The Best Bucking Machines of Harvest 2023

If you are preparing for harvest this upcoming fall, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the rush of this season.

An important task ahead of you is sourcing a powerful, efficient bucking machine to increase the productivity and profitability of your commercial grow.

Whether you are harvesting, you need an efficient process for removing the stems from your plants.

You likely know all about trimming machines, but these days bucking is just important.

We put a list together of the best bucking machines you can choose from this year, but first, let's cover a bit more about this relatively new piece of harvest equipment.

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The Best Bucking Machines of Harvest 2023

If you are preparing for harvest this upcoming fall, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with the rush of this season.

An important task ahead of you is sourcing a powerful, efficient bucking machine to increase the productivity and profitability of your commercial grow.

Whether you are harvesting, you need an efficient process for removing the stems from your plants.

You likely know all about trimming machines, but these days bucking is just important.

We put a list together of the best bucking machines you can choose from this year, but first, let's cover a bit more about this relatively new piece of harvest equipment.

What is a bucking machine, and why do you need one?

A bucking machine, also known as a destemmer or a debudder, is a harvesting machine that efficiently removes the buds from the stems prior to trimming.

When harvest comes, there is always a lot of talk about trimming, hand trimming, motor-powered trimming, and friction trimming.

Bucking can sometimes be an afterthought. In reality, if your destemming process is not on point, the efficiency of your whole harvest will suffer!

Whether you are trimming by hand or with a commercial trimmer, a bud bucker is an investment that will certainly pay for itself after one harvest.

Anyone who wants to maximize their production during harvest should consider the art of bucking.

Which bucking machine is right for your harvest?

Choosing the best bucker for your grow will depend on the size of your operation, what you want to do with the end product, and budget.

We are going to go over the key points of each machine and hope to narrow down your decision.

The number of feed holes, their largest available diameter, food grade safe material, design and overall usability will be our criteria.

Mobius MBX Bucking Machine

Mobius MBX bucking machine

The Mobius MBX Bucking Machine is as good as it gets for commercial growers.

This new bucker performs just as impressively as it looks like it would, with the ability to process 150lbs wet per hour, or up to 1250 lbs per shift. It can replace up to 7 hand buckers.

But, what really sets Mobius apart from every other bucker on this list is the built in chipper.

Getting rid of your bucked stems at the end of the day is way easier, because this machine features chippers that break down the stems. It dices them down to a much more manageable size, making disposal a non-issue.

If you are wondering just how much space/time this saves you, consider this: one bag of chipped stems is equivalent to 20-25 bags of unchipped stems!

Throughout the entire bucking process, the MBX is super gentle on your flower. The die plate has 4-7 feed holes, with the largest hole accepting 1/2" stems.

Another cool feature on this machine is the chute that the flower falls into immediately after being bucked, preventing any damage from falling to a bucket or tub further below.

The machine is GMP ready, and incredibly easy to clean. It has all kinds of standard features such as automatic stop, reverse, and variable speed.

These are just a few highlights of this industry leading peice of machinery, head over to the product page to learn why we think this is the best bucking machine on the market.

Munch Machine Mother Bucker & Double Bucker

Munch Machine Mother Bucker

Not only do they have the coolest name, but the Mother Bucker is a beautiful piece of equipment that truly raises the bar in the industry.

Professionally engineered by experts with 75 years of harvest equipment manufacturing experience, the craftsmanship of this machine is exceptional!

Patent Pending, these machines are made in the USA and are currently in some of the largest grows in the US and Canada.

This machine is built to last and made from structural grade A36, A500 and 304 Stainless Steel with powder coated surfaces.

It is CGMP compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and easy to clean with a stiff brush and 70 proof alcohol in ten minutes tops.

Outdoor and indoor friendly, where you can choose which wheels your machine comes with (industrial casters for indoor and flat free off-road for outdoors).

You can always purchase the other wheels separately if you want both options. The face plate has various sizes and is capable of processing stems up to 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

The Mother Bucker has a precise variable speed dial from 1-10. So depending on what you are processing, wet or dry, and/or what you plan to do with your processed material post-harvest, extracts or boutique, you can choose the right speed to best care for your plants!

If you want all the great features of the Mother Bucker with higher processing capabilities, you need the Munch Machine Double Bucker.

This is essentially two Mother Buckers in one - it has two different bucking stations, so you can double your output by adding another operator. It can buck up to 300 pounds an hour wet, or 75 pounds an hour dry.

Choosing this for your large commercial grow will definitely help cut labor costs and add to your overall efficiency.

The five year warranty accurately displays the confidence Munch has in this machine!

Triminator BuckMaster Bucking Machines

Triminator BuckMaster Bucking Machines

Assembled in Northern California, the Triminator BuckMaster and BuckMaster Pro Bucking Machines are thoughtfully crafted with the Commercial Grower in mind.

Not only can you change the speed for your wet and dry product, the Triminator has also included two plate styles.

These plates are easily interchangeable and specifically designed for your dry or wet product.

The dry plate has longer insertion stems to the product is not "bashing" against the plate itself. This plate will also be beneficial for your prized "boutique" flowers.

