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  • How To Control Humidity In A Grow Tent

    Learning how to control humidity in a grow tent is an essential part of indoor growing.

    Your plants need a very specific moisture content to thrive, and its not always easy to keep this metric in the ideal range.

    We’ll cover how to raise and lower humidity in your grow tent. But first, we want to quickly talk about the growing environment, and why ideal humidity is so important.

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  • Indoor Grow Room Design & Setup Examples

    Are you struggling with indoor grow room design & setup?

    This can be one of the most exciting parts of growing, as you can visualize your indoor garden.

    Just the thought of your growing and flowering plants indoors and flowering can excite any grower. But, some newer growers get caught up here.

    This is a very important and meticulous step, however, and you should put diligent thought into how you are going to design your grow room.

    The growing room will dictate how your plants grow, the number of plants, and the number of supplies you will need.

    Do you have a spare bedroom?

    A closet?

    An entire garage?

    We are going to show you some indoor common grow room setup you can copy for your own setup, and talk about some important things to consider when designing your grow room!

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  • How To Handle Excessive Grow Tent Heat

    Managing grow tent heat is one of the more difficult, frustrating aspects of indoor growing.

    Not too hot and not too cold; many of the plants we grow are just like us and prefer similar temperatures - between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

    They also hate temperature fluctuations, which means you need to do your best to keep your daytime/nighttime temps relatively similar. There will be some difference, but huge swings can stress them out as plants have to adjust.

    Failing to fix an issue with your grow tent being too hot will weaken your plants nutrient uptake and leave them more susceptible to diseases before they eventually die.

    Let's take a look at some common grow tent heat problems, and how to remove this heat from your grow tent or grow room.

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  • Grow Tent Setup Guide

    Congratulations on buying your new grow tent! Now it's time to set it up and get started growing. We'll talk you through everything you need to know to get going fast.

  • Indoor Grow Room & Grow Tent Ventilation Setup Tips

    Proper grow tent ventilation is essential to healthy plant growth, and proper filtration is equally essential to clean the air and remove all odors.

    You should be replacing the air in your grow space at least every 5 minutes when the lights are on, and even quicker if your environment is struggling to combat heat or humidity.

    On top of this, it is important to circulate the air within your tent. This will keep temperatures and odors down, strengthen plants, and more.

    When it comes to indoor growing, its so important that you control your environment. A good ventilation system is necessary to make this happen.

    We are going to share some useful tips for improving your ventilation and circulation within your grow room or tent. But first, let's start with the basics.

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