking process, the MBX is super gentle on your flower. The die plate has 4-7 feed holes, with the largest hole accepting 1/2" stems.

Mobius MBX bucking machine

Munch Machine Mother Bucker & Double Bucker

Munch Machine Mother Bucker & Double Bucker

Not only do they have the coolest name, but the Mother Bucker is a beautiful piece of equipment. The Much Machie truly raises the bar in the industry. Professionally engineered by experts with 75 years of harvest equipment manufacturing experience, the craftsmanship of this machine is exceptional!

The Mother Bucker sets the industry standard. This machine is engineered to be a reliable workhorse. Everyone knows that downtime during a big harvest is not an option.

Munch Machine designed the bucker to run nonstop with minimal maintenance. From indoor to outdoor grows, and airy delicate strains to hearty hemp trees, the Mother Bucker does it all.

Gentle on flower. Variable speed. Indoor and outdoor die plates. With a wide speed range, the Mother Bucker can be adjusted to work perfectly with the condition of your plants.

When bucking fresh plants, turn the speed up and witness the power and grip of the Mother Bucker. When bucking dry plants, turn the speed down and see how well the machine minimizes trichome loss.

Triminator BuckMaster Bucking Machines

The BuckMaster bucking machines make stripping flowers fast, intuitive, and efficient. Available in one or two operator station configurations. The BuckMaster series offers industry-leading quality and productivity for commercial growers and CBD hemp farmers.

With industry-leading torque and speed, the BuckMaster can quickly destem up to 150 lbs per hour of flower. Double your production with the Pro model, featuring a destemming rate of up to 300 lbs per hour.

Designed with a 1HP motor and a 100% duty cycle, the BuckMasters deliver powerful non-stop performance for maximum uptime. Optimize the bucking process without losing potency or quality, for both dry and wet trimming!

 Triminator BuckMaster

CenturionPro High Performance Bucking Machines

CenturionPro High Performance Bucking Machines

HP refers to “High Performance” and represents our workhorse line of buckers, which include single and triple-workstation options. The high production value of these machines results in the industry’s highest buck rate per hour.

The HP line utilizes two rollers that pull the stem into the machine, therefore popping the flowers off. This allows you to feed the bucker for more efficient de-stemming.

The HP1 comes with a bucker stand and table-top set-up legs for setup options. The HP1 includes 5 different holes for any size stem up to 3/4”. It can process up to 175 lbs wet (up to 35 lbs dry) per hour, replacing 5-7 human workers.

The HP3 Triple Bucker provides triple the production capacity of the HP1. This results in one of the industry’s highest buck rate per hour. The HP3 Triple Bucker is quickly making a name for itself as the highest-capacity bucker in the world! This bucker is simple, powerful, and effective and will process product at an unprecedented rate.

Twister B4 Bucking Machine

Bucking on a large scale isnt always easy. The Twister B4 Bucker raises the bar by adding advanced and patent-pending bucking technology to your process flow. The B4 replaces the work that crews of 5-7 workers can do by hand. The B4 process up to 150 pounds per hour with one unit!

The variable speed controller allows you to process both wet and dry product. It does this by slowing it down for fragile dry flowers. Its speeds it up for stronger wet flowers.

This machine can be disassembled without tools in minutes for easy cleaning. The B4 is CE certified, CSA compliant, and UL compliant. The B4 is made of 304 Stainless steel throughout with anodized aluminum. Like all their machines, no detail has gone unnoticed.

The faceplate has three various feed holes, the largest being 3/4 of an inch. This machine is definitely suitable for Medium to large Commercial Growers.

Twister B4 Bucker

Munch Machine Cluster Bucker

Cluster Bucker Bucking Machine

The Cluster Bucker sets a bold new standard for efficiency and throughput. It is industrial grade, capable of processing 650-800 pounds per hour wet.

The heart of this beast is the new TANC drive system. The TANC drive system features belts instead of rollers. This unique patent-pending design lengthens the contact patch with stems 20-fold, increasing stem grip greatly. No other machine even comes close to the grip of the Cluster Bucker.

The Cluster Bucker includes dual 1 HP motors drive the belt cassettes. This gives the machine the necessary grip and power to buck larger branches and branch clusters.

The keyhole-style die plate lest gravity assist in pulling the branch cluster down and through the tapered slot.

The easy-to-clean design of the Cluster Bucker fits perfectly into a GMP-compliant workflow. The bucked flower only interacts with the food-grade stainless steel faceplate. The powder coating, dual compound belts, and lubricants all meet or exceed FDA food-grade standards.

CenturionPro Gentle Cut Bucking Machines

The CenturionPro GC Bucker is an operator-run de-stemming machine. It requires the operator to apply gentle pressure to feed the stem in the machine. GC refers to “Gentle Cut” as we appreciate and understand how delicate your flowers are.

Similar to scissors, this Bucker cuts the flowers off the stem, as opposed to pulling and popping them. This cutting action prevents the large crown buds from breaking apart into smaller pieces. This keeps the complete structure of the buds fully intact preserving the look of your flower.

The CenturionPro GC1 bucking machine can replace 2-3 human workers, and will process 40+ pounds of flower an hour!

For growers looking for this type of technology on a greater scale, the GC3 features three of these buckers in one!

CenturionPro Gentle Cut Bucking Machines

EZTRIM DeBudder Stem Remover Machine

EZTRIM DeBudder Stem Remover Machine

The Bud Bucker relieves the most significant bottleneck in the commercial trim process: prep. One person on one machine can now replace the work of 3-5 people using scissors. Add another operator, and the Bud Bucker can prep 80-150lbs per hour to feed multiple trim machines.

You can use the Bud Bucker on both wet and dry product. The motor gently pulls stems through the holes, plucking buds from the stem without damaging the product.

Adjust roller speed to optimize the Bud Bucker’s performance for various strains, bud sizes, and moisture content.

The protruded entry holes quickly pluck the buds from their stems away from the flat surface of the machine. This prevents smashing and compressing the buds further down the stem, which causes unnecessary damage to the product.

Having two sets of four entry holes allows two operators to work simultaneously, giving you the benefit of two machines.

TrimPro Bucker

The first bucker on the scene was the Trimpro Bucker. This Canadian made machine offers the classic commercial quality you expect your bucker to have!

Safe and easy to use, Trimpro will cut your bucking time down by half, while being gentle on your product. There are six different hole sizes to easily match up your stocks. The largest being 3/8 of an inch in diameter, so a pre-sort is definitely a good idea.

There is a variable speed option from 0-100 so you can buck both wet and dry product.

TrimPro has been around for over a decade and has a full line of commercial grade harvest equipment. Definitely a reputable brand that has made there way into many grow facilities worldwide.

This is the least expensive automated bucker on the market and is perfect for any operation from hobby to commercial.

TrimPro Bucking Machines

Why Choose Hydrobuilder For Your Bucking Needs?

It doesn't matter if you are a hobby grower or have a large commercial facility. has the perfect bucker for your harvesting needs. We have the largest selection of bucking machines for sale, and the top brands on the market.

We understand the importance of efficiency and ROI and our goal is to help you conquer both. Plus our customer service is bar none. We are the gold standard when it come to taking care of our customers.

If you would like help choosing a bucking machine for your grow, reach out to our expert growers. We'll be here ready to help you find one for your needs.

Learn more about fully automating your harvest and check out our Best Harvest Trimming Machines of 2023 learning center article! We know trimming sucks, but it doesn't have to!

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