Both models have a 1/2 HP motor and can process stems up to 3/4 of an inch. The motor and controllers are IP65 WashDown Rated, making the whole machine super easy and fast to clean.

The standard unit has 5 feed holes and can process up to 150 lbs and hour whereas the Pro unit has ten feed holes and can process 300 lbs an hour!

If you want to start with the standard model, you can always upgrade to the Pro model by purchasing a second operation station thanks to their patent-pending SmartMod system.

The BuckMaster is GMP compliant, UL compliant, CE compliant and RoHS compliant where all touchpoint material is 304 stainless.

These machines are on wheels making them easily transferable so you can go where your harvest takes you.

The standard machine is great for an avid hobby grower up to a small-medium commercial grower whereas the Pro unit is best suited for a large commercial grow.

CenturionPro High Performance Bucking Machines

CenturionPro High Performance Bucking Machines

Just in time for harvest, the CenturionPro HP Bucking Machines are the first in their workhorse line of buckers. HP refers to "High Performance", and rightfully so.

This machine boasts the industry's highest buck rate per hour.

It processes at an incredible rate of 175 pounds per hour, and can effectively replace 5-7 human workers.

It utilizes two rollers that pull the stem into the machine, and pop flowers off.

The max stem diameter of the CenturionPro HP1 Bucking Machine is 3/4", and it features a .75 horsepower motor with variable speeds to meet your harvest needs.

It plugs into a standard 110 volt, 15 amp circuit and is EU/AUS compatible.

Featuring just one workstation, the HP1 is suitable for tabletop use or can be combined with an optional bucker stand.

But, there is another version of this machine for those looking for the highest productivity possible: The HP3.

This features three of the HP1's in one machine, essentially tripling your output up to 500+ pounds per hour!

Backed by a 2 year warranty.

Twister B4 Bucking Machine

Twister B4 Bucking Machine

The newest addition to the Twister line is the B4 Bucker. This quality crafted machine pairs well with any Twister Trimmer and certainly stands up to the brand expectations.

The variable 1-10 speed controller allows you to process both wet and dry product and can be disassembled without tools in minutes for easy cleaning.

The B4 is CE certified, CSA compliant, UL compliant, and is made of 304 Stainless throughout with anodized aluminum. Like all of their machines, no detail has gone unnoticed.

They even have "swappable cartridges" eliminating downtime and "active gearing" which adjusts to the stem diameter preventing treacherous jams.

One of the best things about this machine is the height-adjustable front shrouds.

This is key for anyone using the full conveyor set up with their Twister T2 or T4. A flawless assembly line for mass production.

We also carry the Twister T2 Conveyor Package which works great with this bucker.

The B4 has a 1HP motor, does 1750 RPMs, and can process up to 150 pounds an hour.

The faceplate has three various feed holes, the largest being 3/4 of an inch. This machine is definitely suitable for Medium to large Commercial Growers.

VZ-TEC Easy Bucker

VZ-TEC Easy Bucker Dry Harvest Machine

The best bucking machine for the largest scale harvests is the VZ-TEC Easy Bucker.

This is a relatively new bucking machine, just released early last year.

But, it is quickly becoming known for its impressive throughput and work capacity.

It can buck up to 1,000 pounds an hour, which results in a processor ready product.

Its designed to be used by 1-4 operators, so you can optimize your workflow however you see fit, depending on how many workers you have on hand.

The variable speed option allows you to fine-tune your bucking operation and slow it down as needed.

Every harvest is different, and certain stems/branches will require you to slow things down.

You can purchase just the machine itself, or go with the Deluxe package. The Deluxe package includes the machine with a working platform, a 12' conveyor, and more to help boost your productivity.

Munch Machine Cluster Bucker

Cluster Bucker Bucking Machine

The Cluster Bucker sets a bold new standard for efficiency and throughput.

It is industrial grade, capable of processing 650-800 pounds/hour wet.

The heart of this beast is the new TANC drive system: Featuring belts instead of rollers, this unique patent-pending design lengthens the contact patch with stems 20-fold, increasing stem grip exponentially. No other machine even comes close to the grip of the Cluster Bucker.

Dual 1 HP motors drive the belt cassettes, giving the machine the necessary grip and power to buck larger branches and branch clusters.

The keyhole style die plate features strategically placed holes that let gravity assist in pulling the branch cluster down and through the tapered slot.

The easy to clean design of the Cluster Bucker fits perfectly into a GMP-compliant workflow. The bucked flower only interacts with the food-grade stainless steel faceplate. The powder coating, dual compound belts, and lubricants all meet or exceed FDA food-grade standards.

This machine has a five year warranty and is UL & CSA Certified.

Locust Industrial VD-1480 Bucking Machine

Locust Industrial VD-1480 Bucking Machine

When it comes to durability, few can compare to the Locust Industrial VD-1480 Bucking Machine.

It's built to stand the test of time, and help commercial growers improve and automate their harvest. The best part of this machine is that if you are hesitant, the 5 year warranty will put your mind at ease!

But, this Locust Industrial bucker isn't just durable. It's throughput is impressive, too.

Boasting 200lbs/hr processing capabilities, this machine will pay for itself incredibly quick.

From a versatility standpoint, it doesn't disappoint either. It comes with 2 Round Hole Cutter Plates, 2 Star Hole Cutter Plates and Spare DC Motor Brushes.

There is both an indoor and outdoor version of this unit, so if you need to wheel it around the field, go with the outdoor unit. If you'll be bucking in a warehouse, you'll be fine with the indoor unit.

At the end of the day when it comes time to clean the unit, its easy to open up the rollers and get them ready for the next task. Some other awesome features you'll find on this machine include:

  • Adjustable speed (including reverse speed)
  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel and A36 Powder Coated Steel
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Removable Base for bench or automated installation
  • No need to service belts and chains
  • 5 year warranty

Horizon Harvesting Boulder Bucking Machine

Horizon Harvesting Boulder Bucking Machine

The Horizon Harvesting Boulder Bucking Machine is a great solution for those looking for quick harvesting without the frills and fancy interface that many of these machines have.

The Boulder is incredibly simple, with just a few different buttons on the front: start, stop, reverse, and variable speed control.

It can take much larger stems than many of the other buckers on this list too, accepting up to 1" diameter stems.

When run with dual operators and feeding both iris', you can process up to 160 pounds an hour with this machine. It works best on a work station or in the bed of a truck, and can be easily transported from place to place.

If needed, though, you can add wheels to this machine. This makes it more versatile, and easier to move around your facility.

CenturionPro Gentle Cut Bucking Machines

CenturionPro GC1 Bucking Machine

Just like the HP line, CenturionPro offers a Gentle Cut line of buckers for those with lower volume needs, and who are more focused on flower quality.

These style of buckers are great for boutique farms and cultivators looking to maintain the integrity of their flower to the fullest extent without having to buck by hand.

One of the two CenturionPro bucking machines we carry, the GC1 is geared towards small to medium-size operations.

It features a continuous duty cycle and active gearing drivetrain, allowing for maximum efficiency while keeping safety in mind.

This is the perfect tabletop bucker, but an optional bucker stand is available. Its easy to set up, clean, and doesn't need much maintenance.

With a budget-friendly price point and incredible efficiency, this is a great choice for anyone looking to squeeze as much productivity and profitability out of their harvest as possible.

This bucking machine works similar to scissors, by cutting flowers at the stem as opposed to pulling and "popping" them off.

This feature will keep your key "crown" flowers from breaking apart into smaller buds.

The CenturionPro GC1 bucking machine can replace 2-3 human workers, and will process 40+ pounds of flower an hour!

But, for growers looking for this type of technology on a greater scale, the GC3 features three of these buckers in one!

CenturionPro GC1 Bucker

You can more than triple your production, processing up to 120 pounds per hour.

The GC1 comes with a standard 2 year warranty.

EZTRIM DeBudder Stem Remover Machine

EZTRIM DeBudder Stem Remover Machine

Based out of Colorado, EZTrim definitely wears their name well!

With a complete line of harvesting equipment, EZTrim understands the importance of efficiency and all their equipment is very simplistic and easy to operate.

This machine has a variable speed controller, 1-100, and you are able to process both wet and dry product effectively. It is completely food grade safe and the flat surfaces make it a breeze to clean up after a hard days work!

They have three options available: the Indoor DeBudder, the Outdoor DeBudder and the Table Top DeBudder. The Indoor and Table Top units both have 4 feed holes whereas the Outdoor unit has 8!

The Indoor and Outdoor units have legs and a front and back workstation plate whereas the Tabletop does not.

The largest diameter feed tube is 1/2 of an inch and they do allow you to select from 5/32", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2'' if you want a custom combination.

They even offer custom size options for those who need it. These units are sufficient for a crop of any size and are used in large commercial facilities across the country.

The EZTrim DeBudder has an amazing three year warranty!

TrimPro Bucker

TrimPro Bucker

The first bucker on the scene was the Trimpro Bucker. This Canadian made machine offers the classic commercial quality you expect your bucker to have!

Safe and easy to use, Trimpro will cut your bucking time down by half, while being gentle on your product. There are six different hole sizes to easily match up your stocks, the largest being 3/8 of an inch in diameter, so a pre-sort is definitely a good idea.

There is a variable speed option from 0-100 so you can buck both wet and dry product.

TrimPro has been around for over a decade and has a full line of commercial grade harvest equipment. Definitely a reputable brand that has made there way into many grow facilities worldwide.

This is the least expensive automated bucker on the market and is perfect for any operation from hobby to commercial.

It doesn't matter if you are a hobby grower or have a large commercial facility. has the perfect bucker for your harvesting needs.

We understand the importance of efficiency and ROI and our goal is to help you conquer both.

If you want help choosing a bucking machine for your grow, reach out to our expert growers and we'll help you fit one for your needs. Happy Harvest!

Learn more about fully automating your harvest and check out our Best Harvest Trimming Machines of 2023 learning center article! We know trimming sucks, but it doesn't have to!

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